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  1. Jason picked up a prototype yesterday and has uploaded a quick video if you want to see it in action and what is involved.
  2. I'll be aiming for $50 for the NGPC kit, almost no work to install. A ribbon cable to insert, no shell cutting to fit the LCD in or anything, no soldering. Maybe a 3d spacer to get it all aligned or some hot glue if that's more your style. The image is slightly smaller than original, pretty similar to the existing backlight mod for it. JellyBelly customs said he'll be doing a custom lcd protector for it so it looks like its supposed to be in there.
  3. Yes, The doubled scan lines are drawn at the beginning of the following scan line. This means whatever the Lynx writes to the LCD will be accurately rendered on the LCD. The frame rate is locked to the Lynx's frame rate and technically should support up to 140frames per second though i don't know of any games which make use of this. It'll certainly need beta testing to reveal any bugs which aren't apparent with my limited game selection.
  4. The LCD used is the lq035nc111. I believe this is similar if not the same to what the competition uses and you can find them from about $3 to $10 ea on Aliexpress or Ebay. I ordered 10 of the cheaper $4 screens and 4 of them arrived with a dead pixel in one place or another. So keep that in mind. These LCD's have a built in self test where if you hold Vblank and Hblank active they'll strobe through R/G/B/W/black so you can easily spot a bad panel. Scaling is linear 2x in both Horizontal and Vertical so no distortion. I put a vote up on my FB if the kit should be solderless (Just a ribbon to insert in the Lynx2) and the response was keep it soldered to make use of the extra functions the Backlight button can provide, like varying the backlight intensity and scanlines. This is also required for the Lynx 1 anyway.
  5. Hi lordkraken, My lynx lcd kit will be usd$50, or $40 if you want to buy your own LCD. I should have the proto finished in a week and shipped off to atarigamer for testing the various videos modes. If all goes well I'll have a production run in store in around 6weeks. The first production batch of my GBC kits will arrive in 3 days and are $70. This will drop to $50 in future batches. The other systems will be priced very similarly.
  6. Hi! I'm new around here but would like to take a minute to say hello! I have quite a few new LCD kits coming out in the following weeks including the Lynx, GameGear, GBC, GBA, SP, NeoGeoPC, DMG, pocket and nomad. Happy to answer any questions you may have. Hopefully I can contribute something to this modding scene at a competitive price. Nice to meet you all! Ben
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