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  1. Okay, well, since there doesn't appear to be any venues for support for this product, I've just used the contact form on their web site to ask about a refund. Hopefully they'll understand and accept the return request and I won't need to get the bank involved. It's a shame; I had such high hopes for this upgrade.
  2. Hi again. Does anyone know what the return policy is at The Brewing Academy? I bought a UAV upgrade a couple of weeks ago, installed it (correctly, AFAIK) a week ago, had problems, posted about it here, but have gotten zero help. I contacted The Brewing Academy through their contact form, got a reply saying one of the URLs I provided didn't work (their form processor turns everything into lower case which breaks some URLs), then nothing. So, I have an upgrade which doesn't work and has no support channel. At this point I'm content to remove it from my Atari and return it for a refund.
  3. Hi folks, glad I found this thread. I bought the UAV upgrade a couple of weeks ago for my beloved 800XL. I wasn't expecting any issues when installing it but, alas, issues have arisen and I can use some help figuring out WTF happened. The Atari was running fine before attempting this upgrade. After installation, I turned on the computer and got very badly distorted video. I can't even describe what it looked like, just a jumbled mess. I turned off the computer, reseated just the UAV board, and turned on the computer again. This time the computer didn't even turn on. No power light, nothing. I turned everything off and pulled out the multimeter. I confirmed that all of the connections are solid and there's no shorts or cross-connections happening. I was randomly turning the computer off and on at various times and at one time the computer DID turn on (power light came on) but there was no video. I turned the computer off, then on again, and again had no power. One thing of potential interest/consequence: My 800XL has several mods already installed including a RAMBO XL 256KB upgrade, F1-F4 function keys, and a "cold boot" reset button (so I can cold boot my computer without losing my RAM disk). I don't know if the UAV has an issue with any/all of these. Here's a photo album showing my computer: https://imgur.com/a/eXqUDEP Any ideas where I might have gone wrong?
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