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  1. Yes! I don't think I have seen it on many systems. Was it on anymore besides the CV?
  2. I am addicted to Pepper II on my Colecovision! I can't put it away. I love maze games
  3. I am still a new collector...so anything I can get my grimy paws on.
  4. I really hope it is a joke account.
  5. Wonderful. It is combat/space invader country at all my thrift stores. Very nice find
  6. Lucky! I would kill for a piece of Atari clothing.
  7. I no longer have to open up my controllers and convert them for left handed use. This thing rocks.
  8. I too once hated Sky Jinks (2 years ago I would have said it is one of the worst games ever) But now I love the graphics and moving the joystick from side to side.
  9. When I was a kid...that body in the game made me too scared to sleep for 3 days! I think it was the way the eyes looked and how the collors blended together. I could not play this game again untill recently because of that.
  10. I love it! LOOOOOOOOOVE IT! Nice little health bar idea. If you ever somehow release this on a cart...I would love to own it.
  11. I think so. I don't have MAME on this thing... So I can't verify it.
  12. I really wish I could find that game again. I lost my copy a while ago ><.
  13. Garage Sale-ing! Found: Mr. Do for Colecovision DKJR for Colecovision Bowing for 2600 Ice Hockey for 2600 Haunted House for 2600
  14. Anyone else enjoy this game? I got to phasw 14 on my first try. I think this is as good as arcade ports got bac k in the day. And it is 100 times better then 2600 version.
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