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  1. Strange, I can not edit my message... The trimpot I have is like this one:
  2. The PCB image is this one, right? This is even less clear to me than the scheme, and that is the reason I want to see the solder side of the board, justo to copy it. Anyway, let´s try to follow the scheme. I take the video signal from 4, then to the resistor R7. Capacitor C1 is not neccesary as you stated? If neccesary, where to solder to the resistor? After? Behind? Next, the video signal goes to the trimpot. Mine is like this one: I guess leg 2 is the middle one, but which ones are 1 and 3? Next guess is the video signal goes to leg 1, and legs 1 and 2 are joined. Then, leg 3 joins to two resistors same time, R1 and R2. The other leg of R2 goes to ground, and other leg of R1 goes to +5V, originated in the pin 3 of the console board. Then, the point where these two resistors and leg 3 of trimpot joins go to the leg 2 of transistor 2N3904. Leg 3 goes to R4 and leg 1 goes to R3, but before joining the resistor, the line joins the leg 2 of transistor 2N3906. Leg 3 joins to R5 and leg 1 joins R6, but before the resistor we can take the video out. Is all that correct or I made mistakes?
  3. Yes, I understand from where take the signals from the board. My question is to see the solder side of the AV mod, because I am not totally sure about what solder with what. As I stated in a previous message, I do not fully understand the scheme...
  4. I am going to follow this picture from the link you stated: This is from a NTSC Vader, not exactly my model, but I will remove the coil L201, transistor Q201 and resistor R209. Someone can show a picture of the solder side of the simon.plata AV mod? I need to follow the traces...
  5. No one can tell me what elements must I remove from my board?
  6. Here is my motherboard. Can someone point what elements must I remove? Console is a 2600 NTSC from USA, with two controller ports, and I already removed the RF modulator.
  7. Er... do you mean the capacitor C1 does not need to be installed? Now I have to upload a picture of my motherboard, so the elements to be removed can be specifically indicated.
  8. Thanks a lot for the link. To be true I am able to recognise the elements of the video amplifier, but main problem is I am not sure which one to solder to which one, this is why I want to see the solder side, justo to replicate it. By the way, in this scheme I am not sure how to solder R7 to C1. The resistor must be between the legs of the capacitor? I have no doubt about how to connect the transistors to the resistors R3, R4, R5 and R6.
  9. Hi all, guys! I saw the great work with the two transistor video amplifier, and I am trying to do it, but I find two problems: First I am not sure about what parts to remove from my console. Mine is a USA NTSC 2600 revision 14, with two joystick ports. A code under the revision reads C015519. I can send a picture of my board if needed. Second problem is I am almost unable to understand an electric scheme, so I need to see the solder path just to be able to copy it. Is possible to see the solder side so I can try to replicate? Thanks a lot!
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