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  1. I shared a few emails with Best Electronics - Bradley Koda, but unfortunately it seems I will not find solution there ... Should I buy broken units and try to fix them or just buy this beauty: https://atarivcs.com/ Any ideas out there?
  2. I wish Atari or some other company still creates the TIA/RIOT and CPU chips, so when something weird happens, then we just buy the chips and replace them if it got damaged, but then, I remember Atari 2600 was discontinued on January 1, 1992 and the only way to get parts is getting them from other damaged units, sad but true reality here ...
  3. Hi all, Here is my experience trying to fix my Atari 2600A: I wanted to play some games on my Atari, initially everything was fine but there was a very slowly vertical rolling on my LCD TV, that's when all started .... I opened the case, cleaned the inside with contact cleaner, adjusted the video/sound synthesizer, removed and reinserted the 3 chips (by mistake, I placed TIA backwards and I didn't turn on, I placed it back correctly and turn it on, it partially work again) I did the mod on the Atari following these 2 articles: http://www.coolretroprojects.com/Atari_2600_AV_Mod_Installation_Guide.pdf and https://www.instructables.com/id/ATARI-2600-Video-Composite-mod/#CSJUVVMJQ0SNBGI Actual issues: - Vertical screen rolling (up to down, medium speed). - No color at all, just black and white. - Some sounds are missing. - Controllers directions work fine (up/down/left/right) but fire button doesn't work ... - There is a rapid-fire sound even when both controllers are unplugged (it seems there is only a sound because I do not see the bullets coming out on combat game for example) - Some Game logic is incorrect, for example, while playing combat, while going forward the tank start jumping around instead I suspect the TIA got damaged, so I am contacting Best Electronics - Bradley Koda to see if he has one for sale ... Additional information: I have another Atari Jr and I tested controllers, power adapter and cables and they are fine. Questions If a chip is placed backwards it will get damaged? Do you think those issues are because damaged TIA? Probably by touching the chips any got damaged? Why vertical rolling screen happen?
  4. Did you replace the RIOT, does that fix it?
  5. I would try with another RIOT and see if it works
  6. Did you solve the issue? Have you tried replacing TIA?
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