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  1. Was browsing through my local regional brews at the grocery store today and came across this!!!! I am not an IPA fan at all, but had to pick it up for display in the game room!
  2. Interested in any 2600 CIB items
  3. Any truth to David Crane appearing in Adult Films back in the day?
  4. Excited! Collectors Edition #310 arrived today!!!! I did get a patch as you can see, though I ordered on 4/4 and got a lower number than some others? Still not sure what happened there!!!
  5. Thanks for all the replies! I need to say this is by no means upsetting me, or taking over my life. Just trying to figure out how this can provide such happiness and pleasure in one's life (after all, these are just items)
  6. Do we know if anyone ended up winning the grand prize?
  7. Thanks @gray defender. Yes, I collect many other vintage systems and carts, the thing that I was really finding odd lately is the continual dreams of Atari. Not sure if that's normal for a 40 some year old man! Lol!!!! I have always felt I've had a mild form of Aspergers which this is probably related to! I have a very good job and consider myself successful. It could certainly be worse I suppose (the Aspergers symptoms).
  8. Has anyone else become obsessed with Atari? Let me preface this by mentioning that purchases are not affecting any normal living expenses, and it's not affecting work or relationships, but I am literally buying anything I can get my hands on Atari related at a reasonable price. I buy up lots of systems, carts, you name it. It makes me immensely happy to see the items in my game room (it's a very large room with plenty of space to fill) and I have no desire to stop buying these. It doesn't matter if it's 100 carts of Combat, I just love Atari!!! I even lately have been having dreams of Atari, and think about it a good majority of the day. I feel I can never have enough Atari, and plan on continuing to buy indefinitely. Has anyone else had this degree of obsession?
  9. Hi all! I am looking for any Aquarius programs that were released on cassette (looking for the actual, complete original cassettes) as well as any other CIB Aquarius goodies anyone may have! Thanks in advance!
  10. Adam- Thanks for all the information!!!! I will definitely need to check some of the basic programs out! @Atari_Bill I think I am going to keep it, as one of the two units based on the serial # BA-1000-2 is a ward. Thanks for your offer though!
  11. Not sure if anyone saw this on the bay, but it was listed for $199 obo. They were advertised as not powering up, but it comes with 3 lids and a stack of programs as you can see. I offered $150 (shipping included) and it was accepted. My hope is those lids survive the transport Any of the programs look good? Also, it looks like the model numbers of the two Ballys are different. Could anyone educate me on the differences between the models? Thanks!
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