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  1. Thanks @sixersfan105. Much appreciated:)
  2. Still looking..... thank you to all who have contacted and dealt thus far!
  3. Always a pleasure to deal with Ben! Items are always as described, and packed superbly!
  4. @sixersfan105 that is beyond words!!!! Sorry to see this!
  5. @masschamber thank you for the kind words! 😀
  6. @CPUWIZ you have a good point, im just not very good at that. I will pay fairly so its a win win for all. Im working on trying to be more assertive in that regard. 😀😀😀
  7. Hello- I am looking to complete my set of original atari releases, as well as activision 2600 titles. I am looking for CIB only, they do not need to be pristine, just intact with no writing on them or tears. I am in need of the following: Atari Releases: Football Flag Capture Championship Soccer Starship Math Gran Prix Basic Programming Star Raiders (Stand alone box w/o controller) Basketball Indy 500 (Stand alone box w/o paddles) Adventure 3D Tic Tac Toe Hangman Basic Math Defender Haunted House Outlaw ACTIVISION: Checkers Dragster Ice Hockey Chopper Command Sky Jenks River Raid Dolphin Plaque Attack Beamrider Pitfall 2 Private Eye Cosmic Commuter Ghostbusters River Raid 2 Thanks in advance!
  8. ISO a working Bally Astrocade. I know these aren't the easiest to come by, but here's to hoping!
  9. As others have done with most other Atari hardware, I would like to start a list here of Atari Video Music serial numbers. I am also curious if anyone can decipher the serial numbers to ascertain additional information, if any. 57896E - sramirez2008 66327E - widowsson
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