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  1. Seller wants $300 for it. Is that fair? I'm on the fence...
  2. It was a long time ago, but when I called the seller out, the moron just blocked me!
  3. Probably a long shot, but here goes.... I am looking for a AVM in working condition. Anyone?
  4. Was this the guy that was on Hoarders and had all the video game stuff?
  5. Just played through the first Legacy of Kain for the first time in years. One of my all time favourite franchises. Any other fans of the series here?
  6. This is most excellent news..... Had 2 copies of it BITD, but got rid of them 15 years ago or so, along with many other things "that if I only knew...." Lol
  7. Bought a Tempest 2000 manual from Ben and was very satisfied with the quick service and quality packaging.
  8. Looking for working carts in decent condition. Let me know what you have!
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