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  1. I'm having difficulty even coming up with a price for one to be honest. I know I found one that sold back in '06 for over $1000. Other than that I've only seen pictures of one more online.

    I was offered £550 for it from another eBay buyer when I bought it originally, and that was when it was still just a mess of dirt, cobwebs and broken cables.

  2. I acquired a beaten up Parker Brothers Atari 2600 Kiosk at the beginning of the year. I'm based in the UK where it was made. The unit is basically a wood and metal base with an woody 2600 inside linked up to a 24 cart switcher.


    I cleaned it up, to the best of my ability and now have it working. The kiosk itself is in pretty good condition for it's age, there's some slight damage to it's shell and wooden sides, and the perspex cover has the back snapped off (it originally had a lock to lock it into place, i still have the extra piece).  The controller ribbon was broken/damaged, so I've made another one which is working fine but not attached to the back.


    It works absolutely fine, however I've noticed there appears to be some carts which don't work, but again not sure if that's due to my carts or with the kiosk itself.


    I'm thinking of selling it on, as unfortunately I don't really have the room, it's quite big! Trying to gauge interest. Image below. Any questions, please ask! 



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  3. 1 hour ago, bow830 said:

    Do you know if it is a PAL version? Even if it was I would still be interested in it. I would add it y ok my collection. At one time I had a Atari kiosk but had to sell. Now I have over 500 Atari new old stock sealed games. Always wanting to add more. Thank you for pictures too it is always cool to see vintage stuff. Are those finding Nemo socks? 

    Hi, I'm pretty sure it's PAL, the unit itself is made in the UK, and all that's inside is just a Woody 2600. It's a really nice piece, there's some minor damage to the shell, and the back of the perspex (presumably used to lock into place) is snapped out. Other than that looks great and runs great.



    They're sonic socks xD

  4. 9 hours ago, bow830 said:

    If you ever want to sell it I am here. It is all good if you spell Atari wrong too. 

    I'm not far off that point I think, I've had a good time cleaning it up/getting it working, but it takes up an awful lot of room. I've had to re-make a controller ribbon cable for it as well, which is now working.



    5 hours ago, Tekmon_Xonic said:

    What an interesting find you've got here. It looks like the kiosk is setup to where a potential customer could select the various games to try before they buy. I would love to see one of these personally in action. If only a neo-geo could have this many cartridge slots, lol. :P

    Yeah it's really great when it's up and running, being able to just switch to another game is great.



    1 hour ago, delmero said:

    I like the blue socks you're wearing 😁

    Oh why thank you!


    Updated picture below :)



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  5. Great find!


    I think this was a UK-only promotional device, all units I've seen so far (like four or five) were found in the UK (probably all in England). I think it's the cooler version of the Imagic Previewer. Too bad it's made out of plastic which makes it a bit vulnerable.

    Thanks for the info! I've only found pictures of 1 or 2 devices, but couldn't narrow down where they were from. I got quite a steal on the price of it, as it was in such bad condition, but it's cleaned up really well. https://i.imgur.com/zGaJeYI.jpg


    I'm assuming the actual value of it is relatively high?

  6. can you put any title in the ports above and play them?


    Does it work?


    Can you show what the menu looks like?

    Yeah, I've tried all the games in my collection and each of the ports works without issue. The thing plays/switches on and selects games fine, however the ribbon cable from the back of the unit to the 2600 is missing a pin on one of it's connectors, so one of those doesn't work.


    It doesn't have a menu as far as I can see, you choose the game number, then it resets and switches to that one.


    We've cleaned it up, and it's looking so much better now.



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  7. Hi,


    Apologies if this isn't the right place to post this, I'm from the UK and recently came into possession of a Parker Brothers Kiosk unit. Other than maybe one or two images on the internet, I can't seem to find much about it. Would anyone be able to help at all?


    Many thanks!

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