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  1. Thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing the community finally getting a chance to play it
  2. Cool unique little game. The lightning is a nice effect. Controls well. Nice colour choices. This is a completely personal choice, you seem to have the lightning how you want it. I would probably make it stay just a little longer and have it reflect (REFPX) a few times before disappearing. But I mean, it's your game, and it looks great so far. Keep it up man 👍🏻
  3. Agreed, very well done so far. The power ups are cool and random generation is always a plus 👍🏻
  4. Thank you KevKelley, feeling very relieved by the positive response it got. I was a bit nervous. my girlfriend and I had a blast watching the show and talking with everyone in the chat. I’m going to rewatch it once it’s on YouTube and try to take notes to help me polish it up a bit more before a public release. Thanks again, cheers, Mick
  5. Was just thinking, is there a dedicated webpage that just lists the many ways of crunching and optimizing Batari code? I’ve seen some notes throughout random terrain’s which helped a lot but a single page source of each way that was found to optimize would really be handy towards the end of projects
  6. Thanks iesposta! I wish I knew all the tricks. I’ve learned a few by an obsessive amount of trial and error. But the one you mentioned about identical variables all on the same line is one I haven’t discovered yet. play testing, I noticed one small part in the game that will (rarely) go over cycle limit. I’m going to try to track it down tomorrow morning before I send it off to James.
  7. Thanks However I did end up changing the walls later on The game went through a ton of changes as I continued to learn the code. At this moment I am very happy with how it has turned out and excited to share it. I believe I seen your game on Zeropage Homebrew. Just forgot who made it. The one with the lightning effect. Looks cool, I’ll make sure I give it a go when I get a minute.
  8. That’s kind of how I thought of it too. Like an epic puzzle that I work on over a long period of time. Really enjoyed it. Is your game released? What kind of game?
  9. https://www.mickmuze.com Hey everyone, I'm Mick. A little while ago I decided to try and learn batari Basic and finish what I hope would be considered a good game in 30 days of programming. I kept a daily journal as I did this and the game is now complete. I am currently working on creating the artwork and designing the manual but thought I would release my development notes as a blog in the mean time. So the link to the daily blog is above if you are interested. Cheers Mick
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