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  1. After three very long frustrating nights, I just killed the largest bug I ever killed!! He was a sneaky bugger, almost didn't even see him. But I got him, and man it feels good. 🐜

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    2. mickmuze


      That advice could have saved me a lot of headache 😛

    3. Wally1


      kill em all


      except ladybug


    4. GoldLeader


      Sounds like me, catching and releasing these moths we have called "Millers".  Last night I got home from work and found 9 of them in the house...Our state is on their migration path and they end up in houses on their way to pollinate flowers in the Rockies...

  2. Thanks @socrates63 and everyone else who commented I’m really glad it gave you that D&D vibe because that’s pretty much what I was going for. My older brother was the dungeon master when I was a kid so we had a lot of those books around the house and I just loved flipping through the art and getting lost in them. as for the box, yes, there will be a box. 👍🏻
  3. Hey, I’ve been watching your YouTube channel. Love it! Great reviews 🍺
  4. I have just finished the manual for Deepstone Catacomb!! Wooo! I'm sure there will be some changes that have to be made but still, this feels great :)

    1. GoldLeader


      Best  of luck!  The game looks Great!!

  5. Hey guys, just a quick update. Sorry, there is currently no demo but I sent the box and cartridge design over to Al. I have all the monster artwork done for the manual and I’ll have all weekend to work on the layout for it. Not sure if it will make it for the June release or not but all my free time is currently being thrown at it.
  6. Hey guys, wasn’t sure where exactly I should post this, but I’m looking for a photoshop template for original Atari 2600 box and manual art that would include the necessary bleed edges and everything required for printing. Wondering if something like this exists already? Did some searches but haven’t come up with anything. For the box, I’m looking for either one like Adventure or one like Yars Revenge layout. Would really like to have it as close to the original designs as possible. it’d be nice to have an original style manual template as well. I’ve finished most (not all) of the artwork for these. Thanks for any help!
  7. Happy Halloween! Just finished this guy.. now pizza and scary movie night!
  8. Thanks, no problem I’ll keep’em coming
  9. Sprite work that I whipped up on my work break, recognize these guys?
  10. Thank you! I felt the same way with the game adventure as well.
  11. I actually had a bit of trouble creating a locked door sprite for Deepstone Catacomb as well. I ended up going with just a white block with a pawn chess piece. Sometime after finishing the game, I started playing this game on my C64 that I use to play as a kid, called Wizard (Attatched Screenshot). C64 has 8x8 limit as well. I noticed that the locked door sprite was the exact sprite I made for my game. So I feel like we both have stumbled upon an age old problem. that being said, out of what you came up with, I think the most recognizable one as a locked door is the forth one.
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