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  1. Was just thinking, is there a dedicated webpage that just lists the many ways of crunching and optimizing Batari code? I’ve seen some notes throughout random terrain’s which helped a lot but a single page source of each way that was found to optimize would really be handy towards the end of projects
  2. Thanks iesposta! I wish I knew all the tricks. I’ve learned a few by an obsessive amount of trial and error. But the one you mentioned about identical variables all on the same line is one I haven’t discovered yet. play testing, I noticed one small part in the game that will (rarely) go over cycle limit. I’m going to try to track it down tomorrow morning before I send it off to James.
  3. [attachment=637571:deepstone.png] https://www.mickmuze.com   Hey everyone, I'm Mick. A little while ago I decided to try and learn batari Basic and finish what I hope would be considered a good game in 30 days of programming. I kept a daily journal as I did this and the game is now complete. I am currently working on creating the artwork and designing the manual but thought I would release my development notes as a blog in the mean time. So the link to the daily blog is above if you are interested.   Cheers :)   Mick
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