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  1. Happy Halloween! Just finished this guy.. now pizza and scary movie night!
  2. Thanks, no problem I’ll keep’em coming
  3. Sprite work that I whipped up on my work break, recognize these guys?
  4. Thank you! I felt the same way with the game adventure as well.
  5. I actually had a bit of trouble creating a locked door sprite for Deepstone Catacomb as well. I ended up going with just a white block with a pawn chess piece. Sometime after finishing the game, I started playing this game on my C64 that I use to play as a kid, called Wizard (Attatched Screenshot). C64 has 8x8 limit as well. I noticed that the locked door sprite was the exact sprite I made for my game. So I feel like we both have stumbled upon an age old problem. that being said, out of what you came up with, I think the most recognizable one as a locked door is the forth one.
  6. I always loved looking at Atari manuals and seeing the artist's vision of the pixels on the screen
  7. Thanks James, I’m glad you guys got to finish it. It’s been fun watching all the episodes. I can’t wait to have it on cartridge myself. It’s been kind of a dream of mine since I was a kid 😛 Currently polishing the game and drawing up the art on all my (sadly limited) free time to get this out.
  8. Thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing the community finally getting a chance to play it
  9. Cool unique little game. The lightning is a nice effect. Controls well. Nice colour choices. This is a completely personal choice, you seem to have the lightning how you want it. I would probably make it stay just a little longer and have it reflect (REFPX) a few times before disappearing. But I mean, it's your game, and it looks great so far. Keep it up man 👍🏻
  10. Agreed, very well done so far. The power ups are cool and random generation is always a plus 👍🏻
  11. Thank you KevKelley, feeling very relieved by the positive response it got. I was a bit nervous. my girlfriend and I had a blast watching the show and talking with everyone in the chat. I’m going to rewatch it once it’s on YouTube and try to take notes to help me polish it up a bit more before a public release. Thanks again, cheers, Mick
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