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  1. Just seeing these screenshots now, this is beautiful! Great work!!
  2. I’d like to fill the entire cart, there is about 1kb left, I think, the last I was working on it. Currently working on a small win game animation for game 1. I’m hoping I am able to finish everything for a boxed release this Halloween. Got a lot of work ahead of me (I’d like to do all the box and manual design myself too, really enjoy that part). thanks for your interest in it
  3. Oh cool, thanks for the heads up. Didn’t know he tried it.
  4. I wasn't aware of that way of doing it, thanks again SpiceWare!
  5. There will be a PAL60 release once I’m happy with where the project stands
  6. Squashed right between two awesome games 👍🏻 Looking forward to this one
  7. Released version 0.4 These are the bugs I have found: If the player went into the house without grabbing the heart when it was on the screen and all the enemies were dead, the next level wouldn't load the second row of enemies. It would still be the heart in its place. Say your pumpkin hit an enemy right below the 200 point mark. It would sometimes show you got the 200 points but only give you 150 points. It shows the correct amount now. When you die you would still collect a heart while you are twirling to your grave lol. You would then have one heart but still get game over since the game over sequence was already set in motion. You could also collect hearts as you lost a life and twirled back to the house. Now you just can't collect hearts if you are twirling around for any reason 😛 If the heart is on the screen when you get game over and you then start a new game, the heart would return on the screen instead of the second enemy On real hardware I noticed the screen would jump during screen transitions from a black screen. This would not be that noticable except when the score was also on the screen after you get game over. The score would jump slightly. Version 0.4 has all of the above fixed.
  8. Release version 0.3 This is mainly a bug fix release. Score should be working perfectly now Hearts are slightly more frequent but are now worth 75 points Adjusted the enemy and fire speeds slightly on both beginner and advanced difficulty Enemies movement is more consistent. In v0.2 the enemies would seem to randomly speed up and slow down slightly. They were all sharing the same fractional portion of a fixed point variable for their speed. They all have their own variables for that now. If you had all three hearts and got a heart it would take away a heart, this is now fixed. Enjoy! Let me know if you come across anything else that seems off
  9. Hey Splendidnut, just wanted to say that this is such a great game and incredibly cool to have running this well on the Atari! To me, this is a very memorable project. I hope you do keep going with it, not sure if you’re feeling stuck, or burnt out but stick with it! I remember playing a lot of burger time as a kid at my cousin’s house on her NES and this version you are developing is spot on
  10. Thanks for the tip, was unaware of that! I checked the code but didn’t see anywhere I have done this though. I may have already fixed the problem by clearing the stack. I also went through the code and optimized some of it, saving a couple hundred bytes, not a lot but I’ll fill them up the for a future release. Since there isn’t a lot of space left I doubt any additions will be very major now but I think I should be able to pull off a couple things I thought this game needs. I plan on releasing a minor bug fix update this weekend after I test this version on actual hardware again.
  11. I don't believe the Unocart supports DPC+. Unfortunately, there isn't much I can do about that
  12. Thank you very much, I'm very glad you enjoyed it! Not a bad idea. I'll look into that and see if I can make it fit 👍🏻 All great ideas. Would be easily doable if I wanted to go over the 32k limit. These ideas definitely have me thinking though. I like the idea about time pressure and I really like the observing crow idea. Not sure about making it display the level number. But these are all nice things to have in my head when I dive back into it. Thank you James! This is what it's all about man, sharing these games. Had no idea I was going to have so much fun with this when I decided to finally give it a shot on my first game. As always, thanks for what you do as well, really helps the motivation for developers I think to actually have a platform to show our projects. I do hope to make a cart release. I'll wait till I'm happy with it and go from there. 🤞🏻 Hmmm... Very odd. I don't own an UnoCart and kind of assumed it didn't support DPC+. There isn't much I can do about getting it to run on one of those if that is the case. I was only able to test it on my 4 switch with Harmony. Kind of assumed it would work on a jr though, that is weird? Thanks for the tip SpiceWare! There are places I used assembly but I wouldn't say I understand assembly yet lol. Mainly used it when dealing with the score. I went through and added the pound symbol anytime I personally loaded the accumulator, ran it and it still runs fine on the emulator lol. I'll release a bug fix version soon and hopefully Fierodoug5 would be kind enough to test it for me again on his jr.? I was looking for that score bug last night (just while playing, not code) and have a general idea of where the problem lies. I keep the score stored in the stack. I'm pretty sure I need to clear the stack when a new game starts and when you press down on the reset switch. Sometimes I find if you play multiple games in a row, whether you get a game over or reset, the game will sometimes keep the old score and add onto it for your new game. Pretty big bug for a game that is currently all about scores. I'll fix this as well when I get a chance. I'm not sure what more as far as features I can fit into this game. Going to take some time and make some code more efficient where I can and see what I can do. I definitely want 3 game modes. Anything else would be a great plus. Will probably tweak the game balance as well. I would love to add an ending to one of the game modes. That might be asking too much. I shall see....
  13. Oh cool, how do I go about getting my game to run through javatari through a link like Kev's Cone Ball? Is it just a matter of uploading the binary on the forums alone? Does Javatari support DPC+?
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