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  1. I know this is getting ahead of ourselves here (feel free to ignore) but I’m curious if the new molded shells would remain as close as possible to the original shells (a sucker for nostalgia) or a new design and shape like other companies (Activision) did in the past.
  2. Just got my first 13” crt television since I was a kid (With wood grain!). Can’t wait to hook the Atari up to it, but I threw my back out lol, can barely walk or sit up. Might be a few days. 

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    2. GoldLeader


      Hope the back gets better.  There's exercises you can do to stretch things to keep nerves from getting pinched etc.  A doctor showed me some and I've had surprisingly little back pain after doing them once in a while. (Maybe look online for exercises to fight back pain).


      The TV should be fun!  We had a little 13 inch to play NES on in college...And to watch TaleSpin and Charles in Charge. :)

    3. mickmuze


      I remember those shows (intro songs are now playing in my head lol) and definitely played a lot of NES on ours as well. 

      As for the back pain. Thanks for the tip! I have looked up exercises on YouTube. They were too painful to do at first. I could barely find a position that didn’t get a sharp excruciating pain, but I did manage to do some of them once the pills kicked in.

    4. Max_Chatsworth


      Years of playing hockey well into my 40's has put me in similar bind many a time.  I feel for you.

  3. Thank you Al, that’s awesome!! looking forward to seeing the photos too!
  4. Very cool, the flashing of the enemy when hit, the dungeon map, “it’s dangerous to go alone” text, great work!
  5. I get a huge high from solving a problem in code that I struggled with. It feels like completing a difficult crossword puzzle but times it by 10. Such a great feeling. Dopamine levels just fire off like rockets. Had another one of those moments tonight  after a couple days of struggling... Alright, back to work 🍻

    1. Wally1


      Hey, I know how you feel.  Great feeling of

      victory, even.


  6. R.I.P. to Jeremy Bulloch, the original actor who played Boba Fett in Star Wars 😥

  7. I just noticed on your list, the game Mysterious Song for Turbografx.... Is that the same Mysterious Song made by DarkDread? I use to follow his work when he was making rpgs in Basic, many many years ago. Secret of Cooey, Mysterious Song (was originally a basic dos game) and others that aren’t coming to me right now. I learned a lot from his tutorials and then his website died... If this was him, I’d love to know if he’s still around or is still making things since I lost track of him. Had no idea he ported Mysterious Song to turbografx either if that’s the case.
  8. I wrote to Warren a few weeks ago. He did write back and said he is still working away at the book. Said books take a lot longer to write than games did.
  9. In the process of turning my storage room into a retro game arcade/retro game development room as I wait for my first homebrew purchases to arrive. Still relatively new to the Homebrew scene, but I love that it really is keeping these old systems alive. Was a very cool surprise to find this thriving community of enthusiasts on the internet when I did.

  10. Did the Atari Homebrew game “Dungeon” ever have a box release? If so, does anyone know if this is something that may be restocked eventually?

    1. s0c7


      Yep. At one time you could get a box, and a poster/map (OOP). You may want to PM Al. I know he prints the boxes up in small runs from time to time. He may have one laying around.dungeon_poster.thumb.jpg.1323906f67167c17f2dbe1bf5936648e.jpg.217d027eef6150114c2e5cf695707346.jpg

    2. s0c7


      Also.... good luck with Deepstone Catacomb! Hope it does well.

    3. mickmuze


      Thank you :) I would love to have that poster and map as well. Beautiful art and love your design on the game. I’ll definitely be asking him about it.

  11. Thanks, no, sorry no demo. I'll be eventually releasing the entire game
  12. This is a game guide for Deepstone that I was working on. It's not really needed, but was fun to do. I just represented each floor by four rooms to keep it simple. All the floors are random, so it won't help map your way out in the game, but it does show what type of monsters to expect on each floor. Also it will give you a rough idea on how much further you have to go to reach the Dark Lord at the bottom.
  13. Just clicked on a random homebrew video on YouTube and saw my ad that the guy received in his order. I just want to say... that is really neat.

  14. No, sorry, I am not 5bytes, they do share a similar look but that was not intentional. I was trying to keep my game following a 8x8 tiles based graphics to feel like an NES Zelda-like clone on the Atari. I think we made very different choices in our gameplay designs. :S
  15. Thank you, I appreciate it Just the box and cartridge will be released initially
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