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  1. Just got my first 13” crt television since I was a kid (With wood grain!). Can’t wait to hook the Atari up to it, but I threw my back out lol, can barely walk or sit up. Might be a few days. 

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    2. GoldLeader


      Hope the back gets better.  There's exercises you can do to stretch things to keep nerves from getting pinched etc.  A doctor showed me some and I've had surprisingly little back pain after doing them once in a while. (Maybe look online for exercises to fight back pain).


      The TV should be fun!  We had a little 13 inch to play NES on in college...And to watch TaleSpin and Charles in Charge. :)

    3. mickmuze


      I remember those shows (intro songs are now playing in my head lol) and definitely played a lot of NES on ours as well. 

      As for the back pain. Thanks for the tip! I have looked up exercises on YouTube. They were too painful to do at first. I could barely find a position that didn’t get a sharp excruciating pain, but I did manage to do some of them once the pills kicked in.

    4. Max_Chatsworth


      Years of playing hockey well into my 40's has put me in similar bind many a time.  I feel for you.

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