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  1. The new VecMulti, my kousoku-sen, also worked. Adding games was fine. Thanks Richard!
  2. I want a new VecFlash too. Should I pm?
  3. Richard The old version was impossible. I use it with XP. Thank you for teaching me! zezba Thank you for teaching me about power management!
  4. Richard Thank you! It started with windows10! But the device is not recognized ... Is it because old Windows 10 is 64bit with VecFlash? Or is the driver misplaced?
  5. Is it usable with windows 10? What I have now is XP.
  6. Is it impossible to update and cure the cart firmware? Should I send it back?
  7. I removed the LED and tried to put 5V into the DEV terminal. There was no change, the menu was broken and it did not start.
  8. I tried replacing the 6522 or giving 5V in DEV mode, but I could not improve my condition. DEV mode is now working.
  9. Hello. I am the same. If I put only two BINs on another SD card, the Armor Attack worked but YASI freezes.
  10. Great! I have a USB type, but I can not use it with windows 7 and I also want to buy it.
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