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  1. I find this I don’t think it will sell to it’s intended audience thought very strange because from what I have seen I think we have a system coming from Intellivision that could I believe outsell the Nintendo Wii even though Intellivision does not have the brand power of Nintendo here are the reasons I think that way 1. A team that features just in the core group over 600 years of experience in the games industry from all different aspects of the business including high quality marketing people and while this does not guarantee success I would think it would be a positive aspect towards success. 2. Part of the marketing team launched every Nintendo Console from NES - Wii/DS which includes two of Nintendo’s best selling consoles of all time, another marketing member helped get one of the best selling franchises of all time Pokémon off the ground, and yet another marketing member worked for Mattel a very successful toy company on products for their Disney property toy lines. Why mention these folks and their past so high up on the list because of the success they have had in marking their items to their intended groups this will be a key to Intellivision’s success with Amico and they thought enough about that aspect to put together a top notch team long ago which shows how important they think that aspect will be for success. 3. Unlike the Wii which fell into a hypercasual and non gaming crowd thanks to a fun to play tech demo packaged with the system but did little to follow up with the audience themselves leaving those experiences mostly to third party developers Intellivision is focusing on hypercasual players with 20% of their library being for hypercasual players who play mainly on cell phones or tablets currently. 4. Intellivision’s focus on gaming together with friends and family will be a huge part of their success because that’s an experience that is not really offered much on the mobile gaming scene. That experience should get people excited to play games with family and friends in the same room on a shared screen much like Wii did with a tech demo. Families will also be excited for the educational games that will make up another 20% of the library allowing them to play games with the younger children they have as well, this will be enhanced by the inclusion of partners like Sesame Street Workshop. 5. A controller that is more approachable by a mobile game player the controller looks similar to a cellphone it’s a little thicker has action buttons on the top or bottom or sides depending how it’s held and a big movement disk or button the familiar design of this makes it much more approachable by people who normally don’t play games outside of mobile or tablet and that will make it much easier to have others pick up and join in the fun. As a bonus for anyone who thinks that the Wii market is covered by mobile games and no room remember that the most recent release of Just Dance sold better on Wii after all these years than any other system currently available. Intellivision has a plan for simple to understand and play (not necessarily easy to beat games) that are affordable digital games with a max price of $9.99 that are family friendly and entertaining for the whole family that on some games up to 8 people can play together. As someone who misses very much being able to play video games with family outside of sports or fighting games where there are very few options on modern systems these along with some I’m sure I failed to mention are a few of the reasons I think that Amico will outsell the Wii
  2. Yes in the photo they are using white but you can change the color of the led used in the menu to whatever available color you want
  3. I can understand that line of thinking I guess it depends on what your main focus was. I was always amazed by the graphics of the next machine we got from Intellivision to Nintendo to Super Nintendo I remember saying each time how amazing the graphics were and it could never get better than that by PlayStation I learned my lesson it can always get better given enough time. And while I did enjoy the graphics for me it was always more about having fun with my dad and after PlayStation the local multiplayer pickings were basically sports titles or fighting games with a few other games thrown in. On PS2 the majority of our play together was Tiger Woods Golf because on a fighting game dads fingers would wear out fast. So it’s the philosophy of Intellivision that draws me to the system more than any certain art style I kind of like the range of styles because to me it’ll be fun maybe discovering a style of design I enjoy I had never thought about. My brother sent me a photo recently of my nephews sitting down together playing on the Intellivision Flashback I got him for Christmas a few years ago along with the full pack of overlays seeing them playing together was a lot of fun and brought back memories of playing with my dad and brother and my step brother on Intellivision it’s those opportunities to create memories like that again that I am most excited for because of that although graphics are important to a point it’s not my driving force or concern
  4. I don’t think We would see more than 5 or 10 additional games than that, if that because every game gets time in the spotlight of the store the more we have to start with the more they have to back track later
  5. I think they are looking to have around 30 in store and 20 or so ready for scheduled release
  6. It’s really nice to see someone cover Intellivision with balanced coverage he may have concerns and questions but it’s not driven by any kind of bias
  7. I can understand not liking the mobile controllers for Moon Patrol but that should not alone stop you from trying the system Tommy mentioned I believe that on the system you can use the disk as speed up and slow down and buttons for fire and jump. Maybe you won’t preorder the system maybe you wait and try it first at a store or mall mostly what matters is what the experience you want out of your gaming is and if you think enough of the games provided by Intellivision will meet that goal. For me I want a machine I can play games with friends and family and since my grandma who hasn’t played a game since NES Tetris is wanting to play some of the games on the system for me it’s worth it
  8. I am more excited about this system after the live event mostly because I showed my grandma some of the game play videos they showed such as Intellivision Spades, Cornhole and also explained the games that the system is coming with and how they worked and is excited to play 4 games we know are coming and she hasn’t played a video game since Tetris on NES
  9. Don’t hold me to this because it has been a long time but I think Tommy said they show a list of possible games and find out which excite the team and what their ideas are for those projects they are passionate about
  10. I hope eventually we can get a board game like Clue because thanks to the screen your check list could be on the controller this system has so much potential thanks to that unique controller design. on a separate note I’m really looking forward to the monthly q&a video series and the up coming controller spotlight. Man I had a question I wanted to ask but totally blanked on it. Even though I don’t have children as someone who spent several years working at a state licensed daycare I was happy to see the partnership with Sesame Street Workshop and I hope other educational properties will join suit I remember the kids getting really excited for educational time when we would use things like a Muppet themed educational game on the computer. Tommy any plans for maybe some Sesame Street themed interactive story book type games?
  11. Polygon called the Intellivision crowd funded you would have thought they would have done basic research
  12. Hard for me to say as I enjoyed all of it for different reasons I enjoyed the interviews because it gave us a look at the people working on the games and I enjoy looking at the human side of things. Tommy’s hardware bit and match 3 joke had me laughing a lot All the gameplay I saw looked like games I would either enjoy on my own or with friends or my grandparents probably my favorite gameplay videos for new games were Finnigan Fox, Ridge Force Redux Enhanced, Space Strike and Bomb Squad and I think my grandma will enjoy the Monster Spades game thanks to the characters i has a lot of fun watching and will be rewatching soon
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