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  1. 4. Bill Fisher I saw him in an interview with other Blue Sky Rangers and the details in is stories made Gus fascinating interview so I’d really enjoy getting to hear an interview about the new system. 5. I just think a focus test/interview would be interesting to see why others are excited 2. Showing off the controller capabilities would be fun to see since it’s such a different controller and such a huge focus of the system 3. I really have enjoyed other developers segments in videos and getting an in depth interview would be great. 1. As much as I love the game play trailers and they are always welcome for me the idea of different types of videos is too intriguing to pass up
  2. Don’t hold me to this cause I don’t remember what page it was on but I think in a previous post Tommy said there wasn’t a limit he was aware of at that time though that could have changed and I just missed it too
  3. This game looks like so much fun definitely will be a buy for me I’m pretty sure I’ll suck at it but I’ll have a great time being terrible at the game lol
  4. Spent some time thinking about this one not sure if the game I would like most could happen in Horse Racing so many fond memories of that game. Really looking forward to a reimagined Amico version too kind of hoping for horses colored like in the Wizard of Oz in it. All the other games I can think of have been mentioned already so I’ll leave my list at one
  5. I can understand your point there but I can also see it from the other side too. I mean this same group claimed terrible lag on the controller on a video where Tommy had to explain using a spitter because in the previous videos they had accused the footage of being faked my point being if that 3 seconds of video hadn’t been there it wouldn’t have stopped them from trashing the video for a different reason because all that group ever does is find any reason to hate on it because it has the audacity to try and be different from other consoles.
  6. My thinking was that with the focus on a simple interface and a quality seal they will hopefully be very limited in tech support calls though I do recognize they will happen so my thought was you call costumer service and they would send you up the line to tech support if needed. I don’t know if that’s how it would work but it was the assumption I made in my response
  7. They have their customer service office in Utah cause we saw Britni (sorry if the spelling is wrong)in the August 5th video so I’m sure that they will have the number for customer service or support listed
  8. I’ve had this idea floating around my head for a few weeks that I think would be tons of fun for a Christmas themed game. With Tommy’s history with Video Games Live and the lights on the console I think I really neat idea would be to work with Trans Siberian Orchestra and create a video game based around one of their Christmas Concert Stories using the songs from that concert and the lights to enhance the game. By the way TSO live is an amazing experience saw two of their shows The Christmas Attic I know was one I think the other was The Lost Christmas Eve both were amazing presentations
  9. I can only guess at this one but I would assume that the physical game gets added to your system with other games and a patch if needed would be downloaded in the background
  10. The only thing pushed out for games after release would be if a flaw is found in the game and a patch is needed to fix it. Other than that it would just be a follow up game like the planned series of games for Moon Patrol
  11. After seeing all the Issues Atari is having with the prelaunch of the VCS the store really lacks in games and the pricing for those games is all over the place but I don’t think you will ever see a ton of original games for the system because Atari has to outsource everything since it’s just a marketing/licensing firm these days. I know there is potential there as a stream box to play steam library or other streaming services but that’s an awfully large price to pay for that kind of a thing it seems to me of course I could be wrong as I don’t get into game services like that. It does make me happy and really put into prospective though for me as someone who up until the Amico announcement didn’t really follow gaming news just how open Intellivision has been during development. I am also very happy that Intellivision is not interested in rushing a product to market instead doing what it takes to give us the best experience possible on their system
  12. Great video and if anyone is interested the Amico article he mentioned in the video can be found at the link here https://discover.hubpages.com/.amp/games-hobbies/Should-You-Buy-An-Intellivision-Amico?__twitter_impression=true
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