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  1. Sorry if this reply posts twice I replied once and it seems to have disappeared anyway the one big difference is that unlike with Nintendo and Microsoft third party games Intellivision will be working with the developers from the start and long before we see the game on the store front it will go through quality control and if the developers have time they will be told the things that need fixing and if out of time Tommy has already said he won’t be afraid to kill a game so the chances of issues like listed above should be drastically reduced
  2. But we don’t know about the strategy they have to get those people so it’s too early to judge that we know they have 10 million plus for marketing in the USA alone and we know they have celebrity endorsements. We also know they have the women who was in charge of marketing for every Nintendo system from SNES through Wii and DS which were solid. We also know they are planning a mall/shop tour to let people try the system out before you buy it. It’s the marketing and the games that will determine the success of the system so until we have a chance to see what those things are like it’s impossible to judge the system itself the things to focus on now are not so much specific games but the ideas powering the system. Games that will have fun single player modes but who will shine in multiplayer situations a system that provides a arcade type experience at home where you can if you wish track your ability by comparing your scores with people from around the world. If those prospects excite you then be excited if you are someone who needs to see games first great buy with 16 months before launch and marketing not ramping up until 2020 you have a wait before that information is available so just wait until we have some answers to the questions you have. I for one really enjoy the direction Intellivision is headed in
  3. Did I play Intellivision as a kid yes but I would be excited for the machine no matter the name because the game style I miss most is couch gaming which outside of sports games has been difficult to find on PlayStation and Xbox and frankly Nintendo 64 controllers were too complicated for my limited coordination due to disability. That being said is the casual market playing on tablet and cellphone yes they are but Intellivision has the idea that Intellivision can get into that market well they get everyone from the market of course not. However mobile /tablet gaming has its own issues. Not really good for playing together with friends in the same room. As much as the internet has brought us, in some ways it has also affected us negatively by making us less social and isolated to an extent. So Intellivision hopes to use technology to bring family and friends back together. Another way Intellivision is improving on Mobile gaming no in app purchases or dlc that is a huge plus.
  4. Same here Tommy Horse Racing and boxing were mine and my dads top games to play my dad always said he loved playing me in boxing because he would always win because little me liked the look of the faint button so I never punched. Hours racing was always fun with the starting sounds and the crowd cheer at the end hours of play on those games for sure. I introduced my grandma to Intellivision with Horse Racing and she’s super excited to play the new system thanks to that experience and she hasn’t played video games since Tetris on NES
  5. So they decided they weren’t going to split their focus at launch with online multiplayer because it would add a lot to the cost of the launch and game development, however I believe and Tommy can correct me if I am mistaken but there is the plan to have occasional online tournaments sponsored by Intellivision and although it may not have online play out of the box you will still be able to compete online with the time and space leader board since that’s where achievements will come from (think top 10 on arcade machine) He also mentioned if there is a big enough interest in online play from the people who buy it it very well could be a more flushed out option in the future I am hoping online eventually happens as I’m disabled and don’t travel well and my family is pretty spread out so being able to play with online with them eventually is something I’m looking forward to hopefully happening
  6. I am really enjoying the measured transparency of Intellivision throughout this process they are giving out information as they can and holding close to things as behind the scenes things are handled like all the patents. This is THE console I will buy next generation I enjoyed my PS3 I never picked up a 4 but I’m ready for simple easy to play games I am sure I will enjoy all the reimagined classics the game I wonder about most from a graphic prospect is Intellivision Horse Racing I wonder if the horses will look like normal horses with colored blankets with numbers like real racing or if the horses will be rainbow colored like in the Wizard of Oz and the original game, personally I’m hoping for option2. Other than that I’m most excited about the Original IPs though over time I plan on pretty much buying every game because I want to support Intellivision as best as I can
  7. Very nice article I’m definitely enjoying finding out about the thoughts of the folks who got to see the games at E3 looking forward to seeing the game play trailer I’ve already warned friends to be expecting messages from me as soon as I find it released
  8. they showed a working console at E3 last week and the reason for waiting was they wanted to game play to be shown on the system which they have said the trailer should release in July
  9. I know you can’t talk about the games themselves from E3 but I was wondering what the reaction was of those retailers and journalists who got yo hear the full pitch and try out some games
  10. Atari has delayed multiple times and while they show a release date being only 6 months away from backer release with no games announced seems like a bad move to me. Gameplay screenshots and trailers I believe are to start showing up in July but Amico isn’t due our fiat 16 months so there are lots more come slowly looking forward to it
  11. The led changes color depending on the game you are playing
  12. As I understand the information out there some information will be released to the public at E3 but the gameplay on the machine will be by invite for retailers and journalists. However the gameplay trailer is due out in July so thats when we will see games ourselves I am excited to see the different color options though doesnt matter so much what the console looks like as much too me Im just super excited to play some Intellivision
  13. But you have to remember that so far the only places we have had game announcements was at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo last year so they tailored their games to reveal to that group and for the 25th anniversary of a franchise. But in his latest interview with Victor Lucus on Electric Playground he stated that their game catalog has a 4 prong approach each representing about 25% of the catalog of games those general categories are Re-imagined Classics, Sports games, Card/Trivia/Board Games/TV Game Shows, Original IPs. Also we have over a year left so I would imagine most of the game information will come out closer to release
  14. Makes total sense I hadn't thought about it from a piracy angle but that does make sense. It is absolutely my pleasure to give out correct information when I can after all what else is family for if not to help the family in any way they can. I'm proud to be part of the Intellivision family basically my entire life I'm always on the look out for new intellivision videos to pop up so I can do my part in answering questions as best I can I know you guys are very busy getting everything ready I can't imagine how much work it must take to bring a new system to market the right way. Thanks to Intellivision Entertainment I'll have a chance to create new memories with family and friends and remember people who are no longer in my life and for that I remain eternally grateful keep up the amazing work.
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