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  1. As I recall Tommy said that was due to a misunderstanding but they corrected it and got Burgertime instead of Super Burgertime
  2. I do know that early on Intellivision was considering coming out with a program for the system where you can create games and there was talk of having different age groups and the winners for each age group would be available to be on the system but I don’t know if that’s been decided on yet
  3. I’m guessing that the email they send out Monday will have a website link to order from
  4. Wow is that Night Stalker gameplay amazing. Spider is super creepy so many robots I’m going to have so much fun being frustrated by this game lol
  5. Back when the Intellivision Flashback came out that’s what I got everyone for Christmas and picked up the full set of overlays for everyone as well I remember as soon as we were all done opening gifts we went back to one of the bedrooms hooked up the flashback and started playing games with each other. I remember sitting there thinking how much like a childhood Christmas that felt everyone rushing to try their favorite item when all the opening was done. I may end up doing the same with Amico but it may take me to Christmas 2021 to pull that one off
  6. They are planning a mall/store tour to try it before you buy it I believe maybe a stop will be near you
  7. I’m hopeful just because I think it would be more fun that what we see Horse wise on Horse Racing will look like the horses in the Emerald City from wizard of Oz real horses but solid bright colors
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