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  1. I know Tommy has mentioned before a mini game between the levels of Moon Patrol and I think that’s what that screen grab is
  2. Another great hand drawn art cover this too me just gives the covers such personality
  3. Really enjoying seeing this box art love this hand drawn works so rare in things now. So it got me wondering are your digital releases going to have art like this for maybe the cover image before the game preview runs?
  4. What are your top 5 most anticipated games for Amico? They don’t have to be part of the first wave of games. 1. Horse Racing my dad and I played this game together a ton and I’m excited to have a chance to play it again, plus my grandma played a few races of Horse Racing on Intellivision with me and she is excited to try the new one. I kind of hope that the horses are colored like the ones in The Emerald City in Oz because I think having red, purple, and pink horses available would be a lot of fun. 2. Night Stalker I’m a huge horror fan been watching scary movies since I was 5 and am excited for this game for that creepy atmosphere. 3. Snafoo my step brother and I played this game together a lot so I’m very excited to have a chance to play a new version. 4. Burgertime I was never great at this game but I’m looking forward to playing an updated version because it was so fun and the best version I ever got to play was the Intellivision one. 5. Earthworm Jim I’ve never gotten very far in the original games but love the humor of them.
  5. I know this video isn’t Intellivision related but it’s a very unique version of the Super Mario music and was so fun I had to share hope you enjoy
  6. This was a great interview had a ton of fun watching it live though I still haven’t figured out if it’s possible to post in the live stream through the Roku app. Very excited for the upcoming E3 segment and the upcoming announcements on box art in the coming weeks https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TJag8O5rGOE
  7. Wait it’s an article that states the information but gives no opinions on the writer’s thoughts? Why it’s almost like he’s a journalist writing an article that isn’t an opinion piece so hard to find these days
  8. This looks amazing I’m getting more excited for physical versions because I really love this artwork
  9. This looks so amazing. Those two colors compliment each other so well
  10. As I understand the IGN article and follow up was not about lag with the game itself but with the touch screen on the controller. Also from what Intellivision has said the unit this person played on was one of the very early units with resistive instead of capacitive screens and an older version of firmware. The proof that this is no longer an issue is that people who have actually played a newer unit and newer version of the controller which includes capacitive touch screens have all said there is no perceivable lag. I don’t know about you but for me that information is enough to put to rest any concerns about lag
  11. This may be my favorite one you have done I hope when they get to do Tron it opens every session saying Greetings Program
  12. If my memory serves Intellivision had around 50 games in development with 30 to 35 set to be launch titles which would leave 15-20 games for the post launch release of we assume 4 games released a month that’s 3-4 months worth of games and we know production has already started on another 50 games. We know most games should be able to be developed in a max of 6 months and we are just under 6 months from release if we assume on the high side that 10 games per batch don’t meet release standard that’s still 30-35 games for release and 45-50 on the shelf for 4 releases a month which would give them a max of 11-12 months worth of games by launch or shortly after
  13. Have you gotten the compliance results? I know that was a huge step and am hoping it went well for you.
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