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  1. That was a fun read past video games have shown you can have video games with violence that isn’t all blood and guts. For some reason that’s the aspect that has been focused on so much and there are tons of games that are fun without the blood and gore but still an element of violence like Night Stalker a chilling game with a gun but not focused on gore but on strategy or Mario where you defeat enemies by jumping on their heads or shooting them with fireballs. If Bugs Bunny and gang taught me anything as a kid it’s that violence can be in some media in a child like fun way that’s not scary or gory games I feel should have focused on fun more than real when it comes to violence and that is another reason I look forward to Amico a return to a focus on fun
  2. I saw that video yesterday too such an odd thing to get hung up on I thought
  3. I probably didn’t organize my thoughts too well or at the very least I didn’t reread it well enough before posting. I am very excited about Intellivision’s message I stopped with modern systems with a ps3 I got second hand new consoles are just too expensive for me. And I’m excited for games that are easier to understand how to play because I miss those types of games
  4. So I just watched this which includes a segment on the Amico at the 42 minute mark. To be honest it really doesn’t seem like they put any thought into the Amico to me at all. They mentioned that the Amico is trying to capture the audience the Wii did buy they failed to look at the differences in approaches between the consoles because Nintendo captured the casual audience by accident where Intellivision is actually targeting that group with market research and focus groups. The only kind of positive statement was when one of the people said they had more fun than they expected playing the games it also almost comes off as if they were offended because they couldn’t talk directly about some of the games they played since those haven’t been announced yet
  5. That was amazing happy fourth to everyone hope it’s a fun one
  6. Remakes of Intellivision, Atari, Imagic, and arcade licenses is only 25% of the games library 25% will be sports games but not just major sports but things like darts. Shuffle board, I’m kind of hoping eventually we see a lumberjack competition game I always enjoyed watching those competitions and it’s the only way I could ever safely handle a chainsaw lol 25% will be trivia/board games/card games/game shows 25% will be original IPs
  7. I’m going for July 22 mostly because I want it to come out sooner because I want to share with the people I have been talking up the Intellivision Amico to to get their opinions. Everyone I talk to hears about the console
  8. If I recall correctly this is going to be one of the last bits of information released because Intellivision’s focus isn’t on the hardware side they are placing their focus on the experience of the system and games
  9. Yeah I know there are legitimate reasons and patches are a good tool to have i think it’s just sad that the industry has so much focus on quantity that it’s very hard to do proper quality control anymore for example when Fallout 76 launched knowing online multiplayer was the focus and yet it being terribly broken on release I realize problems will pop up on release unseen but I just feel like too much of the current focus is on getting as much out as fast as possible and as a result the quality of the experience suffers
  10. So I just got done watching a video on YouTube about how games on google stadia will be the same price as on other platforms but in it they mentioned the fact that these days every game released isn’t really complete when it heads out the door. Because there is patches for bugs that pop up and things after release maybe new content for the game to some error is found and a patch is needed to fix it. I think the fact that Intellivision’s games being complete when heading out the door will be a huge plus for the system. I mean imagine buying a complete game from day one..what a crazy concept. this may not be true but I kind of feel like the advancement of the internet has bred lazy development practices where games are not tested enough because they know they can patch a game once a error or issue has been brought to their attention. I for one am very excited about a company having enough passion and professionalism to actually release a game when the bugs have been worked out and it’s ready to go. I mean imagine only releasing a completed project and not some half finished thing that requires 2 hours of patch downloading the first time you hit play
  11. The difference with Intellivision Amico is every developer is hand picked from ideas pitched and will work alongside Intellivision from start to finish to make the best game possible. And the game will have to pass the quality control group for Intellivision in order to be sold
  12. Have you and Kevin set up your return interview for Attack Media yet? I’m super excited to see part 2 of that interview. One of the many reasons I’m excited for game play trailer next month is new videos on YouTube I’ll be able to see Intellivision Amico news on I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every one out there multiple times so new videos will be nice lol
  13. I’m going to guess hardware announcements aren’t out yet because they are still waiting for all the information patents they filed and processed before releasing those items
  14. So Tommy I know earlier you were testing out a lot of the Moon Patrol what game being worked on currently is drawing the most staff attention?
  15. Thanks Tommy super excited at the prospect of Last Starfighter as well as the other classic arcade titles you are lining up Gauntlet was such a great game my stepbrother and I rented an arcade collection and got up to level 188 before we realized the maps repeated and there was no end
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