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  1. Feeling an odd desire for a Commodore calculator.

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    2. bluejay


      It's just one of those things that you'd be delighted to see at a yard/garage sale or thrift store but wouldn't go out to buy it on your own.

    3. carlsson


      BTW, did you know there are Commodore branded filing cabinets too (in particular in Canada, I think) and even thermostats? The later was some acquisition that Commodore did in the 1970's, as the same thermostat exists with the old brand as well.


      And yes, the infamous telephones which were due to how the Canadian phone system worked but in the end turned out to be superfluous as Commodore found another way to have customers plug in their VIC Modems.

    4. bluejay


      Yeah, I've seen those filing cabinets; same color as a C64, apparently. Never heard of a Commodore thermostat though.

      I've definitely seen a Commodore rotary phone on ebay; it looked nice(it was beige) but too expensive.

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