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  1. I actually might have some of these you are looking for. I just bought a huge haul of C64 stuff last week and it has around 60+ games in various holders. I'll take a look and post pics if I find any of the titles you are looking for when I get home from work today.
  2. Hello, very cool! Yes I would definitely be interested, I'd also like to dump the ROM from my Big Bird proto as well.
  3. not yet, but when I do, I will definitely update this post.
  4. Looking forward to more info! I'd like to try it out with some of my protos.
  5. Can you post a link? I can’t find it.
  6. I am selling Atari 2600 game lots. These games have all been tested and are working. Label quality varies (please see pictures). I'm asking for $20 plus shipping per lot of 10. Please see pics and if you are interested let me know!
  7. About me making the reference to Cifaldi being hypocritical, I was merely making a statement, not an accusation. For me what he is doing is very selfless, he is dedicating all of his time and energy to preservation. Very admirable in my opinion. In the article you can clearly see from his comments that those who "goblin hoard" games angers him greatly. He kind of casts "collectors" in a bad light in that article, and that very well might be the writer who wrote the article spinning it that way. So basically my hypocritical statement was that it would kind of irksome to me if he starts charging premiums for all of this "selfless, share games with the world that collectors selfishly hoard, I'll be the hero and leave no stone un-turned" mentality. That is all I was saying. And I asked it as a question, I don't know if he is charging premiums or not, I was curious if that was going to happen. As for me never playing a ROM, what I meant is that I have never downloaded a game ROM from the internet. Like a dumped ROM. I have over 2,000 physical games that will take a lifetime to get through now, so I've never honestly focused on stuff I don't already have in my possession. Maybe some day I will but I just got a little upset at how pointed your comment was " Usually the 2nd owner is the "collector" who then stuffs it away never to be seen by the world. I myself never "got that." I'm sure every single one of them are hypocrites too, because you know they've downloaded plenty of shared unreleased roms to play! " I am the second owner of a few protos that I have rescued from dumpsters and ebay flippers. Do I want to dump the ROMs of these games? I don't know...at this point in my life I am on the fence about it, that is why I started this post to begin with. Not to be labeled as a selfish goblin hoarding collector who won't share my games with the world.
  8. I sense a lot of anger in your post. Every Proto collector is a hypocrite. I’ve never downloaded or played one f’ckin ROM in my life. All I’ve ever done it tirelessly researched every prototype I’ve ever come into possession of, and it’s all IN THE WILD. Bought it at garage sales or off FB marketplace. But according to you that makes me a hypocrite! Nice. I don’t like being put in a category and I’m sure others on here don’t like it either.
  9. I have been experiencing my good til' cancelled items lingering and sitting for months too. I honestly think auctions are the best way to go these days. I also think people don't list appropriately and this too can really affect their listing and the traffic or bids it gets. I come by way too many items that don't have good clear pictures or details, so why would I want to bid or buy something if I can't determine the condition or quality of the product? And nowadays, if you want to actually start listing on eBay and you have slim to none feedback because you are new to the scene, good luck! There are so many established sellers now it's almost futile to start a brand new handle and sell. I also think the shipping feature really screws with people's perception. If you just tuck the shipping fees into the price of the item and then list it as "free shipping" this sometimes makes your item sell a lot faster because the buyer subconsciously thinks they are getting "free shipping."
  10. I am currently auctioning off my NES Little League Baseball Prototype on Ebay, however, I am also open to trades. If anyone is interested I am looking for the following items: Gun-Nac for NES Pro Sport Ice Hockey for NES Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom for NES Bubble Ghost CIB for Gameboy Sqoon for NES R.C. Pro AM II for NES Qberts Qubes for Atari 2600 Halloween for Atari 2600 Beamrider CIB for Atari 2600 Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em for Atari 2600 Cosmic Swarm (CIB) Commavid - 2600 Any Starpath (Arcadia) games CIB Any Arcadia 2001 games CIB
  11. This is new to me, a 1-chip SNES? (That is why I love these forums, learn something new everyday) Can you elaborate a little bit? I know you already found one, but I'm curious if I may have one or what exactly this means. Thanks
  12. Absolutely a great deal! I'd go for that in a heartbeat. Is the retro shop selling the Vader willing to pull it out of the box and hook it up for you to prove it works? Atari 2600's are pretty resilient machines. In my experience they usually always work if they were well taken care of and not left in a humid shed or somewhere where the mice can chew the cables up. I'd buy it regardless and take the chance at that price.
  13. So this topic is something that I do share a bit of contention about. I just read an article published in the most recent Game Informer (Issue 318 Oct 2019) and there is a story about Frank Cifaldi and what his non-profit, Video Game History Foundation is up to and what they hope to accomplish. There are a few things he says that really angered him to the point where he woke up and realized why he wanted to focus on video game preservation. To quote a few passages in the story. There was always friction between video game collectors and the people who wanted to share games online, and eventually things bubbled over for Cifaldi. "The next evolution for me was anger. Being angry at the gall of people having these like, goblin hoards of games that don't belong to them that they are controlling." He says. "Like the biggest collector back then was at a video game magazine that had been around back then was basically pilfering their archives. But you know, I was angry at the though of a person being a gatekeeper for work that they have nothing to do with." While I do understand what he is trying to say, I'm presuming Cifaldi is referring to unreleased and protos of games. Basically versions that were never released to the public. Here is where I disagree. Collectors are not bad people, and I sort of got angered by his comment that collectors are just hoarding games and not sharing them with the world. Second, the version of a game released to the public is the version that the programmer, developer, etc. WANTED to share with the world. The perfected version. If I rescue a proto of a game from a trash can, and lets say it's a one of a kind version that has never been shared with the world, if I decide NOT to dump the ROM and keep it in my collection does that make me selfish? Is proto and unreleased game ROM dumping something every collector of these sorts of things should feel obligated to do? And my next question is, if Cifaldi intends on making the history of gaming completely transparent to scholars, academics and journalists, is he going to charge a premium for this information? Because it sure looks like to me he would hope that "selfish collectors" would at least share their protos and unreleased games with the rest of the world. So if he is going to charge people for that information then I don't support what he's doing because it's hypocritical.
  14. I couldn't agree with you more. Hoarding to me is slightly different however. For instance. I already own every model Atari 2600 from the Sears brand to the heavy sixer, light sixer, 4- switch, etc. but if I am out and about and I see a nice Atari in really good condition for a great price I will buy it. My thought process behind this the fact that I don't need another one, but down the road I could possibly use this one as a trade for something else I need, sell it, or replace it with one I have that is in less stellar condition. I also collect parts because I repair Ataris too. So "hording" to me is the inability to let go of anything you collect.
  15. I own Q*Berts Qubes as well but for Colecovision. Isn’t the Atari version rarer?
  16. My advice to you is to type in the Ebay search bar something similar to what you bought, such as "Tele-Games 4 Switch bundle" and then hit search. Once you've hit the search and you see all the active listings that come then up go back up to the right and to the right of the blue search bar you will see "advanced" click that. In the top section of advanced search you should see your search criteria you typed in but if you look down the list of advanced search options look for the following two options and check the boxes 1. Completed listings 2. Sold listings (it usually only lets you select one, but either one is fine) Once those two boxes are checked then scroll to the bottom and click the blue search box again. This time you will see a lot of prices in green, this means this is the actual price the item sold for. This should give you a good indication and ballpark of what people are willing to pay for your item.
  17. Yeah, I would have scooped it up for that price as well. Loose it goes for around $25 USD bucks. So I'm assuming you got it for around $7 USD, nice find!
  18. Anyone out there have a Crypts of Chaos CIB for the 2600 in good-to very good condition they want to part with?
  19. Jettgogaming

    Epson FX-80

    Well looks like my unit is an MX-80! Not an FX-80. Here are some pics of it.
  20. Jettgogaming

    Epson FX-80

    Gavin, I just might have one in my storage loft. I remember picking up a Apple II Plus last winter from a guy and it came with an Epson printer in really nice condition, and when I googled the FX-80 it looks just like the one I picked up, but I will double check and get back to you.
  21. Thanks! Interesting, I'd be down to try what you said. I've programmed many Arduinos and I do own several Ataris so I believe I have the right gear to dump the ROMs! I'll look into this for sure and see what I can do.
  22. I just found a Real Sports Baseball with the Promotional insert in it today! Was going to post it here but you beat me to it! 😛
  23. Rom Hunter, I actually have never dumped a ROM before....I'm very tech savvy so I'm pretty sure I could easily learn. However, do you have any links to reputable forum posts in AtariAge or elsewhere that shows me a rundown of what equipment/programs etc. I'd need to do so? Thanks.
  24. There was also a Atari Loaner Cart in the box too!!
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