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  1. From the album: Jettgogaming Game Room

    The Atari Lynx is by far my favorite handheld gaming system of all time. It was so advanced for it's time and gets very little credit for it's ability. I like to refer to it as the "underdog of early era handheld gaming consoles" This is the first edition model that came out. I have a pretty nice little library for it as well. One of my favorite games being Chip's Challenge.
  2. From the album: Jettgogaming Game Room

    I just love the look of this rebranded Sears Intellivision which came out in 1979. This is a piece in my collection of Atari era consoles.
  3. Jettgogaming

    NES Shadow Boxes

    From the album: Jettgogaming Game Room

    Another picture of some of my NES games in shadow boxes.
  4. From the album: Jettgogaming Game Room

    I enjoy collecting the unlicensed NES titles just as much as the licensed ones. Some of the games published by Color Dreams and Wisdom Tree and obscure and interesting.
  5. From the album: Jettgogaming Game Room

    Another picture of my game room.
  6. Jettgogaming

    Game Room VIew

    From the album: Jettgogaming Game Room

    A snapshot of the meat of my NES collection. I currently have 638 NES games in my collection, this includes both licensed and unlicensed titles. My goal is to complete the entire North American licensed and unlicensed NES collection. I don't have too much farther to go! I've been actively working on it now since 2011.
  7. From the album: Jettgogaming Game Room

    A more uncommon obscure licensed product from Nintendo. A 1989 build it yourself NES rolling game/console station/shelf. There were two different style shelves available. This was the smaller of the two. Basically this came in a NES licensed box and you had to assemble it yourself and then apply the Mario and Nintendo stickers. What makes these shelves unique is that people often times applied the stickers in different areas so the shelves often times looked a bit different. I picked this one up last summer from a guy in Chico, CA who was selling off a bunch of his NES stuff from when he was a kid.
  8. Hello - I am in need of some replacement keys and plastic stalk stems for an Atari 1040 STF I just picked up. If anyone has any extras available please let me know! Preferably an entire replacement key set for the entire keyboard, but the keys I am missing are B key, ESC key and ALT key. Thank you.
  9. The origins of when I officially started collecting are a bit hazy. I know I got super serious back in 2011. Before then, I mostly just collected what I played, but then it morphed into collecting for the consoles that inspired me or in some way shape or form fascinated me. My main two loves are Nintendo and Atari. Even though Atari was a bit before my time I still found myself being drawn to learning more about it and finding some of the games incredibly fun (my favorite being Yars Revenge). Something very important to me is being able to answer two questions: 1.Why are you collecting all this stuff? 2. What is the significance of what you are doing? I have two very strong answers for these questions. For one, I was raised in a family with a father who is a huge collector and has been my whole life. He instilled me at a very young age with the passion for collecting. Albeit, he loves collecting old west antiques like postcards, bottles, and tokens, he still taught me that a true collector lives it, breaths it, and understands whatever they are collecting inside and out. Never have a room full of things that don't talk to you and tell you some kind of story that gets your heart racing with excitement. Have fun with what you are doing and find a purpose in it that matters to you. As for the significance of what I am doing. I consider myself a preservationist. It is very important to me that the future generations of this world understand the humble beginnings of gaming and how it started. Yeah, I get the "well you can dump the eeproms and just play them on your PC or emulator," but to me that isn't the same. Cultural impact is not only about playing the game, but tuning into the fine details of manufacturing, packaging, and marketing. Those things are the first to be lost as time goes on. My game room is my time capsule, a blast from the past, a place I feel happy, a place I can reflect on my youth, and a place where I admire and appreciate how far we have come in the world of gaming and how it has truly impacted our culture. It's very important to me. These are the things that have really influenced my evolution as a collector. Learning something new every day. Becoming fascinated by the obscure nuances of a prototype or a label variant. Learning the story behind those things and it leads me to another door that I want to open which then leads me to another system or game I want for my collection. It's all about learning and enjoying the path it leads me down, and it makes my collection evolve in ways more important to me than just "filling a shelf with games."
  10. I was worried there for a moment and so bummed that I had thought for the last three years I had a real cartridge and in actuality I didn't! I never wanted to pry it open, but I'm glad I did, because now I feel much more confident about my copy being legit. I really appreciate the feedback.
  11. Looks like I've had a fake copy all along...here is the board. If it was an actual PV copy, would it just look like a regular Atari PCB board with Atari 1978 printed on it?
  12. Thanks for the info. This is why I am on here, to share some of my games and interesting finds and get second opinions on their authenticity. I will crack it open and post a pic. Stay tuned.
  13. I spotted that Mario Pre School Fun SNES game in a retro game store last summer. It's definitely a quirky title that catches your eye. Kind of like the Sesame Street titles for Atari 2600. I had no idea that there is actually an Atari 2600 kids controller that you can use with those games! I try to inventory my collection and stay on top of new stuff I get, but I still find myself in the same situation, discovering things I didn't realize I had! My last find I totally had forgotten about and rediscovered was Private Eye.
  14. Did some more digging on here and found this.... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/128882-pleasant-valley-video-catalog-1991/ I was not aware they had more releases. That comment above peaked my interest! Thanks.
  15. I am familiar with the history of "Off Your Rocker" and know that there are physical label variants of it floating around out there. Does anyone have a legit copy in their collection? I wanted to share what my copy looks like. I picked it up several years ago and wasn't sure what it was because of the unofficial label. Would this game actually be considered a prototype or a homebrew though? If anyone has one I'd love to see the different label variants out there!
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