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  1. I made a 4k game called "Discarded Hero". I had an idea for a game like this about 14 years ago. I worked in a big company and we used shredders quite often. Back then I just didn't have an idea how to execute it. About a year ago I was thinking what game should I make next, I remembered this very old idea and I brought it to life. It wasn't easy, tho. I made a working prototype in a week or so but only now, more than a year later, I finally found enough time and energy to finish it. THE STORY You are president's aide and mr. president's term is suddenly coming to an end. You are couple of crazy corrupted magistrates and you've been "redirecting" public money. Yeah, redirecting straight to your wallets. The opposition called in an audit to investigate your suspicious contracts. Your goal is to shred all the sensitive documents before auditors show up. The "blue" guy is called Vratislav and "pink" lady is Jiřina. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. CONTROLS In the menu you can choose if you want one or two player game (SELECT SWITCH). You can also choose game difficulty for each player here. If you're playing the game in beginner mode, documents get shredded faster, which saves precious time. You start the game with fire button. There's "get ready" screen displaying "!" during which you can can pause the game (BW/COLOR). Pausing in-game is not possible. GAMEPLAY Wait until your dot is in the dark grey area. Then you push and hold your FIRE button. You must keep the dot in the gray area with your joystick (LEFT/RIGHT) and after you succeed shredding a document you can finally release the fire button and another document is ready for shredding. There is a time limit for each level (light gray line) and number of documents which are needed to be discarded before the time is up (yellow line). The difficulty is steadily rising until it's almost impossible to finish a level on advanced difficulty. Two player mode is a cooperative game, both magistrates are working together to shred documents before the time is up. CREDITS I programmed it in bB and I also created music and sounds. Phob made the gfx. Hopefully it will make fun for most of you, enjoy! :] Discarded_Hero_1.00_NTSC.bin
  2. Neat! I would definitely add bassline to the music! ;]
  3. It makes fun! Cat graphics is so cute. Maybe even cuter than my avatar ;]
  4. Kevin, thanks a lot for your answer. I must admit I'm not expert solder so yes, there could be shorts! I'll check for that. And yes, I did binary compare, it was OK. I haven't found solution yet. I made 5 carts and there's slim possibility that every one of them has a short. I uploaded pic of PCB, is there something that could be wrong with the combination of PCB and EPROM I'm using?
  5. Very good. The lightning is a great idea and adds to the atmosphere a lot.
  6. Hello, I'm lost. I'd be glad if somebody helped me. I made a 4k game, I made PCBs and I bought EPROMs and hex inverters. I followed this guide: http://www.grandideastudio.com/wp-content/uploads/pp_atari2600_instructions.pdf My hex inverter is this one: https://www.gme.cz/74ls04-dip14-texas-instruments My EPROM is this one: HITACHI HN482732AG-20. I programmed the EPROM, the data is there. When I turn on my computer, nothing happens. As the cartridge in not present at all. All my other carts work. The game works when using harmony cart. Should I try another EPROM? If so, which manufacturer and model?
  7. nooly


    We need more puzzle games! One of the best game concepts for Atari 2600 ;O
  8. It's good! And funny idea
  9. Cool idea and nice Santa sprite, I like it ;]
  10. nooly

    [Final] Dog Walk

    So I think this is it. It's time on move on next project which I will hopefully finish next year. I'm in the process of getting physical cartridges ready. If anyone is interested in having the game physically, just let me know ;]
  11. Nice one. My highscore so far is 1035... Will get better I hope .]
  12. Looks promising;] I loved Cosmic Ark. And yeah, it's true SFX hurt a little
  13. Simple but nice! I have to find a friend to play this with me ;]
  14. In "Settings" tab just uncheck "Load Start webpage on open"
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