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  1. Cool idea and nice Santa sprite, I like it ;]
  2. nooly

    [Final] Dog Walk

    So I think this is it. It's time on move on next project which I will hopefully finish next year. I'm in the process of getting physical cartridges ready. If anyone is interested in having the game physically, just let me know ;]
  3. Nice one. My highscore so far is 1035... Will get better I hope .]
  4. Looks promising;] I loved Cosmic Ark. And yeah, it's true SFX hurt a little
  5. Simple but nice! I have to find a friend to play this with me ;]
  6. In "Settings" tab just uncheck "Load Start webpage on open"
  7. nooly


    Hey I haven't noticed there's thread about YM2017 on AtariAge, nice! I was actually involved in it (I made second track ;])
  8. Sick! I love this type of games and I wouldn't believe it's even possible on 2600...
  9. Oh, what an interesting game. It looks like it's not even 2600, it's very different. And it has great music and level design ;] Please say hello to Lesnik for me ;]
  10. Your game is ridiculously good! I had much fun playing it!
  11. nooly

    [Final] Dog Walk

    Thank you guys so much for your comments ;] I'm really glad you like game concept and gfx. I'd like to keep the game 4k but I consider my next project to be a 16/32k game. But I have to learn a lot of things. I'll first finish this game ofc. What about game difficulty? It's too easy, too hard for you? What's your maximum score? On NTSC I made like 280 and I mostly die because of my misjudgements. Yes, whistling was one of the sounds that had to go because of the ROM space. Now I have some spare bytes so I'll try to reimplement it. Haha actually that's a great idea ;D Or your death could trigger story mode when your doggy becomes stray dog, has to become leader of dog pack and later finds new human buddy. But this time he can't lose him! And if you lose your doggy you could become anti dog breeding activist and try to save those poor creatures from dog breeders. Anyway dog/dude reviving in a time limit is actually good idea ;] If I ever make 16/32k version, I'll consider it!
  12. Hello, I'm relatively new here and I'd like to present a game I've been working on for a while. First, let me tell something about myself. I'm 8bit and 16bit geek from Czech Republic. I'm a professional sound engineer who works on high budget games and I've been active in the demoscene for over 21 years now (I participated on plethora of productions: demos, intros, games,...). I always liked restrictions and Atari 2600 seems perfect for my taste. I do sports, especially ice hockey and inline hockey. Now about the game itself. It's a single player game. You are some guy who lives near some huge factory. And you have a dog. The problem are common deadly acid rains and acid snow storms because of the permanent pollution. One freezing day your doggy really wants to go out for a walk. So you go out despite imminent acid snow storm. Did I mention that if a snowflake hits you then you die instantly? Oh surely I did. You control both yourself and your dog. You can go to the left or to the right. If you press joyfire, you tell your dog to stay. If you press it again, you tell your dog to come. He will come and stay nearby you. You and your dog only need to stay away from those deadly snow flakes for as long as possible. Snow flakes come in waves - slow falling and fast falling. After every wave the delay between seeing a snowflake and when it actually starts to fall decreases, so the game becomes harder and harder. Color/BW pauses the game. It's a common 4k game without any technical achievements. Although the concept is simple I think it can be fun for a while. I had more complex music in mind but I quickly ran out of space, sorry about that. I had same problem with SFX, some had to go. Recently I saved about 80 bytes (learning is fun) so I may do something about it. Despite I'm from EU region I made the game primarily for NTSC regions. I made a PAL conversion, too. My friend phob made that gorgeous graphics and the rest is mine. I haven't tested in on real HW but I'd like to make my own cartridges. Curious how that will go. I may release source code on request but it's a mess (I have limited programming skills). So please tell me what do you think about it. Is there something what can make the game more fun to play? UPDATE 2019/09/19 I put a new version together (0.92 RC). I added some sounds and changed missiles speed progression. It may also be the final for the 4k version if there are no bugs and gameplay is somehow balanced ;] UPDATE 2019/12/16 Version 1.0 is just the same as 0.92 RC, I just formally made a release 1.0 version. Hope you enjoy it and make it over 500 unlike me ;] dogwalk_v0.9RC_NTSC.bas.bin dogwalk_v0.9RC_PAL.bas.bin dogwalk_v0.92RC_NTSC.bas.bin dogwalk_v0.92RC_PAL.bas.bin dogwalk_v1.0_NTSC.bas.bin dogwalk_v1.0_PAL.bas.bin
  13. Looks really neat. If there wasn't TIA tracker your tool would be my #1 ;]
  14. This looks very promising. I enjoyed it a lot.
  15. Yep I noticed I'm a bit late with my comment... ;] He made it in ASM and that's a big no no as BB is challenging enough for me. Yeah it's pretty cool what he did in 2k, I have some trouble squeezing my little project in 4k.
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