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  1. Kevin, thanks a lot for your answer. I must admit I'm not expert solder so yes, there could be shorts! I'll check for that. And yes, I did binary compare, it was OK. I haven't found solution yet. I made 5 carts and there's slim possibility that every one of them has a short. I uploaded pic of PCB, is there something that could be wrong with the combination of PCB and EPROM I'm using?
  2. Very good. The lightning is a great idea and adds to the atmosphere a lot.
  3. Hello, I'm lost. I'd be glad if somebody helped me. I made a 4k game, I made PCBs and I bought EPROMs and hex inverters. I followed this guide: http://www.grandideastudio.com/wp-content/uploads/pp_atari2600_instructions.pdf My hex inverter is this one: https://www.gme.cz/74ls04-dip14-texas-instruments My EPROM is this one: HITACHI HN482732AG-20. I programmed the EPROM, the data is there. When I turn on my computer, nothing happens. As the cartridge in not present at all. All my other carts work. The game works when using harmony cart. Should I try another EPROM? If so, which manufacturer and model?
  4. nooly


    We need more puzzle games! One of the best game concepts for Atari 2600 ;O
  5. It's good! And funny idea
  6. Cool idea and nice Santa sprite, I like it ;]
  7. nooly

    [Final] Dog Walk

    So I think this is it. It's time on move on next project which I will hopefully finish next year. I'm in the process of getting physical cartridges ready. If anyone is interested in having the game physically, just let me know ;]
  8. Nice one. My highscore so far is 1035... Will get better I hope .]
  9. Looks promising;] I loved Cosmic Ark. And yeah, it's true SFX hurt a little
  10. Simple but nice! I have to find a friend to play this with me ;]
  11. In "Settings" tab just uncheck "Load Start webpage on open"
  12. nooly


    Hey I haven't noticed there's thread about YM2017 on AtariAge, nice! I was actually involved in it (I made second track ;])
  13. Sick! I love this type of games and I wouldn't believe it's even possible on 2600...
  14. Oh, what an interesting game. It looks like it's not even 2600, it's very different. And it has great music and level design ;] Please say hello to Lesnik for me ;]
  15. Your game is ridiculously good! I had much fun playing it!
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