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  1. Any news on the Concerto cartridge? I am eager to know the actual dev stage. Thanks!
  2. Maybe you could do two kind of concerto's: one with 2600 support and other without but cheaper.
  3. I announce the definitive and final version of Drone Wars. Enjoy!
  4. I made a little update: I added a little key delay in the game over screen so it doesn't jump to another play if you're pressing keys quickly
  5. Done!, sorry for the inconvenience
  6. [Download the files attached to this post, as they are the most recent] Hi! I am glad to present a new game developed by me. As I know is one of the few homebrew that uses the keyboard controllers, and in this case my game uses both! The game is technically done, but if you find bugs, report them to me in this thread. Enjoy Plot: Your Laser Orbital Cannon control panel is a pair of keyboard controllers that has all the coordinates of the map. Press a key when you think that an enemy is in that coordinate: A screenshot of the game The keys on the keyboard controllers represent a quadrant on the screen You start with 4 lives, each live has a current status bar. You lose a portion of the status bar when a terrorist vehicle crosses the border. When the status bar decreases to 0, you lose a live. When you lose all 4 lives, the game ends. The screen when you lose all lives. The initial game screen Make sure to plug both keyboard controllers in the console jacks before starting any game. Press the reset button once you plug the keyboard controllers in order to start the game. Press any key from the left keyboard controller to start another game when you lose Press the reset button on a started game to reset the current game. There's an easter egg to find. Clue: you can find it in a similar way like in Drone Wars... ROM FILES PAL VERSION: Laser_keyboardPAL60.bin NTSC VERSION: Laser_keyboardNTSC.bin I highly recommend the use of real keyboards instead of using only the pc keyboard in stella for a better experience. That's everything you need to start playing the game. Feel free to post your comments about this game!
  7. You must check my new paddle game Drone Wars!
  8. 1) I will correct this today. 2) I dont know whats the problem, its the aim of the game, this is like warlords: you start turning correctly the character in the same direction than the paddle, but in the second side not, the same here but with the complete lap. In this game you need a bit of practice on this Thanks for the feedback
  9. [Download the files attached to this post, as they are the most recent] Hi! I am glad to present a game developed by me. I loved to do a paddle game because there are very few out there and because I think that its the only paddle game with character 360º movement. Plot: In this game, move the paddle to move the soviet sentry bot and surround the central building (KGB headquarters): You start with 10 points per drone killed, but as you kill more and more, this will grow up to 30 points per drone. If you want to detonate the M.O.A.B with the paddle buttom, all will blow up, but you get 100 points for doing that : The screen when the US drones destroy your base The screen when you push the panic button (detonation of the M.O.A.B.) In order to start another game push the paddle 0 button In order to restart the current game push the reset button In order to go to the main menu push the select button There are 2 game modes: SINGLE PLAYER MODE (left difficulty switch in B position): The drones will respawn automatically in one of the 4 streets MULTIPLAYER MODE (left difficulty switch in A position) The drones will respawn manually in one of the 4 streets by a second player controlling a joystick in the second jack selecting the street that he want POWER-UP: Kremlin phone: If you touch this power-up your soviet allies will block one of the streets in order to baulk the enemy drones. Also your engineers will repair as far as possible your KGB headquarters That's everything you need to start playing the game. Feel free to post your comments about this game! ROM FILES (FINAL VERSIONS) PAL VERSION: Drone_Wars_PAL60_v2.bin NTSC VERSION: Drone_Wars_NTSC_v2.bin I highly recommend the use of real paddles instead of using only the mouse in stella for a better experience. Update in version 1.1 (16/07/2019): -Now you play with paddle 0 -Turn the switch C/BW in possition COLOR to move the sentry bot clockwise -Turn the switch C/BW in possition BW to move the sentry bot anti-clockwise Update in version 1.2 (17/07/2019): -New intro sound effect -A little bug repaired Update in version 2 (20/07/2019): -An easter-egg to find! -New power-up! -Better and more intuitive second player controls -Now the only player move is clockwise, because the anticlockwise was uncomfortable for everyone -Now you reset the game with the paddle 0 button -Probably all bugs repaired -Optimized source code and now the rom occupies 8kB
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