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  1. It depends on the game for me re: sensitivity. For Thrustlander and now Guntech 2.0 I haven't felt any need to adjust the twist sensitivity, but for paddle games on the Vault in particular I've had to dial it back by about half (I think I used the "3" setting in the settings).
  2. We could solve this problem with a couple of catapaults and parachutes.
  3. I'm gonna guess it has something to do with the results of "how difficult is it to ship to Canada" in Google: Anything commercial in nature will require a declaration, clearance from customs and a potential inspection at the port of entry. Anything commercial with a tariff will require additional fees at the border. and this check list: Do you provide a properly completed Canada Customs Invoice, or just a commercial invoice? Does the invoice contain ALL the required info. Memorandum D1-4-1 - CBSA Invoice Requirements Are the goods of U.S. or Mexican origin and if so have you provided the proper NAFTA certificate of origin? Do you know how to determine if the goods qualify under NAFTA? Is the Importer clearly marked on all documents and packages? Is their customs brokers name clearly indicated? Are you even using a broker or is this a DIY project? Are you using experienced registered trucking companies or independents? Have you or the importer ever been caught in a previous violation? Are you shipping controlled goods like food, medications, cosmetics, guns, etc.
  4. I often hear at the consumer level asking for companies to "pre-hype" preorders and console launches, but I have mostly consistently heard from folks in the industry that you are far far better off spending your marketing money when people can actually buy the thing. Pre-hype mostly just satiates those who were already committed, which isn't a bad thing, but in general you want your hype to be coordinated with your ability to generate revenue.
  5. I don't think so, unfortunately. I don't get why it's like this when it comes to shipping north, but it is probably due to the shipping process to Canada being a pain in the butt.
  6. Interesting! I wonder if they switched from a dedicated app to a front end web link, and that is what the issue is. Also, it sounds like you can confirm a question I see now and then, which is that you can access and play the games you purchase on the VCS on a second or more console when you log in using your account. The games aren't tied to a single console, in other words.
  7. Totally, at least from my eyes those are clearly OG.
  8. Oh, and just because I wanted to check: He was still following those folks on Twitter as of a moment ago.
  9. Oh, wow, that's absolutely terrible. I am generally willing to go along with the "Kotaku articles can't be trusted" argument, especially when they write about personality conflicts or the writer's opinion, but the news about Tommy following a bunch of right wing folks on Twitter shatters what I thought I knew about him. I won't start a political argument nor reply to anyone about it; but that turned the Amico from a "well might be bad but I will pay to support them" into a "I can no longer live with myself if I support this console" right quick. Too many friends and loved ones beaten, harassed, legislated into misery and pain and had racist BS thrown at, etc from the GOP crowd to allow my money to fund their lives if I can help it. That's an absolute dealbreaker for me. What a horrible personal bummer as I was actually looking forward to the Amico launching, but I just can't support people who hold those kind of beliefs. Gonna have to get a refund.
  10. This is one of the best Atari history articles I've read in years, really glad the person did the work.
  11. They seem to be both relatively rare and generally pretty valuable. Not crazy working with a scam auction house pricey but not cheap either. You'll probably end up paying hundreds to gather a near complete set. That said, especially with the prevalence of higher tech sewing machines and such out there a lot of fake/repro patches have clogged up auction listings, so if having the real deal matters, it can be a challenge.
  12. Is this one of those "we'll pay you in exposure" things or are you willing to pay your contributors?
  13. I tried both; first I rebooted Chrome to make sure WebGL was still enabled, tried AirConsole, same issue. Rebooted VCS, tried again, same issue. I also tried booting up a different game in between sessions just to see if there was something with it being actively loaded, but no dice.
  14. ALSO: I tried enabling WebGL in Chrome, which can be done through the browser's advanced settings, but it did not resolve the issue. I did notice that WebGL was Disabled by default in Chrome, but enabling it did not remove the error messaging in AirConsole.
  15. Just checked myself and also got WebGL errors on the three free games I tried. The error message at one point changed to say that the browser needed to support WebGL, which leads me to think this is an issue with Chrome perhaps as much as it is AirConsole. One message within the AirConsole app suggested I use Firefox.
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