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  1. Having worked directly on the IP under WB in a community management role I can attest that the licensing is a bit complex, but that was the state I saw it during the original rollout of Midway Arcade for mobile. It would not surprise me if WB mixed it in with Lego Dimensions and Arcade1up has it for physical cabinets that it might be difficult to sort through, and the financial gain is up in the air.
  2. Yeah, especially this fall I'd imagine a $250 price point isn't that big of a deal on the consumer level, will still be probably about half the price of the PS5/Xbox One X Series X One Box
  3. I mean, the worst port that could come to the Amico would be Custer's Revenge.
  4. I have been using a good VCR I found at a thrift store for $5 (Panasonic PV-8451) combined with a Rasvox RCA to HDMI converter picked up for $30 on Amazon for a few months, and it works great both for getting it into HDMI and for getting it into a stream capture device (Elgato HD60S). I found before settling on this set up that a lot of the digital RF inputs can't pick up the Atari signal very well, but your mileage will vary based on the TV or unit you are using. This is the converter I am using so far without issue: https://www.amazon.com/Rasfox-Converter-Composite-Upscaler-High-End/dp/B0719G5TL9/
  5. Someone who is less familiar with Atari recently posted on the AtariAge Facebook page to ask if the Atlantis II weight test was legit or Internet rumor. I figured a quick Google search would give me an easy answer (and I assumed it was nonsense), but surprisingly I did some digging without result. Since the Google search turned up AA threads from 2011 or so I figured it might be time to update this for 2020. Anyone know? Rumor being based largely on a widely-circulated YouTube video that the Atlantis II cart doesn't weigh the same as an Atlantis cart.
  6. Saw this on your Twitter, too cool! Putting a label over another label was fairly common from what I'd read, as it saved these companies a lot of money to re-use carts that weren't sold.
  7. OMG the number of times this has happened with the company I work for. Also, the folks who googled "email *our company name*" and sent an all-caps email to whatever result came up is in the thousands.
  8. I still think the Intellivision crew will need to compromise on their all-exclusive, family friendly, less than $10 approach as the console (hopefully) gets its life cycle. For now, though, it makes sense I guess from a marketing and positioning perspective. I have been pleasantly proven wrong so far on IE's abilities to get games in the works for it.
  9. Someone else I know brought up Tomb Raider, so I guess that probably wins. Still, Sonic is great.
  10. Just got out of a first-day screening of the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie and am happy to report that it was fantastic. Genuine heart, smart writing, surprisingly excellent action set pieces, charismatic acting, the list goes on. For my life until now I've never heard of a good movie based on a video game. If it exists, I haven't seen it. As far as I can tell of all things can ya believe it - 2020 and the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is the first good movie based on a video game, and was absolutely a blast to watch. I loved it!
  11. The amount of money I'd be willing to spend on a modern version of Tron: Deadly Discs is embarassing.
  12. Mobile gaming dwarfs console gaming when it comes to gross revenue, and there is a lot of data to prove it. Depending on the sku, some consoles have been competitive with mobile in what is called ARPPU, or Average Revenue per Paying User. This is a measure of "if someone gives us money, how much money to do they give us?" and is a separate metric than the total number of concurrencies or overall revenue. The revolution that jetted mobile to the top is partly fueled by business data showing ARPPU on mobile is often much much higher than a traditional video game. Which is why we live in an era of post-sale DLC, season passes, loot boxes, etc. That said, one of the highest ARPPU's I've ever seen was for the Playstation Vita, and I think that model could well be what the Amico sees. A small but very dedicated community willing to spend real money on games. It is why, despite the Internet's belief that the Vita was a failure, a whole bunch of indie game devs released their games on it, and some even reported significantly higher sales than on Steam. It may have been a failure in terms of raw number console wars, but Playstation laughed all the way to the bank on it.
  13. Caught up on recent pages and had a few things on some of the games talked about: Harness Racing - sounds great. I have not seen a fun horse racing game in years, and never one with harnesses. OMG Horse Racing 2016 for PS4 may be the winner of worst game I played on the console. Stardew Valley - I get the pixel art comments, but that game would be AMAZING on the Amico. Could be a killer app even. Think Animal Crossing meets light RPG. Drifting games - There are some out there, but none that have been very good. The best Drift game mechanic for me was in the PS4's Driveclub, which had a pretty darn good drifting feel and mechanic. Photo-taking instead of shooting - I remember one about 5-10 years ago where you were in Africa taking pictures instead of hunting. Worked great.
  14. Oh man I am so gonna spam up the Action Max forums.
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