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  1. Finally found an Intellivision 2 OEM power supply in the wild! Local flea market for the win. Also picked up a banged up but decent box and near complete supplies for Quest for the Rings for Odyssey 2. $5 seemed like a no brainer.
  2. I have the PS classic 8bitdo wireless adaptor, and it's essential IMO if you actually want to mess around with the games on the device. Key is if you push down Share and the PS Home button (I think?) it'll open the base menu and allow you to change from PAL to NTSC at 60 hz, among other things. Quite nifty, actually.
  3. They are clearly going for family friendly, so the logo fits I guess. I know a lot of people here are excited by it, and I wish them the best, but I'm still imagining a Walmart early learning toy mixed with the tech of a Wii.
  4. Xolla is not very public, but they run a lot of payment systems in the current video game industry (including the company I work for, to be transparent). They do have some public outreach, though, on Twitter, and the name is not unheard of at all in the public. On the "just get one replacement" legal text, I bet that's a new-ish clause we're gonna see a lot. Perhaps it should be renamed the "red ring of death clause".
  5. I opened the console up and gave it a clean without a new result. The inside looked quite good, with little dust and no signs of spilling or anything. I didn't take off the rf shielding, but did clean around the cartridge port and used a cut credit card to clean the contacts (although little dirt came back). I am not techie enough to get further into chips and such, so for now at least it'll be a box model.
  6. I feel like paddle emulation by switch controller rotation is about the only thing left to do for this package, outside of whatever bugs I am not familiar with. The touch screen works quite well, but I'd love to be able to use the joycons for paddle games (assuming they could work well.) This is a great package, thanks for making it.
  7. Thanks, I will look into that. I will be opening up the console this weekend. Will start with another cleaning of the cartridge port and see what happens. I too got the 5200 power supply for an INTV2.
  8. So far I have tried Atari 5200, NES original, and Atari Jaguar power supplies without luck. While the lights on the SVAII light up, the picture on the television stays black, or black with horizontal lines along the left side. Unfortunately, I do not have a Genesis 1 power supply to see if that works. The other thing is I can't say whether it's a power supply issue, or perhaps something in the console, as it arrived without a power supply. It does require a barrel plug input.
  9. Anyone remember how this turned out? I've got a Sears Video Arcade II headed my way without a power supply.
  10. If anyone has a good and easy way to get analog coax into a computer that could be picked up by streaming software like xSplit, I would love a real-world experience on it. I have two to pass along: 1. TI99/4a 5 pin to RCA out - The old coax input box wasn't working for my more modern tv, so I purchased either this exact thing or something very much like it: https://www.8bitclassics.com/shop/av-cables/5-pin-din-to-composite-av-cable/I can attest that it worked very well, and was a convenient way to get the video into my modern TV. 2. PSOne AC Adaptor - The PSOne decided to be cruel and require a diffuclt to get AC Adaptor that runs 7.5 V 2.0 Amp. I purchased a generic of this model on eBay and it worked well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-version-AC-Adapter-charger-Power-Cord-for-PS1-PSone-For-Sony-Playstation-1-/273724527209?hash=item3fbb40d269The price was high but since I'd only paid $3 for the PSOne it was fine.
  11. Both the Vita and PSP were excellent devices, so I'll buy if they do. There aren't enough of me though.
  12. The PS3 is good for PS1 games and even has HDMI. You can also use component to hook up to an older CRT. The PS3 beats the PS2 in that it can also be used as a Netflix box, has more modern hookups, and a wireless controller.
  13. Think of it as an opportunity to get the most archival pics possible of the inside.
  14. By any chance were you the person who recently sold the Guardian, Jogger, Chuck, and Glib on eBay? If not, let me know as I am probably interested.
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