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  1. I won the direct from Sony lottery and was able to preorder a disc-based console, spare controller, and hd web cam. Going disc not for games but because it'll be my main living room driver and I still watch dvd's and blu ray. When I finally go 4k some year maybe 4k blu ray (movie nerd). Spare controller in case one breaks or for two player, the web cam cuz i stream some and also because it isn't yet clear whether PSVR will work on PS5, and if so, whether the new web cam is required for use. Total sunk cost: $670. Includes "free Launch Day delivery" but we'll see.
  2. I agree. I think technically they still have a week or two, but I would expect them to show delivery when it happens. Good question, and I will update the OP. I was of the impression that Tempest 4000 had been announced as a launch title back in like 2018, but it sounds like that may be inaccurate. The best I can find today is this which indicates that the issues between Llamasoft and Atari were worked out and it was going to be coming to the VCS.
  3. Yeah, if that happens that would indeed be the next update to the OP. My personal guess: by Thanksgiving, maybe. Assuming they start getting consoles into the US warehouse by the end of September, they could have them out the door by mid-to-late October, depending. Or that could just not happen at all. Honestly, I'm half thinking most of the new consoles will be more theory than object until sometime later toward the end of the first quarter 2021, but whatever. Technically there might have been some number of boxes somewhere to buy before that, but supply constraints are gonna be a thing.
  4. Added to the OP: UPDATE September 13th, 2020: It has been quite the long and windy road, but all signs point to Atari being in the stage of getting units manufactured and shipped to backers, so here's an update: Timing: Atari has been using a couple of different words, but they intend to "begin shipping consoles to backers" sometime in October. From a July 1st Tweet used to promote an exclusive article from Game Informer: The Atari VCS PC/console hybrid will begin shipping to Indiegogo backers this October! Preorders will follow this holiday season. The article itself implies an earlier ship date "by" October: The Atari VCS, the console/PC hybrid from the legendary game company, is finally releasing this fall. Atari VCS backer units for those who supported the system's Indiegogo campaign will ship by October, while all subsequent pre-orders and retail units will arrive holiday 2020. Additionally, Atari phased out "early adopter" pricing on July 31st, which included free shipping and "guaranteed delivery before December 24th!" As of mid-September Atari has not shown manufactured units other than an initial test batch of a bit under 100 units in June. It seems likely that additional units are currently being manufactured, but whether it will be done in time for an October distribution to IndieGoGo backers remains to be seen. Additionally, Atari has announced that Bluemouth Interactive will serve as its distribution partner for Australia. Launch Titles: As expected, the VCS will not be launching with any titles on offer from its direct store outside of Atari's games. Missile Command: Recharged has been an announced launch title, and it will ship with Atari Vault. Tempest 4000 was previously announced as a launch title, and it has been shown in some images from CES 2020. It seems likely Atari will also offer some of its Tycoon-style titles, and perhaps some mobile titles as well (a "Hoops Clash" is seen in the CES images). Atari has announced several service partnerships that will offer hundreds of other retro titles if you subscribe to them, with free trial periods available: Antstream Arcade GameJolt AirConsole Additionally, Atari has announced a partnership with PLEX, which is both a subscription entertainment (TV/movie/channel) service in addition to a free service which allows people to create digital media distribution centers in their home. Pricing: In a July Q&A COO Michael Jolt stated, "Titles in Atari’s store are expected to be much more affordable, with prices ranging anywhere from $3 to $25, with no fees imposed by Atari for online access." I'll update the OP as needed. ###
  5. Meh, that Series S is getting the hype because it is one of only a few things known at the moment regarding next gen pricing. Few people will actually buy one, most likely, and those that do will likely be people who didn't pick up the current generation so a 1/2 step is ok. It's what's called "Anchor Pricing", meaning "the new Xbox is $300" rather than "the new Xbox is $500".
  6. FYI since this thread is getting interest due to timing in the coming weeks, I'll go through the OP and give it an update in the near future. I tend to agree with you Bill (above), but I'm not actually sure this is meant to be a mass market device, although I'm sure no one at Atari would complain if it was. Anyone who thinks this will be a player in the upcoming Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo console battle is unlikely to be proven correct. Doesn't mean the thing won't be pretty sweet though for peeps like me.
  7. I mean this thing is 100% toy, but looks like fun, seems like it'll be a big sell-out, and has a nice visual design. Guess I'll see if I actually get one delivered to me!
  8. I was able to preorder one through Amazon.uk with shipping to the US. Not expecting preorders to last very long, but they seem to still be available 12ish hours later, so?
  9. So to answer the thread topic: Worst I've personally played so far has been the Worlds of Wonder Action Max. Man, that's quite the system...
  10. You need to make sure your friend is aware of their most recent game Man of Medan, it's very much like Until Dawn.
  11. That was the best! Saturday Morning Supercade into the D&D cartoon was so freaking huge for me. Wow both Qbert and Pole Position were truly truly awful cartoons in hindsight.
  12. Sure, I am mostly talking about the full time employment, benefits, and general quality of writing we see from places like Verge, Kotaku, GamesIndustry.biz, Wired, Forbes, etc. It is taken more seriously than in the past, where it was mostly hobbyist hype with a little bit of uninformed mainstream news outlets looking at "those video games kids play".
  13. This could be a longer thread than the atari taco thread. Some could argue that games journalism is more professional today than ever before, both in terms of quality of writing and independent analysis and opinion. The number of awful columns, claims, statements, and low quality bars is nearly infinite over the years. I mean, just gaming magazines from like 1990-1995 could fill pages of this thread.
  14. The use of some words like "fad" and "toxic obsession" are odd. I mean, sure, if you consider something that is popular for a while then not as popular for the remainder of its IP life to be a fad, then most gaming is a series of fads. Fortnite is definitely a fad, as is World of Warcraft, League of Legends, etc. Why is that an issue? Also a little odd to hear about "toxic obsession" in one of the least mean collector circles I've ever encountered, that being Pac-Man memorabilia fans. There's lots out there for everyone and people have always been super cool to me.
  15. You joke, but I hear Discord is a thing. Sort of the 2020 version of AOL IM. And yeah, Discord should run fine through this in alt os mode. I expect that they will at least have an announcement on October 31st that they have begun the process of shipping consoles to backers. Personally, I believe they might actually get this to me before Thanksgiving, but we'll see I guess. Here's my thought on the 96, been thinking about it: individual team members, venture capital backers, contracted QA workers, perhaps some IP license holders, probably some for their app partners devs like Antstream. That's probably at least half of the 96. Probably a couple to use for marketing shots, in-person press/pr events, and a couple to just keep around the office. Probably another 4-10 set aside for in-house QA and other dev work. Maybe (and gawd I'd love it if they did) give one to Jeff Minter. But I bet that 96 got filled pretty quickly. I bet they did send one or two to maybe a YouTuber or something, under a strict NDA, but I have not actually heard anything.
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