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  1. Using NFT tech to share game libraries and associate purchases to a master account actually makes a lot of sense, even if blockchain and such is a (not wrongly) bad word to many at the moment. That plus requiring Internet to connect a controller largely makes this possible to be seamless to the end user if done right, and I'd trust them to do this right.
  2. So the end console would still theoretically need to download the games? Sounds right, although I wonder if it is a time limited thing, or that the controller's original console gets the games back so to speak when the controller is re-connected.
  3. The presentation seemed clearly not aimed at us; this was about introducing the Amico to the wider gaming community, particularly the less hardcore gamer looking at E3. Might also make for easy news articles about the next "family console". I thought they did great. The only thing I personally thought was new to me was the ability to share your library temporarily by docking your controller. Does that mean the game data is on the controllers rather than the console? Is the Amico "box" mostly a docking station similar to the Switch? Did Tommy just not add that after docking the controller that Amico would need to download the games? Cool thing, anyway.
  4. I can't imagine what someone who is legit ok with buying this and in a position to do so will do in the final minute of bidding. Gonna be wild!
  5. This probably has/had to do with them trying to secure exclusives with the big boxes. I'd assume that once enough stock is around they'd support a larger independent retail and even layperson consumer order. Kinda sucks though to hear about your friend, they shoulda let it happen.
  6. The announcement said available for online order, so it does not seem likely there will be local retail units.
  7. The reality is: until these become native OS apps rather than front-end UI links, we kind of already have them. These apps are essentially just opening Chrome and going to the web service, so you can totally watch Tubi (which is one of my most watched free services) already.
  8. I don't understand how a few people are saying they aren't having an issue with 4K; doesn't seem likely a few random people have no issues and everyone else does?
  9. Yeah, we'll have to see...sure seems like another delay.
  10. AppleTV+ added to Apps. Also, breaking Apps out into a list thread here:
  11. Breaking this one out of the FAQ as well into its own thread, as the number of apps seems to be slowly updated over time: Initial Launch Lineup 12/11/20 : Apps (all free): Chrome Discord Disney+ Hulu HBO Max Netflix PC Mode Plex Prime Video Test Game Pad Twitch VCS Companion VRV YouTube Apps added 5/5/21: ESPN+ fuboTV Peacock Showtime PlutoTV Added 6/11/21: AppleTV+
  12. Game seems cool on initial bootup.
  13. 6/11/21: Pixel Cup Soccer by Batovi Games. Nice pixel graphics with some modern shading and such that has been kicking around since around 2016 with a couple of different releases. A mere ten bucks. Looks like couch co-op and AI-assisted.
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