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  1. I have to admit I wasn't sure I was even going to do a video on it when I started because of the same thinking and some pre-conceptions over what it was. Turned out actually spending time with it changed my mind a lot!
  2. For families, groups of gamers of varying interests and skill levels, nights out with friends (drinking/party games), and maybe even just because AirConsole is surprisingly good. Much better than I expected heading into the review, I figured it'd be mobile gaming on the VCS with all the baggage associated with it. Nope! Surprisingly dug it, and have to say this one might be the thing the relatively-not-a-gamer in your house might actually ask to play with you. Topic for elsewhere, but the whole time I was using this I kept thinking about the upcoming Intellivision Amico, its current positioning, and what its competition might be. Pretty interesting to think about, actually. I'd think if you have a couple of nights where you could get a group together for Cards Against Humanity style hanging out you'd easily justify the $23.99 year cost, or just drop a five for a month for the weekend. Price of a beer.
  3. From an email from Atari VCS: Download Missile Command: Recharged FREE before Monday, March 8 Missile Command: Recharged™ will only remain free for Founders until Monday, March 8 and then it will return to its regular price of $3.99. Launched in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the original, Missile Command: Recharged has fast-paced, arcade action and powerups that add depth to the gameplay. Be sure to log into your Atari VCS and download the game by this weekend!
  4. From a press release today on globalnewswire Atari and Liquid Media have announced a partnership to bring Liquid's Slipstream video streaming service to the VCS. The snarky troll in me might retort with something like, "If bringing the 'Netflix of adventure outdoor films" to the VCS is the highlight of your transformative business strategy then maybe your strategy isn't as groundbreaking as you are positioning it. Cool enough I guess. Here's the news release: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/03/03/2186140/0/en/Liquid-Media-and-Atari-Sign-Distribution-Deal.html Liquid Media and Atari® Sign Distribution Deal March 03, 2021 08:00 ET | Source: Liquid Media Group Ltd. VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liquid Media Group Ltd. (the “Company”, “Liquid Media” or “Liquid”) (Nasdaq: YVR) announced today the signing of a distribution agreement with Atari, one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers. SlipStream, Liquid’s video-on-demand distribution platform, will be made available for download on the all-new Atari VCS™ PC/console hybrid. Systems are available for preorder at GameStop.com and AtariVCS.com. “Atari committed early on to make its new VCS a highly versatile home entertainment platform and we believe Liquid will find a great audience within the VCS ecosystem. It will help us drive forward transformative innovation,” said Ronald W. Thomson, CEO of Liquid. “Teaming up with Atari also supports our recalibrated business strategy, and offers wider exposure for Liquid’s Slipstream service, known as the Netflix for adventure outdoor films, and our Reelhouse video community.” Liquid’s deal with Atari is the first to be revealed in support of the Company’s evolution as a solutions-driven business. “Celebrating the launch of the SlipStream app on the Atari VCS™ is a highlight of Liquid’s technological plan. It is a milestone that we are incredibly excited about,” adds Thomson. “We look forward to sharing information about our revised business model and direction, which Liquid has created and is already executing on, in the coming weeks and months.” About Atari Atari is an interactive entertainment company. As an iconic brand that transcends generations and audiences, the company is globally recognized for its multi-platform, interactive entertainment and licensed products. Atari owns and/or manages a portfolio of more than 200 games and franchises, including world-renowned brands like Asteroids®, Centipede®, Missile Command®, Pong®, and RollerCoaster Tycoon®. Atari has offices in New York and Paris. Visit us online at www.Atari.com. About Liquid Media Group Ltd. Liquid Media Group Ltd. (Nasdaq: YVR) is a business solutions company empowering independent IP creators to package, finance, deliver and monetize their professional video IP globally. Liquid’s end-to-end solution will enable professional video (film/TV & video game) creation, packaging, financing, delivery & monetization, empowering IP creators to take their professional content from inception through the entire process to monetization. Liquid Media’s executive team is comprised of CEO Ronald W. Thomson (global media business leader), President Charlie Brezer (serial entrepreneur), Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director Daniel Cruz (previously of Canaccord Financial), Chairman Joshua Jackson (actor/producer, television and film), Director Stephen Jackson (Northland Properties), and Director Nancy Basi (veteran media and entertainment expert) who each bring decades of industry expertise and significant passion to advance the Company’s mission. Additional information is available at www.LiquidMediaGroup.co.
  5. I received my new Atari joysticks today and noticed that the return address had Atari in California. Sure, this is public info, but I am not going to be the one to spread the exact address, so feel free to get that somewhere else. However, here's a Google Street View pic of it. My - guess - is that this is the office headquarters of Atari Gamebox LLC, which is the core development and related support team behind the VCS. So, I suspect most of the rank and file people working on the VCS are based in the US, although I could totally be wrong. This may also be the "warehouse" that they have referenced, although it appears to be an office complex in a typical edge of suburbia style office park.
  6. Yes, this is proving to be great for Stella on PC. Still no luck getting much compatibility elsewhere other than spotty recognition and input function.
  7. Yeah, so nothing can be hidden in them. They also have locked hex nuts to prevent tampering at a size that is made specifically for prison use. You can get one, but you have to do it. They also don't have speakers, since the privilege was gated in part by distribution of headphones, and to prevent strife in the facility. The side effect of this is that the headphone jacks are often worn out, as mine is, which meant that the sound stopped working a while back and it is exceptionally difficult to fix. For my part it is a non-issue as I just send the audio into my speakers before it hits the TV (through a VCR), but for things like convention and portable use I have to figure something out. Teachmoan did a great video on this a while back:
  8. It does generally work well, but if I can't figure out how to actually enter text into a log in field and have to use a mouse to submit and move to the next field it won't be nearly as useful.
  9. Oh yeah, fastest way to remember why our flatscreen life is infinitely superior is to try to lug these suckers around. I can barely lift it, and it's gonna take a dolly and straps to get it up the stairs...
  10. Couldn't pass it up after finding it stashed away for several decades in a back room of my church's office, made a $75 donation and took it home with their approval. They didn't really care about the money, but I knew this thing was nice and would be of value to some of us retro gamers. Sony Trinitron KV-27XBR35 from 1992. Looks gorgeous and the sound is surprisingly great as well with some weird room filling thing it does using two back speakers. Killer score imo. I'll now be giving away my 19" Samsung TXH1970, which is also fine but not nearly as nice. Keeping my 13" clear prison TV cuz it is nice and portable and because everyone who ever looks at it is like, "WTF is that TV" unless you've been in a prison for some reason or know about it.
  11. The issue is bad UI. If you read the bit above where you enter the pin you will see (in very tiny letters on my cell phone at least) "Enter your VCS User Account Email ID". SO: select that space, enter the email linked to your VCS user account ALONG WITH the six digit pin and then the Launch button will be usable. I have a question myself: How do I get text I type into the text field of the Companion App to be sent to the field I am entering? For example, how do I get a username entered into text on the App onto the user name field on screen? I can select the field, go to the text, enter the text, but the Menu/hamburger button doesn't do anything and I can't find the equivalent of an "Enter" key to move to the next field.
  12. This could be the equivalent of the local health department stopping by your restaurant; it could have the potential to get bad actors and people playing games in the current environment quickly in line. So, more political pressure than anything else, but it could stop some of the exploitation likely going on as companies vie for limited production time.
  13. Expecting them in the next few days as well. I have also heard one or two new people on Discord saying they received their preorders, so maybe we're on the edge of a larger shipment.
  14. Here's my review of Antstream Arcade on the new Atari VCS:
  15. I don't think this is actually that interesting in terms of content, but I've published a 30 minute run of Sigi showing all of the cave entrances and secrets. Got 93% because I failed in a few caves and may have missed a few enemies?
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