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  1. Sorry, thread's dead on my end. Me and some other folks who started with the intention to keeping this fact based were bullied off the forums by some of the regulars here, apparently with moderator approval, to the point I was getting stalked on Facebook due to making the mistake of putting my name in my avatar pic. So, the old adage applies of who is the bigger fool when trying to argue with fools, and it wasn't worth the grief. Warning I guess: never say something the cool kids don't like on these forums, or they'll make you regret it. And for those who think it was just about a post in the taco thread, you don't have access to my Facebook messenger. Was downright creepy.
  2. Keep in mind that Playswithwolves has been harassing and stalking me for a couple of years now. Frankly, it's gotten quite creepy, and I'm sick of it. Note that he is the one who sent the notifications into my inbox deliberately by at'ing me. If my forum account here hadn't been at'd by a creepy stalker, I wouldn't have had a problem with it at all. After all, I stand by the Facebook post. Added: Also note that despite this behavior being visible for quite some time and me politely asking the mods here to do something about it, they don't, so I chose to respond publicly rather than my usual tactic of just ignoring it. Guess he's a cool kid and gets special treatment. Mods: I've looked at how to just delete my forum account here, and can't seem to do it. Please feel free to do so. If I want to return, I'll do it on an account no longer linked to my real name so the creepier side of the Internet here doesn't engage in this kind of behavior again.
  3. Not sensitive, just pushing back against the harassment from Playswithwolves. Doesn't make me a snowflake to defend myself against a personal attack. Calling me out on the forums, circling a Facebook post, then harassing me does indeed make one a snowflake, especially since I wasn't talking to this person. They have been on my ignore list for a while due to harassment. Unfortunately, this kind of harassment is happening not just here from Playswithwolves and a few other big names here. You'd think as adults I wouldn't have to deal with middle school bullies, but there ya go.
  4. yup. pretty obvious unless you are a fool. But let me be nice and thank all the keyboard warriors here fighting for Internet Justice, you are doing God's work. When truth needs a friend, the world can depend on your heroism.
  5. Thanks for the harassment, snowflake dirtbag. Keep moving that goal post!
  6. The layout seems a bit odd, and wouldn't the dulled double-axe layout end up digging into your palms? Then if it was vertical for the paddle, wouldn't the cord get in the way? I love the idea, and maybe actual use will dispel this concern, but it doesn't seem particularly better than an old school controller or paddle.
  7. I am willing to go along with Ultravision if that is the group consensus. My personal is probably Zimag, although I have not played Tanks But No Tanks. D
  8. I think it toes the line between interactive video toy and console, but I put it as a console due to individual game tapes (literally in this case) being sold. Essentially it just reads specially-colored flashes on the screen in combo with a small light you suction cup to the corner of your TV (just like all good consoles do.) I noticed they did use the word "video games" in their advertising, so maybe that's another nod to it being a console. A truly terrible one, and only barely a console, but maybe a console nonetheless.
  9. Surely has to be in the running for the Worst Video Game Console of All Time: The Action Max. Found one this weekend for $20 and was really excited to buy it, because I have a real love for bad things. The console was $20, the three VHS tapes were $10.
  10. I love this thread, as it is a daily reminder and forever proof that the easiest way to make angry gatekeeping snowflakes mad at you is to say you like something.
  11. I like Guardian the best, as it takes some real twitch skills with a paddle due to the precision required to be successful. Also, Apollo is no where near as bad as Froggo or Sancho (or Zimag, my personal 'worst games' champion).
  12. Given that Mario Kart 8 is the biggest seller for the Switch, and it is part of regular tournaments in the eSports scene, and is clearly one of the biggest money-makers (in terms of raw dollars not adjusted for inflation) in Nintendo history, I'd say the company doesn't particularly care whether you feel it is hardcore enough. (Source) On the Amico, I try to go along with the crowd here that has picked it over the VCS as the cool kid thing to support rather than bash, but I remain highly skeptical. I don't understand how the console will be successful when it puts a bunch of requirements on game developers like "required couch co-op", all games $9.99 or less, no DLC, etc. While it isn't a fun part of modern gaming, much of this stuff is how real game devs pay their actual bills, and I don't see how a studio will be able to justify releasing on the Amico unless Tommy and company are offsetting things with direct funding. That said, I love ya Tommy, you've done so much for gaming, and I wish you the best of luck. I feel like at the end of the day you are putting yourself in a position you won't be able to follow through with if you want the console to be successful.
  13. Just a quick necro to say that I picked up one of these for $8 at my local MA Walmart over the weekend...in the clearance shelves. There were quite a few available!
  14. Finally found an Intellivision 2 OEM power supply in the wild! Local flea market for the win. Also picked up a banged up but decent box and near complete supplies for Quest for the Rings for Odyssey 2. $5 seemed like a no brainer.
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