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  1. @DrVenkman @-^Cro§Bow^- First off, thank you guys for all of your advice, I really appreciate it!! I just fired it up again and the controller ports are receiving power, but now the graphics are messed up too. I’m gonna take your advice and try to replace those chips. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. Thanks again!!
  2. I feel like the chips aren’t a likely failure because everything else works, and it just doesn’t sound too realistic that a bad chip would only affect the controller ports. It isn’t impossible, though. You’ve got a good point though, and you also reminded me that I forgot to check to see if the ports were receiving power to begin with. I’m gonna do that when I get home, it’ll definitely narrow things down. As for C20, I desoldered it from the board and checked its resistance with a multimeter, which increased infinitely as it should. I know it’s not the most accurate way to check capacitors, but I don’t have any other tools. I’ll let you know if the ports are getting power once I test them.
  3. I booted up my Atari 2600 JR the other day, and I found that both controller ports were unresponsive to any input from the paddles or joystick. I popped it open and took a peek at the board, and there’s no visible damage. I’m using the attached schematic and a multimeter to try and find the issue. I’ve tested C20 and L3 but they both work fine. I suck at reading schematics. What components should I be focussing on to test?
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