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  1. Hi, Thank you so much for considering making these again. I am definitely in for at least one!
  2. #250, #100, #50 or some other cool number would be awesome. Thank you very much for publishing this, I can't wait to play it!
  3. So I logged in for the first time in a while because I finally got my Rev3 in the mail today. I can't wait to give it a whirl and don't want to clog the board with redundant posts...is there a central thread to discuss setting up, using, troubleshooting this device? Thanks
  4. I haven't visited for a while but never thought I'd miss such big news. For what it's worth, I know this isn't a pre-order list, etc. but I would really appreciate the opportunity to buy one copy. Thank you Andrew and Thomas for bringing this to the finish line. PS, wish I'd saved my old avatar! Oh well
  5. Sold to revolutionika for $140 Congrats! PM me to set up shipping and I'll send it overnight tomorrow.
  6. I'll post the high bidder here. I predict I'll be slow to respond until this weekend. Good luck!
  7. Yikes! You'd think I could read my own labels! I haven't dusted off my games of a while and need to sell some stuff, so that's what I get. OK: it's this: Intellicart If you'd like it pls bid here/PM. Sunday @ midnight EST<--this was relevant last week--wins it. Thanks EDIT: it says only 234 were produced and this is 223, cool.
  8. I leave for a few hours and the speculation runs wild, lol OK, so here's a pic. It's complete, in that it's everything that came with it (and maybe more, I think the CC disk is from the CC1) since the day I bought it new. #223. Best offer by this Sunday takes it, PM or here. Free shipping in the US. Thanks! EDIT: reading the thread, yeah the Harmony killed the market, wow! It's great more people can experience this type of thing.
  9. Hi, A few weeks ago I decided I needed a little cash so I put my Cuttle Cart 1 up for sale. I haven't been tracking the market for this in a year or so but thought it would generate $150 or so. It sold for $85. A week later I put my complete Cuttle Cart 2 up, thinking it would sell for $350 or so. It sold for $200. Now I'm down to my Cuttle Cart 3 and am considering not selling it just because these seem to be worth so much less than I thought. Maybe it's just a bad time to be selling? How much do you think this would go for if sold here on AA? Thanks in advance WINNER: revolutionika $140 EDIT: I just noticed Chad is still selling them for $150. Anyone interested in one for $125 with instructions, shipped? EDIT EDIT: It's an Intellicart, not a CC3. D'oh! A photo is below. High bid Sunday @ midnight EST wins it, shipped to the US for free. If you are outside the US please PM me to discuss shipping costs and timing.
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