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  1. I bought Cellar-y Celery game. Smooth transaction and great communications.
  2. I purchased an Intellivision game lot. Quick and easy transaction as always.
  3. Today, I picked up my very first heavy sixer from its original owner. It was bundled with a bunch of cartridges and several controllers. SN: 95654M
  4. @Max_Chatsworth Happy is a disk drive enhancement that added new capabilities. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_drives
  5. Thanks. I reached out to pixelboy and will register with him to buy the controller.
  6. My patch arrived! Thanks @Machine! Looks fantastic like all the other patches.
  7. Wow, a sought after FS120 Trinitron and not a ridiculously big one that'd require multiple weight-lifters. I'd be all over this if I was in Indiana and swap out my Trinitron. Hopefully, someone will quickly take up chicgamer's generosity.
  8. @The Strangest I strongly suggest reaching out to @ikonsgr and ordering one or two 5200 9 pin adapters from him. While the analog stick on the native 5200 controller works well enough for most games (in my opinion), a digital controller will feel more comfortable. The adapter is very affordable and opens up the ability to use a Genesis controller with the 5200. And you can save wear and tear on the 5200 controller joystick.
  9. Popeye works fine. I don't know why but launching Bounty Bob file from AtariMax cartridge results in a black screen. AtariMax said it's loading and then just a black screen. Maybe I have a bad bin file. I tried starting the game with the 5200 controller connected directly to the console (took out the adapter) and same thing.
  10. I played Gyruss, Berzerk, and Moon Patrol and it worked fine.
  11. Oh, I see what you did You can ignore my question
  12. Why yes, I do have a second Sega arcade joystick on the way. How'd you know? I don't suppose there's already someone who makes a "Redemption" adapter?
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