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  1. I bought the GC Loader along with memory cards from Jay. The transaction was quick and easy. The goods were packed well and shipped immediately. Thanks, Jay!
  2. Wow, what an awesome deal. If you're interested in selling the four homebrews separately, I'd be very interested.
  3. I bought a second heavy sixer a few months ago from Pink Gorilla in Seattle. It was sitting in the display case with a four switcher, and they were each priced $50. I informed the clerk that the heavy sixer is considered more valuable than the four switch, but she said I could have it at the marked price. It's in better condition than the heavy sixer I already had. SN: 13818K
  4. Repeat customer -- bought two 2600 games. Smooth and seamless transaction as before. Games were well packed and shipped quickly. Thanks!
  5. Another repeat buyer. I bought PSP games from Chris. Smooth transaction as before 👍
  6. Another smooth transaction with Bruce. I bought the Super Game Boy for the SFC.
  7. Nice games! All PS3 owners must own the Uncharted series. Uncharted was the sole reason I bought a PS3.
  8. I bought an Intellivision with RGB mods and whatnot. As before, communication was impeccable, and I've no doubt the Jesse's workmanship is extra impeccable.
  9. Another transaction with Ben. I bought a RF demodulator. Smooth transaction and communications throughout. Thanks!
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