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  1. These books and magazines made an international trek today. Thanks so much @saunders104!
  2. I attended PAX West yesterday and today. These are my pickups from the first day.
  3. Hi, Al. I ordered a bunch of games last Friday but forgot to specify the free game. I don't care which of the two I receive but is it too late to include one? My order shows as Pending. Edit -- and since we're sharing, I ordered: Halo 2600 Space Rocks Star Castle Draconian Scramble Dungeon Mappy Super Cobra Looking at the recommendations in this thread, I'll need to pick up a few more in the future.
  4. I bought Super Circus for the 7800 from FroggoGamer. We had great communications throughout the transaction. The item was as described and packed super well for safe delivery. Thanks!
  5. I bought Astro Grover #47. Everything was as expected and packed well and good communications. Thanks!
  6. I bought a Dreamcast console bundle. Everything was as described and packed well. Bruce was nice enough to give me a huge stack of burned discs -- being a brand new DC owner, my library just grew in an instant from 0 to a lot (haven't counted yet but looks like a 100).
  7. I’ve received similar eBay bucks promo before but I guess the algorithm didn’t feel that I needed an incentive this time around.
  8. Hmm... I never got that promo mail and don't see it on the home page (on my phone)
  9. I purchased a bunch of Atari carts, PC and PS2 games — very easy to work with and great communication throughout the transaction. Would definitely buy from again.
  10. The first time I went to PRGE was 2017 for the 40th anniversary of the VCS. I had never heard of AtariAge and I had only gotten into retro gaming that summer. When I first saw the AA booth and the Atari 800 (my very first personal computer) up and running, my eyes nearly welled up with tears as I was suddenly flooded with memories forgotten. I am attending this year and the first thing I'll be doing Saturday morning is to visit the AA booth. Looking forward to it!
  11. Yes, please! Young Park socrates63 Bothell, Washington
  12. I purchased an in-the-box Atari 800 from Tim. Great communications throughout and a smooth transaction! I'm very happy to have my very first personal computer back in the fold. Thanks, Tim.
  13. Oh dang... my favorite has always been the Wico sticks and they've been sitting in a drawer all these 30+ years. I hope they still work and haven't stiffened up. I recently picked up a Retron77 but haven't had a chance to hook it up or try the joystick that it came with. From some of the video reviews, it seems to work well, and it looks close enough to the CX40 which is my second favorite.
  14. I bought Frankenstein and Private Eye games from Chuck -- friendly, easy to deal with seller. He even left me a hand-written a note in the package.
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