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  1. My Defender big box arrived today! I am thrilled with the condition. I wish I could have bought a few more games from Terry. Oh well. Thanks!
  2. Dang it! I forgot about this! Ok, the next round 🕹️
  3. @eebuckeye Which GB Everdrive is that, the X5 or X7?
  4. 생일 축하해요 Al! Without you and AtariAge, I don't think I would have re-connected with the 2600.
  5. My package arrived today. As others have said, I initially didn't want to open it because it was so lovingly and beautifully packaged in the purple wrap and cord. From the packing box to everything else in it, the love and intent poured into this endeavor are very apparent ❤️ I initially learned about Doggone It from the ZPH show, and now having read about Andrew's journey that culminated in the making and releasing of the game, I feel more honored than before. Thank you, Andrew, for being strong and being an inspiration to all of us.
  6. Please add me for preorder (burgundy, Pokey Max, YM options)
  7. I bought Battlestar Galactica from Rev as part of a fundraiser. He also included a bunch of Intellivision cartridges when he found out I just started collecting -- much appreciate the love shown to this Intellivision noob. Thank you for the smooth transaction!
  8. I bought 7800 Donkey Kong XM, various 2600 cartridges, and PS2 games from Chris. Smooth transaction and fast shipping. Thanks!
  9. I bought Water Ski from Ben -- everything was as expected and promptly shipped. Great communications, too! Outstanding seller 👍
  10. Game arrived the other day -- from the pre-order experience to the cartridge and game itself, excellent! Thank you Red 5, cpuwiz, shawn for making it happen.
  11. Ian gave away some PlayStation games. They arrived quickly and well packed. Thanks, Ian!
  12. Another purchase from Shawn, this time a bunch of Genesis repros. Everything went smooth. Thanks, Shawn!
  13. On the few occasions when the condition of the item received didn't match the description or there was undisclosed flaw (like in this case), I reached out to the seller and asked for a partial refund (returning the item is a hassle for me). I've always been able to reach an amicable agreement (usually $3-$5 refund on $15-$30 items, I think) and I'd leave them positive feedback. Best of luck, Captain 🇨🇦. Some people feel so entitled to stuff smh.
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