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  1. Well... Got a copy of Power Lords CiB. Cost was above average, but I don't mind paying a bit more to a store I've got history with. 👍 Only Atlantis remains!
  2. My apologies. I've removed the link.
  3. I recently happened across a full box of Edutainment games for the original Playstation. After sorting out originals so I could have those on hand, I've got TONS of duplicates I'm willing to sell. Subject Volume Ttle #of Copies Price Math 1 Creative Voyage 23 5 Math 1 Timeless Math: Maya, S&R 2 10 Math 7 Timeless Math: Rover 13 5 Reading 5 K9.5: Howlywood Premiere 19 5 Guide Family Connection 24 5 Reading 1 Calamity: The Natural World 6 10 Reading 6 Liquid Books: Wandering Path 3 10 Math 1b Secret of Googol 1 10 Math 2b Secret of Googol 1 10 Math 5 Secret of Googol 5 10 Math 6 Secret of Googol 5 10 Math 7 Secret of Googol 28 5 Math 8 Secret of Googol 34 5 Math Full Set Secret of Googol 2 60 Math 1 (set) Secret of Googol 1 20 Math 2 (set) Secret of Googol 4 20
  4. Woooo! Congrats! I'm fine with paying $100 or so loose. That's been a reality since I started. But paying an extra $150-500 for the privilege of packaging? Screw that.
  5. Snagged Ikari Warriors on eBay, and @SIO2 has a copy of Midnight Mutants for me. ^^d All that's left is Tank Command! Let's check eb...oh....
  6. I streamed it on Twitch the night I got it, but I'm not going to delude myself that I have anywhere near the viewership of Metal Jesus or 8-Bit Guy. I DO intend to include it in my 'victory stream' after I finish my 7800 library collection. ^^d
  7. Summer Games arrived today, thanks to @DracIsBack! Still trying to hunt down those last Three....
  8. @TailChao Just had a thought... Perhaps you might be able to get some more funding by licensing Rikki and Vikki to Polymega if they ever release an Atari module. They've pre-loaded licensed titles onto each module, so it might be a good opportunity for a wider reach. ^^d
  9. One step closer... Went to a nearby used game/music shop today that has a basement 'Museum' where they store stuff they feel is too obscure to put on the shelves. A few months back, I landed the Atari 2600 and Steering Wheel modules for the Colecovision for $20. Today, I got the Odyssey 2 Voice Module CiB for $60! The cheap prices are due to their untested states... But I got this home, tried it out myself and the gamble paid off!
  10. I'm close to a complete collection, lacking only a few of the usual suspects. Anyone here willing to part with Power Lords, Atlantis or Demon Attack? I prefer loose... I'm more picky about price than completion. Also trying to land a copy of Nimble Numbers Ned... All of these are currently on eBay, but for heavily inflated prices.
  11. Kung-Fu Master arrived, thanks again to Mitch!
  12. This cart lives in my 7800 when it's on display and not in use. ^^d
  13. Ah, that's one of the few I actually have CiB. XD Sadly, I don't know where to find another copy ATM. I haven't seen another at any of my nearby haunts.
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