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  1. Thanks. I was having some issues. The controllers worked for a while and then at some point I couldn't go right. I ended up changing the RIOT chip and that seemed to be the issue. I also did the simple composite mod on the same console and the video had ghosting on one TV and was really dark on the other. I was thinking there might be something with the voltage that is putting strain on certain parts or causing issues. So I was trying to diagnose if all was well or if I should replace anything else and/or maybe just replace some of the main caps, regulator, etc. similar to the console5 refresh kit to see if that would help. It could also just be the mod itself as I have seen mixed reviews on its success even across various consoles. I might still might replace some of the components as they are relatively low cost. It is helpful to better understand how to assess what is going on with powering the unit as a starting point. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Wow, thanks for the quick response. Is the 9.5/6 a high end of the range, should it normally be lower and is there something I should think about replacing if it is … that's kind of what I am trying to understand. It sounds like I may need to put in a new voltage regulator on the one that is 4.8v.
  3. Hi, fairly new to the 2600 (as an adult trying to fix anyway). I have 2 light sixers and 1 power supply. I am trying to figure out if everything is properly powered. When I check the supply, it's at about 13.3V which I understand is probably fine because it is unregulated and will drop under load but I have seen others with 15v which seems to be a bit more common of a reading. I also checked both consoles at got about 9.6v at the main capacitor, 9.5v on the in side of the voltage regulator and 4.96v on the out on one and 4.8v on the out side of the regulator on the other console. These seem fine but I can't seem to find info on normal ranges and really wasn't sure on the 9.5-6v I am seeing and if that should be something higher or lower. Any advice would be appreciated. I did look around the forums and saw some data points but nothing that spelled this out. Thanks in advance!
  4. So if I follow correctly, if I am having the same ghosting / bleeding issue on a circa 1978 6-switch 2600, I need to either modify the simple AV mod like above or invest in a UAV? Either one of these should get rid of the ghosting / bleeding. Thanks
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