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  1. Thank you for helping. I did format and reinstall the bios and eeloader. Now the cartridge works ( I don't know why it does this time after several attempts doing the exact same thing ) but anyways..... it works now. My only concer now is that it is very hard to read the rom lines. I can't read the name of the games, I have to guess or look at the TV from far away Every name is split in horizontal lines instead of being a single line. My TV is NTSC , the bios I uploaded is the . ntsc. The games look fine, but the menu is almost unreadable. Any suggestion?
  2. I recently purchased a HARMONY cartridge. I installed the Roms on the SDHC, but when I plug in, the screen stays black and flickering I did updated the bios .ntsc Same problem. Regular games work I think the cartridge has a problem itself. How can I replace it?
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