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  1. Then why doesn't open "grp": a$ #1 work. and yes, i typed in the full listing from Graham Blands book MSX programming Program 8.21 page 145 i start up BlueMSX but all i get is Disk basic regardless of the model used. any ideas. and yes i tried to download a Japanese basic kun rom. no luck
  2. Well, if he or she must have a good collection, i recommend Sonic's ultimate Genesis Collection. Just ignore the DRMBM trophy and you'll be fine
  3. Just did a graphics demo in Graham Bland's MSX Programming book (page 137) on Archive.com using BlueMSX. First and last words out of my mind? Holy shit. going to make this my primary dev platform for the time being
  4. not require XB for even the simplest programs (:: does not work on TI basic, nor does Call Char)
  5. I'm new to this and have nothing to spare but will play regardless can the prize just be my eternal respect? that's got to count for something😐
  6. Please vote and comment
  7. hello, new to this sub forum. I am trying to assemble the first program on this page. it is asking for the source file, object code and device name. Source code is Dsk1.save no object code, no idea what device name means. any help would be appreciated. Using classic99
  8. ADVENTURE.dskSubmission: Adventure Platform: TI XB Written by: S.P Instructions: Old dsk1.adventure, Run it and play like any other adventure game Extra note: there is no replay function, to replay, you have to redo it all over. sorry
  9. it's not showing up. this is the full code so far (can't paste on code section, won't allow me too)
  10. how do i run an assembled file. using atari roots for assembly and mac/65
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