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  1. I've just started using this instead of SIO2BSD on Raspberry Pi. I've managed to hack an old version SenorRossie's WebGUI for SIO2BSD to work with it. It's working great for XEX and ATR files. I was hoping to get CAS files working at a decently fast speed, but I couldn't get more than 125% speed up on the ones I have tried.
  2. I had no idea this had undergone such an overhaul! I think I'm too far down the rabbit hole with the older version to switch, though! I have been running with a modified version of the older release, which I changed so that it works from a mobile phone. I must have grabbed that version shortly before you released the latest version last year. I have spent the last few days modifying the older version to work with the atariserver program from the atarisio project - this gives the ability to use XEX and CAS files as well as ATR files. CAS file support isn't so useful, as you need access to a terminal to start the tape, and I hadn't realised just how slow tape loading was on the Atari as my tape deck fell apart before I ever used it! The best tape speed I could get to load Starquake was 125% and that still took 10:30!
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