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  1. Haha, no but I did receive many amazing things from you in that trade! Oddly, I have done several FB deals in that area like the Toys R Us parking lot and the Superstore across the street.
  2. A decent chunk of my collection is from lots purchased from the local Facebook Marketplace. The best item I found was a sleeved French Canadian Horse Racing.
  3. Definitely. Just a couple weeks ago I went through every eBay Intellivsion auction in Canada. In a lot of about 20 loose cartridges I saw a double-label Vectron so I messaged the seller and made him a solid offer that he accepted. Needed to overpay to get someone to break-up a lot, but it worked. I'm sure he was wondering why I was willing to pay $10 for one cart out of 20 in his $30 auction.
  4. Thanks @Atari_Bill - I'll be cheering for you!
  5. Would love to get the FCTVVO Backgammon from this lot, but I don't think I'll be bidding against anyone who wants that Conversational French. I bought a lot of 8 games in October that had a beauty FCTVVO Backgammon but it never showed up. Oddly, two other one-off Intellivision purchases made at the same time, all through eBay, all from different sellers, all going through the eBay Global Shipping Center (USA to Canada), didn't arrive. 😞
  6. @fdr4prez @cmart604 Where does the line form for FCTVVO NBA Basketballs? I'm interested if anyone else has one after Atari-Bill get his. I was watching the recent auction but I still have 3 shipments coming from the US that are taking FOREVER (including a really nice FCTVVO Backgammon) so I decided not to get involved in this one.
  7. Closing the loop - here is the Math Fun FCTVVO: It's not exactly minty fresh but it will look pretty good once it's in the protective sleeve. Feels good to gamble on a tiny bit of blurry grey above the title in a single photo. As I said, it's in Oregon and I'm in BC so I'm not sure when I will get this (and a Taiwan Poker & Blackjack, and a Mattel Pinball....) in my hot little hands.
  8. Luc has a nice picture on his site of all the FCTVVO games: https://www.intellivisioncollector.com/for-color-tv-viewing-only-fctvvo-variants.html As others have said, the FCTVVO text is above the title for most games, but at the bottom for Major League Baseball and NFL Football. Also found this thread with some higher-resolution pictures:
  9. WOW! So, if I recall my max bid was around $109 and it was beaten at $110. I was going to give up because I still wasn't sure I could pay with a Canadian credit card, but my wife encouraged me to bid one more time - my max was $124 and I ended up winning it for just $1 above the previous bid. I am extra lucky that my 3:30-4:30 meeting was cancelled so I could pay close attention to the auction. Sorry, Luc. A lucky one for me. You'll get the next one; I'll keep my eyes open!
  10. Thanks for the link @Morpheus. I hadn't looked there before so I searched for Intellivision and the first lot that came up was this one: The FCTVVO NFL Football is neat, but I have one (thanks to @cmart604). Then I saw one of the other photos: Huh. Full colour manual Math fun with the spine glue not sticking. Could this be an FCTVVO? Back to the main picture where my brain has convinced itself that there is a blurry bit right where the "For Color TV Viewing Only" text would be, above the Math Fun text. Maybe it's wishful thinking. Either way, I just won the auction for $111 + $29 shipping (to Oregon - they don't ship to Canada). $140 for a shot at an FCTVVO Math Fun? I felt it was worth it. A bit afraid to post this here to have one of you super-experts point out why it definitely is not FCTVVO. But even if it's not, I won't lose too badly on the auction...assuming there is a time in the future when I can drive down to Oregon to pick it up. 2021 PRGE? 🙂 My cousin has two other items waiting for me and I never ask her to open the shipping box, but this one might be the exception. I'll let you know when I know.
  11. I don’t think they’ve announced a Canadian price for me to answer question 3. Based on the UK and German prices, I don’t think I’ll be able to say that I am “happy with the price,” but we will have to wait and see.
  12. Didn't he say something way back that retailers might get exclusive versions of the physical editions? Personally, I think it sounds like a nightmare for completionist collectors - especially if some of those retailers don't exist in your country. But, I guess that's why I'll be sticking with 1 copy of each physical edition. Probably. Unless it's Lock'n'Chase then all bets are off.
  13. Hmm, Sam B? I was with the EA QA PMO at the time and the SLC studio was one of the ones I covered for but I never got to visit there. Seems like forever ago! We didn't work together much; I probably mostly harassed him via email for status updates and various metrics. 🙂
  14. Wow. I've been with EA for 20 years, most of that in sr. management with the QA organization. Now I'm on a mission to figure out who this is....
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