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  1. Checking in from BC. Plus I've worked on 4 baseball games across PS1, PS2 and PSP. Let's do it guys!
  2. One additional bit of Crokinole trivia: It is canon in the Star Wars universe! The author of the novel "Ahsoka," E.K. Johnston, is Canadian and she decided to sneak some Canadiana into the story so she has the characters on one planet play "Crokin" with gameplay and rules that sound just like Crokinole! https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Crokin
  3. Sounds like you need more Canadians on the team. 🙂 I wouldn't exactly call it "popular" here, but most toy and game stores have a relatively inexpensive version for sale.
  4. It wouldn't be an Intellivision game without an obscure Association or League license: http://nationalcrokinoleassociation.com/
  5. I can see that. Found a Tennis once that was so faded that it was nearly grey. I only hesitated since the red appears to be so vibrant but I've seen things like bumper stickers where one colour was totally gone and the other was still good.
  6. Saw this eBay listing this morning: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Vintage-video-game-lot/313068141790?hash=item48e450bcde:g:1bUAAOSwWbxeqZ7G Wondering about the grey Major League Baseball cartridge label: Has anyone seen this before? With the low quality photo I guess it could be homemade or just a misprint where they ran out of blue ink. Either way, not sure anyone is paying $50 for a handful of loose carts and overlays.
  7. I picked-up my 4th one today: a loose Sea Battle. Just noticed that the underlying sticker is one of the bright pink labels (rather than the usual red for Sea Battle).
  8. I do! And the gatefold, the Intellivision Inc. and the Canadian. What can I say - it was one of my favourites as a kid. It seems to have a bad reputation as a poor Centipede knockoff but I still enjoy it. It’s so satisfying when you position the honeycombs just right to trap the bees and create beehives. But that damn bird always ruins it!
  9. I must...resist...can't...afford...all. For now I'm not counting stickers as variants on my list. That said, I am counting "Buzz Bombers with black marker through the 1 or 2 can play" since I have one of those.
  10. So there's THREE Canadian versions of Mouse Trap!?! They warn you not to collect Intellivision variants. I heard them but...I didn't listen. Bah. Spreadsheet updated. Thanks Steve! I saw a rumour that a certain SOMEONE is planning a post with all the Canadian variants and I was a little nervous that there would be a couple variants that I don't know about. Now I'm terrified that there will be a lot. /So glad that I am staying away from European, Brazilian or Japanese versions. Although those 4 white box Euro versions are pretty cool. Oh, and Draughts.
  11. Y’know, I feel I am pretty knowledgeable about variants at this point (though far from the expert) but I am embarrassed to admit that I totally didn’t know about the Mouse version. It’s not listed on INTVFunhouse and somehow, even though I have looked at this post on the FB group many times in the last month, I didn’t notice that it was different than the “Plays like the real arcade game” version on INTVFunhouse. So I learned about a new (rare) Canadian variant and got lucky to get it even though it had been for sale for over a month!
  12. OK, what is going on here. This exact copy was posted on the Vancouver Video Game Buy, Sell and Trade Facebook group over a month ago. I didn't have a Canadian Mouse Trap so I messaged him and agreed to buy it for $12 but he didn't reply to my last message and I didn't think it was worth following up for a rough Mouse Trap so I left it. I checked his post a few weeks later and it was marked as sold, so I forgot about it. He still has it posted on the FB group: Well, earlier this week I was searching eBay and saw this exact copy posted (though I don't think it had this price...maybe I didn't notice?). It was listed from Sumas, WA which is right over the border from the FB post above which is in Chilliwack, BC. So I bumped my old FB messenger chat with him from over a month ago to see if it was still available, and he said it was. So we agreed to meet, and today I bought it for $12. Yes, it's rough but at least I have one to build on: The guy was nice and doesn't seem like he's scamming anyone. I also bought a Canadian Royal Dealer for a box upgrade. So this post for $2228.99 must be some sort of mistake. I'll message him to see what he has to say. EDIT - I don't know anything about selling on eBay. Perhaps because he sold it outside of eBay he obviously can't sell it again, but for some reason doesn't want to take down his eBay listing so he raises the price to a ridiculous level where nobody will buy it?
  13. I mainly mentioned it because I've worked at EA for nearly 20 years (shh, don't tell anyone here) and while we have earned much criticism over the years I feel the duty to point out when it isn't warranted. 🙂 Also, I was on a central team at the time and supported the Firemonkeys studio when they released RR3 - they are a good bunch of people. At the time I decided to download it because I knew some of the people who worked on it, even though I wasn't a mobile gamer. I remember the first time I hit the timer and I was confused. I can still remember the instant I realised that this was what free-to-play looks like. And I never went back to another free-to-play game.
  14. First, I'll say that I'm not a fan of the microtransaction mechanics in a lot of mobile games and the first one I ever really played was the one that turned me off: Real Racing 3. So I agree with you there. However, I don't think you ever paid money to buy the game. It was free-to-play from the day it released. From Wikipedia: "It was released on iOS and Android on 28 February 2013 under the freemium business model; it was free to download, with enhancements available through in-app purchases."
  15. This kinda sounds like you are suggesting that families and young children won't enjoy retro remakes. I've shown my kids the videos for the remakes of Night Stalker, Astrosmash and Shark! Shark! and they are looking forward to playing them. The fact that they have never seen or played the originals doesn't matter at all. If the games are fun for families and young children then I don't think the history (brand new idea or retro remake) matters at all.
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