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  1. I don’t think they’ve announced a Canadian price for me to answer question 3. Based on the UK and German prices, I don’t think I’ll be able to say that I am “happy with the price,” but we will have to wait and see.
  2. Didn't he say something way back that retailers might get exclusive versions of the physical editions? Personally, I think it sounds like a nightmare for completionist collectors - especially if some of those retailers don't exist in your country. But, I guess that's why I'll be sticking with 1 copy of each physical edition. Probably. Unless it's Lock'n'Chase then all bets are off.
  3. Hmm, Sam B? I was with the EA QA PMO at the time and the SLC studio was one of the ones I covered for but I never got to visit there. Seems like forever ago! We didn't work together much; I probably mostly harassed him via email for status updates and various metrics. 🙂
  4. Wow. I've been with EA for 20 years, most of that in sr. management with the QA organization. Now I'm on a mission to figure out who this is....
  5. I like the visuals a lot more, for sure. I didn't get far enough to see some of the more hectic gameplay from the last video (which might not even be in level 1). I'll try again tomorrow.
  6. See, for me I found the 1st Moon Patrol demo to be dull. I didn't much like the visuals. It definitely decreased my interest in this particular title (to be fair, I don't really like the OG Moon Patrol much either). The most recent video clip for Moon Patrol showed a lot more and brought my interest back up a bit. It'll be interesting to see where today's demo shifts my interests.
  7. That can be done by video and save the dev effort to make the mobile version of the game.
  8. Yes, I made this point on FB. I cleared an hour in my schedule to watch this live. I can't easily clear out the same 1 hour window tomorrow. I'm sure the VP will understand if I move our meeting booked a month ago with less than 24 hours notice. Since I'm ticked, I'll add my hot take. Giving us mobile versions of Amico games makes little sense to me. So many talking points about how using a phone for games sucks...so they give us a mobile version of a game designed for an Amico controller and a TV screen? I've worked on games where the development effort to do a demo really hurt the core game because it took time and effort away from that core game. You typically have to branch a pre-beta build, then make a lot of fixes on the demo which often don't port to the main game because you are hacking it to get the demo out the door. Sometimes it makes sense because the marketing value of the demo is worth it (I recall getting a demo in a few million Post cereal boxes once) but in this case, most of the people playing Moon Patrol on their phones aren't even the "target market" for Amico. Since Amico will have a dedicated mobile app for additional controllers, I can see the value of setting up Android and iOS build pipelines and getting used to the submission process. So that is something, I guess.
  9. I asked about this on this forum a couple weeks ago and @RxScram replied with this: TLDR; My non-lawyer understanding is that if you bought a Golden Ticket, Intellivision will enter you into the sweepstakes unless prohibited by your local country. --- I wasn't involved in the creation of the sweepstakes, but from my reading of the terms and conditions the U.S. portion of it seems mostly related to the non-Golden Ticket entry methods. (The U.S. requires sweepstakes like this to have entry methods that don't require the purchase of merchandise... such as the hand-written or emailed entry method described in the T&C.) Towards the bottom of the T&C, it has the following: "For those purchasing items or entering from outside of the Sweepstakes geography as defined above, Intellivision will make an effort to adhere to local laws but if local law prohibits participation in the Sweepstakes as defined in these Official Terms and Conditions, then Intellivision reserves the right to disqualify entrant from Sweepstakes." I would hope they wouldn't send Golden Tickets to people they know weren't eligible for the contest.
  10. For my 125 I also prefer plastic trays and so I count the HK versions if those are the only ones with trays. Just my personal take since I connected those trays to Intellivision so much growing up. This is another one where I count the blue Space Network games for the 125 since...I dunno...they are Space games! But I have the red Action Network (and blue Action Network) as “variants”. Similarly for the ECS games I count the smaller boxes as “the” games since they all came in the small box, but only some had gatefolds. I also have the gatefolds (except Melody Blaster) as variants. Same logic for the 1983 games; they all came out in the small boxes so I count those and have the gatefolds as variants. I guess consistency of box style is more important than date for me, but other than the exceptions above I go for the oldest version.
  11. Haha, thanks! I also wonder where the Mom is looking in that photo. Because it's not at the TV screen and it's not at her husband....
  12. Ah, the old "fool your younger brother into thinking he is controlling the single-player game" trick. It's tough when you only own two NES carts and both are Super Mario Bros. But cool that your NES works with the power off.
  13. Thank-you! I am on vacation and using my phone and was feeling ill trying to read the full T&C while we are on the road (my wife is driving) so I didn’t get through it all. Much appreciated!
  14. Me too, and I read this in the terms & conditions: “The following sweepstakes is intended for viewing, or as applicable, participation in the United States only and shall only be construed and evaluated according to United States law. Participation in this Sweepstakes is void where prohibited. Do not proceed in this sweepstakes if you are not a legal resident of the United States or if you are a legal resident of the United States and you do not fall within the eligibility requirements set forth in the official rules below.” It sounds like the contest for the 10 Amicos and other items is only open to US residents. But I’m no lawyer. Seems odd since they sent Golden Tickets around the world. Some clarification would be appreciated.
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