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  1. This game is difficult for me. The controls are pretty tough to get the hang of. Maybe I’ll get a better score later this week. Game 1/B/B: 518
  2. I liked this game! The controls are a bit touchy but that may be my paddles. Game 1/B/B: 9540
  3. Best score today. Frontline: Game 1/B/B 5700
  4. Which thread is the one to post in? Front Line: Game 1/B/B Score 2600
  5. My best score ever on this game! Kaboom is one that I play with my 12 year old quite often. Game 1/B/B: 1196
  6. 2 medals / 2000 points What a challenge this is to get the fewest points possible...
  7. Blueprint: 1625 B/B never played this before. I think I can get better at it with time, but time is running out...
  8. Not a big fan of Oink!, but really like Pressure Cooker! Not very good at either of them. Haven't tried the bonus game yet. Will submit that one later today.
  9. That power LED is sweet! How did you do that one?
  10. 142,600 / Rack 13! Difficulty A/B Feels good to get better at this one. Still don't know how some of you are getting 7 digit scores. Are you using real Atari VCS hardware? Standard joystick, etc? Also, whoever wrote that poem deserves 5 bonus points.
  11. Getting this game figured out a bit now... Score: 44000 / Rack 8 Game 1 / Difficulty AB
  12. If it's not too late, I beat my old score again. I'm moving on to Solar Fox now... 😀
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