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  1. Atariboy, I was wondering if it was possible to put the archived posts inside of spoiler tags. It'd make threads much more readable, I feel. O's Musical Emporium's already a bit too long, I shudder to think what would the Off-Topic look like. Of course, you're free to ignore this, mine is just a suggestion.
  2. Hey, it's not my fault it decided to ask me that and not "How many buttons did Atari's first joystick have"! ...I would have answered that on my own...
  3. Hello. Took me long enough. I'm a lazy butt, sorry. I actually had to look up the answer to the Security Check question on Google while I was signing up. I didn't remember Combat was the pack-in for the 2600. I guess it's illegal for me to be here. I'd say the "What are you playing right now?" topic, because of course, but if Chris is giving us a copy of the DB, I don't think I mind if it's going to be gone. I'll miss it immensely, but it's not worth the hassle, unless someone objects, of course.
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