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  1. Can I use scart to BNC cables on US consoles?? I'm trying to find a way to connect multiple consoles to my Sony PVM and its proving to be very difficult!

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    2. RealRetroism


      Thanks! that thing is pretty, I may have to get it.


      Question... If I get those RCA female to BNC male adapters, would it work on the PVM with the standard RCA red, white, yellow cables that consoles come with? s-l1600.jpg

    3. ApolloBoy
    4. RealRetroism


      Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to help!

  2. Ever wish that everything in your life was caught up and good so you could relax and actually have time to play some video games?? 🙄 

    1. jd_1138


      Carve out some time to play games.  One's capacity for dealing with everyday BS goes up a little if you're relaxed.

    2. RealRetroism
    3. GoldLeader


      I think you're reading my mind!  Both of you.   Needless to say I agree 100%!!!!

  3. Anyone know of a "switch box" that can connect to my Sony PVM via BNC Sync that I am able to connect my consoles to via RCA Red White and Yellow?? Please send me a link if so. No scart please.

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    2. Stephen


      This is not an affiliated link - just the easiest I could find.


    3. RealRetroism


      Can I see how you have the 3 rca (red white yellow) w/bnc adapters connected in the back of your pvm?

    4. Stephen


      Custom cable I made - sorry.  DIN5 goes to the Atari.  I use separate luma/chroma on the PVM.  IIRC, there is a menu setting on the PVM telling it to get combined synch, not look for it on a green signal of RGB.


      The only signal inputs on my PVM, are luma/chroma and RGB.  You will not get RGB from an Atari without a VBXE or Sophia mod.

  4. I Love Night Trap.


    1. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      I love stunt trap

    2. retrorussell


      Night trap is great.  It was like a cheesy 80s horror flick where you could help OR harm the protagonists!  Brilliant.

    3. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Just realized I put an extra "t". I love the game Stun Trap.

  5. GamePro was the best video game magazine hands down!

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    2. Razzie.P


      I can still remember being on the school bus, flipping through the pages and wanting everything I saw, and it had a preview of a new system about to come out called "Genesis" or "Mega Drive" or something silly like that.

    3. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      I liked Gamepro, but it wasn't my favorite. I enjoyed both Video Games and Computer Entertainment, and EGM quite a bit more.

    4. GoldLeader


      Gamepro!!! YES!! And EGM,...They were the Bomb!

  6. What are your gaming plans this weekend?

    1. carlsson


      To at least get a couple of placeholder scores in the A8 HSC round that ends on Sunday.

  7. I found a Magnavox Odyssey100 today at a flea market! The box is pretty beat up, but the system is mint and still has all the documentation!! 😁



    1. Orrko


      thats pretty cool looking,these early vintage systems are nice,once i had a unisonic tournament 2000 system with pistol/rifle combo it was silver and had chrome switches

  8. So is there an AtariAge phone app??

    1. Captain Kiwi

      Captain Kiwi

      Don't think so

    2. Magmavision2000


      You can put the website on your home screen. But that's pretty much it.

    3. Captain Kiwi

      Captain Kiwi

      Great idea!  I think I'll do that.

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