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  1. And none of the people who did that are there anymore. So what is your point? It's ok man. Let it go, just let it go.
  2. The Atari Podcast: Episode 8 Gravitar Recharged.
  3. I should clarify: I have not played any of my older systems in over a year because I renovated my basement/game room. I will be turning my unused living room into a home theater and game room this summer. No need to worry, all my kitties and other game systems are safely packed away and hermetically sealed.
  4. I started collecting for the Jag around age 25 and I am 44 now. You "do the math".😆 I loved the early Atari products (Pong, 2600, 800, 800XL) and saw the Jag when it was on clearance at Kay Bee toys (I think) and remember thinking I need to get one but I didn't have any money at the time and I didn't want to ask my parents for money either. I bought three base units for like $75.00 each on E-Bay and two CDs for the same price the same way. I remember finding Atari Age not long after I bought them and thought what a great resource (Thanks Albert!!!) for old game systems. With the newly found AA knowledge I thought it possible to eventually get a complete collection of games for the system (although CJ and Phoboz are making that more and more difficult). What fun and what a ride it has been!
  5. Let me add to my above statement. Atari is/has created an entire ecosystem and OS for the VCS. If they had plans to abandon it so soon after launch then they would not bother having game devs and OS devs making content and expanding the ecosystem. They are still currently doing this and they are constantly adding additional features to it. These things could also be used for a follow up PC/Console thingy with only minor adjustments for performance (not saying this is happening). There is too much work that has been done and in production for them to be abandoning it.
  6. I think Atari will sell the VCS for as long as it is profitable to do so. They are selling it at a profit and even if that profit is small, they are still getting them out there and selling games for them. Profit + profit = PROFIT! Ataris' current leadership is paying attention and takes to heart, the opinions and ideas of the Atari community. I have been very pleased with them in the last year or so.
  7. Wow Nancy, why you gotta be so negative. IF you don't want to do it, just don't ffs.
  8. You can actually play it. It was an April fools joke for some of the more critical Atari fans. https://recharged.atari.com/basic-math/
  9. I wonder if you run the 2x into the 5x do you get 7x (2+5=7) or does it multiply out to 10x (2x5=10)?🤪
  10. I have seen entirely enough pedantry and mode 7 talk... Back to Jagwah!
  11. Now I actually want these things. I had a mild interest in their production and perhaps acquiring them (although their cost if entry is a bit steep), but now I really want these. Anybody have a spare $450 they can give me?😁
  12. You must own a Jaguar as I see you've done the math. 🤣
  13. Same here. I have a 2X Pro and I love it. If the 5X is as good as it looks on paper then it is a beast! I also agree that $300 is a lot of money. If you've got the cash then buy the flash!
  14. I asked on the XP Discord server. Hopefully someone from Atari will see it and answer.
  15. This looks tremendous Tony. I think it will be really fun and I can't wait to see it in the store.
  16. There appears to be only one VCS left at Microcenter in Fairfax VA. All other stores look like they are sold out. If you want a deal on a VCS this might be your last opportunity to get one at the lower price. You can do a price match with Best Buy online (via chat) and get it for that price as well. Good luck!
  17. To me, honestly, it's about the content of the box not the box itself. If I want a game I don't necessarily need a box for it. If it happens to come with a box then all the better. Not to discourage your art, it looks tremendous, but it's just not that important to me personally. As long as I have the game and it works, that's what matters to me.
  18. Yes, I have this issue too. The VCS waits a few seconds and then wakes up again. Although, it doesn't do it all the time. Atari is aware of the issue but it wouldn't hurt to put in a ticket with them or submit an Airtable form as well. In the meantime, set your sleep timer to 15 minutes and it will go to sleep by itself if you leave it idle.
  19. Looking great! I love how he mechanics work. Double jump and dash are things we take for granted in platformers today and it looks like you nailed them. Keep up the good work.
  20. These look super cool. I would actually buy a pair with the yellow.
  21. The new Adventure cart is now at $99.99. They apparently had it priced at $150.00 when it launched yesterday and it was supposed to be $99.99.
  22. Sorry if I wasn't clear. It wasn't a knock on the art on the box, rather the game itself plays terrible. I actually like the original box art plenty, but that's all this particular game has going for it.
  23. Very nice. Your art work looks great, much better than the game your example is for!
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