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  1. Thanks everyone for all of the feedback!! I'll look at it again this weekend to see if I can make any progress. I know when I compiled my own code, I only used the R parameter, but I'll re-do it just to be sure. I'll post an update with any progress.
  2. I've been working through the book "Introduction to Assembly Language for the TI Home Computer" by Ralph Molesworth. Towards the end is a chapter on calling your assembled code from Basic and Extended Basic. In that example is this code: 60 CALL INIT 70 CALL LOAD("DSK1.BSCSUP") Whenever I run this code, I get this error: UNRECOGNIZED CHARACTER IN 70 It's the same behavior whether I run this in the Classic99 emulator, or on a real TI/PEB/Editor-Assembler disk in drive 1. For what it's worth, I get the exact same error when trying to do a CALL LOAD on the code I've assembled myself (that I typed in from the book). Does anyone know what causes this, or possibly have some example code showing how to pass parameters from Extended Basic to Assembly? Thank you.
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