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  1. 16,850 Really fun game, I’ve always liked this one, but I find it to be VERY hard...a little too hard I think. I wish there was a way to stop the seal a bit easier, then I think it would have more replay value for me. It gets old fast, but it’s still fun to play in quick bursts. I know this is one of Jacob’s favorites. I am absolutely horrible at it by the way lol.
  2. I'm wondering if those sales numbers are including online sales? Wal-Mart does a huge amount of business online as well.
  3. They may need to move together in order to progress, or have a split screen. Something like that.
  4. That is just insane, I don't know how anyone could achieve that, this game is so hard. It doesn't seem right. I'm terrible at this game by the way.
  5. Cloudy Mountain may work better as an updated remake, and could be made into a multiiplayer dungeon crawler that is much easier to pick up and play than Tarmin would.
  6. Host of the Intellivisionaries podcast (check that out immediately if you haven’t) and he is also on Tommy’s team helping with Amico.
  7. I seem to remember when you stole my chance to beat you in Shark Shark. 😂. 👍🏻
  8. 6,897 Just did that now, best run I’ve had. Sorry Bamse. 😉
  9. Seems like many people want one, so the demand is definitely still there for the LTO. I hope they are created again because there aren't any other multi-carts out there!
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