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  1. Might want to post this stuff in the programming forum: https://atariage.com/forums/forum/144-intellivision-programming/
  2. I believe Rick will start the next season on July 18th. I’ll be there with ya Dale!
  3. It’s a good game, but having to press “up” on the disc is a huge deterrent that negatively affects the game. They should have mapped the jump to an action button, and then I think it would have been perfect.
  4. I’ve been playing here for a couple years now, just didn’t play much this season. But thank you.
  5. Rick, just want to thank you for taking over the HSC this season and doing an OUTSTANDING job. You are an amazing host and you made it fun to play here. I just hope that I can play a bit more next season. Thanks again, you are a rock star!!
  6. I didn’t even remove it from the shelf because of that very reason. Very frustrating game.
  7. Jelly fish are indestructible, don’t ya know? Lol.
  8. Hang out at the bottom and eat them while they are dropping back downward. Big points and an extra life.
  9. Sub Hunt is a great game. Doesn’t belong anywhere near a “worst” list whatsoever. I vote Empire Strikes Back. Great movie. Terrible Inty game.
  10. Initial orders took place before Christmas last year. I would suggest sending Rev a PM and he can tell you if more are available as he was handling everything. But beware...you have to press "up" on the disc to jump in this game. It's a HUGE drawback and negatively impacts this one, in my opinion. If you think you'd be ok with that, go for it.
  11. This won the site today!! LOL. I've been seeing this glitch in my nightmares!!
  12. I’ve seen the green screen glitch happen at any time, no matter how many lives are left and no matter how far into the game I am.
  13. That’s the worst thing about this game…the unfair, cheap, quick deaths. Very frustrating.
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