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  1. Just waiting on the post office to deliver the patches at this point. 🙂
  2. I believe you can download every single one of them, including several homebrews as well.
  3. I also love being able to fly over the grass, it actually adds a little strategy to it too, so that’s great. As for the double shot, you can avoid that by pressing the side button very quickly for only 1 shot. I think this version is very well done!
  4. Ahh man. I knew you would try again though lol. Good match Biff!! 👍🏻
  5. You can just look up an overlay online, or instructions on pixelatedarcade.com, and that will tell you everything you need.
  6. Yes it’s a lot, but making sure you knew the right number of hits. Once you hit them twice though, they are much slower and become easy to kill. We just played it in the High Score Club on this site and our scores were upwards of 9 million to 13 million. It’s not as hard you think it is once you know how to circle the guards strategically. I do like the idea of charging the disc for more damage. That would be very cool. Maybe the disc could light up or turn a different color when it’s super charged. I would love to see that.
  7. The purpose of the hack is to be able to kill an enemy when you return your disk. In the original game, you cannot do that.
  8. Rick, how do you know what the old record was for the hard level? Jacob didn’t post that on page 1…
  9. LOL! Congrats Rick! You endured the pain and got it done. Now sit back, have a beer, and celebrate.
  10. Yup, I hate the controls in this game. Would actually be a good game if the controls were solid and the gameplay had a bit more variety. The graphics are actually pretty good for the system. But I'll be saving myself from that frustration for now.
  11. I won't be trying to break it whatsoever, this game annoys me, and I will shocked if someone else does, so the +2 will most likely stand. I am not up for the extreme endurance test at this point.
  12. Holy hell! That is an UNBELIEVABLE score for this game, just for the sheer endurance required to get there. And it's +2 for setting a new record, not +1. I don't know how you had the patience for getting this high of a score in this game. I was done after 9k, lol. Absolutely incredible Biff, well done sir!
  13. Great notes on this game Rick, agree with everything you say. The game is more frustrating and monotonous to me, but it can be fun sometimes. I find it more fun when playing with my son and we chase each other around. I find that it's better to play this casually as opposed for high score.
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