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  1. That green screen glitch is so maddening! I like to compete in Frogger for high scores, and it drives me nuts every time I play it, to the point now where I don’t like to play it. I really wish the programmers addressed that in the past. No quality control! Don’t think it could ever be fixed though.
  2. Have it on video. I did post it on Twin Galaxies as well if you’d like to take a look.
  3. 8,318,070 Recorded this one but came up short of a World Record. Needed over 11 mil.
  4. 815,330 Recorded this one, and I plan to post it on Twin Galaxies. Beats the current World Record by almost 300k.
  5. Yeah man, this is a classic game. And it’s still great after all these years!
  6. Yes you are, and you can play with the patterns and improve. There are a few patterns you could try but sounds like you’re doing well!
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