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  1. Grabbing a comb cuts your score in half. Great progress you’re making!! It can be a tough game to understand at first, but once you get it, it’s awesome.
  2. Rickster has updated the first page of this thread with season totals, etc. Thank you Rick!!
  3. You shorted yourself 10k there. We are scoring it by the level you died on, so your score is 6x10k + 10,200 = 70,200. 👍🏻
  4. You would really need to use the items to kill the enemies. Go for the Grail and the Crown as your ideal items. The Grail energizes you, so once you get it, hide out somewhere, wait for the last millisecond before they get you, and use it to kill them. And the Crown freezes the enemies, so you can use that and then touch the rat or whatever energizes you on the screen, and kill the enemy while they are frozen. So guys...you really can't run around and hope to catch the enemies in this game...it just doesn't work because you can't catch the yellow or red guys. Just go get the Grail or the Crown, and use them strategically to kill them. Once you get used to doing that, you will go far in this game.
  5. Yeah I didn’t quite get to the red demons on level 9, but I’ve seen them in a Twin Galaxies video before. Fastest enemy in the game I think! I had 2 yellow ones after me and that was enough to eliminate the last 3 lives I had.
  6. Reached level 9 again tonight with more points this time since I didn’t touch any combs. Those enemies were flying on that last screen! Gets crazy difficult there! I did get this one on video too. 41,200 + 90k = 131,200
  7. Throwing in my obligatory entry right now to get it over with early. My hatred for this game knows no bounds. No offense to our gracious host Jacob and those who like it. 139,350
  8. They probably don’t want the youngins minds to be polluted with that “earth is flat” crap. 😫
  9. I would replace Space Hawk, which sucks, with Space Battle on this list.
  10. Ok, I finally reached level 9, but unfortunately I hit the comb on my way there and it cost me some points early on. 😞 I do have this performance on video as well. 33,700 + 90k for level 9 = 123,700 This is definitely one of my favorite games for the system, but the homebrew Mystic Castle is even better! I recommend that one if you ever get your hands on it…the knight is much faster, making it easier to kill the enemies, and is a TON of fun! 4 different speed options too.
  11. Gotta use the items to your advantage! That’s the secret sauce to this game!
  12. I got lucky and bought it on eBay for $180. It was already RGB modded so it plays in full HD. Bought it over 2 years ago and it’s been one the best purchases I’ve ever made. I love it. I know there are a few members here who do the installs for a price. I think it’s worth it!
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