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  1. I see. That could be cool. And I love both games so it would be fun.
  2. I don’t know how you would have a game in the HSC that doesn’t have a high score.
  3. How about an Intellivoice game, like Space Spartans next season? That is the only one that has a score component I believe.
  4. I think one could argue that Space Battle and Space Spartans are very similar to the Tie Fighter attack on the Millennium Falcon in A New Hope. When you are shooting down the spaceships, it's very similar to shooting the Tie Fighters from the gun turrets that Luke and Han used. The ships really look like Ties in Space Spartans too, the kind Vader has.
  5. Well Tommy...I must say the new Cloudy Mountain looks amazing! I am going to play the hell outa that until my hands bleed!! You can see by my avatar pic that it was, and still is, my favorite Inty game. And you got me all jacked up for it again!!
  6. I've always thought Star Strike strike could be sooooo much better. Great concept, but they forgot to make the gameplay fun and engaging. I always get bored with it, and would much rather play Space Battle or Space Spartans. But I'm not sure how it could be changed and still remain a "trench run" game. Maybe there could be a battle screen that it switches to when enemy fighters arrive, then once you destroy them, it goes back to the Trench view. Not sure. All I know is that is that the gameplay is underwhelming in it's current state.
  7. Never heard of it either. Don’t think I’ll be searching to play it.
  8. Good point. Maybe it’s not a good game for the HSC then. 😊
  9. I vote for Astrosmash with a time limit, maybe 30 minutes. Of course everyone would have to trust that we follow that time limit closely and be honest about it.
  10. Sounds great Jacob! Don’t forget...you said Pac Man will be on the schedule for next season. I’m not great at it, just like to play it and haven’t seen it here on HSC. Thank you
  11. Very sorry to hear that news Jacob, that must’ve been very difficult for you to hear. Condolences to his family and I hope you are doing OK.
  12. That would certainly have an impact on what you played growing up! They had good taste with Intellivision though!
  13. That’s awesome. Guys like you are rare since people born in the 80s turned to Nintendo or Sega.
  14. Just wanted to chime in. I am 44 and I received my first Intellivision for Christmas in 1982 when I was just 6 years old. Made such an impression on me that I’m still playing it to this date! As I grow older, I hope to keep playing it as long as I can. So many great, innovative games were developed for it that still stand the test of time today. Looking forward to the Amico and how that will fit into today’s world of video games. Should be fun.
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