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  1. You should if you like doing it! I love doing "reviews" and making videos in general. It's a lot of fun! I don't like some of the drama, but I leave that to others. I don't know about a cost saving measure though! I seem to be buying a lot of games lately, and they all have my address if someone they knew wanted it. I've probably talked to Dr Ports and don't even know it, maybe right in this thread!
  2. OH, YEAH!!! That's a good one, too!!! 👍
  3. LOL! I prefer bread & butter..... Frankly though, I don't even know who Dr. Ports is, I just know that the box that came said the note said that it was from Dr. Ports for me to announce and review. I know it's boring, but that's the story! FYI: I'm going to do a follow-up game play video using the Intellivoice! It doesn't say it on the box or in the manual, but the game has voice, too! 👍
  4. I was very excited at the start, and got two FE's because at that time I was looking for two things: 1. To play remastered versions of classic games and most importantly 2. To be able to play many of the original 125 on controllers with digital overlays, against players from around the world who had as much love for these original games as I had. I wanted to play Sea Battle, MLB Baseball, NHL Hockey, Utopia, against other players all over. Peer to peer is fine, but it was a solution that would allow us to play these two player games when there was no one remotely near us with whom we could do so. As time went on following the initial announcement, it became obvious that this wasn't going to happen, at least not right away. The door was never completely closed on it, but original games and possible peer to peer play was going to be in the second year (which would have been about now). In chats and such, I heard everyone asking for all sorts of different games, and always thought to myself..."that's not an Intellivision game...why not ask for an actual Intellivision Game??!!" I don't really care about Evel Knievel, or Finnegan Fox, because they're not Intellivision. I mean, I'll try them and maybe I'll like them, but these games could have been anywhere. It didn't take me long to realize that the focus wasn't truly on Intellivision, it was on family games. Some of the biggest proponents of the system had next to no history with Intellivision. But also, I completely understand that the reality is, for this system to succeed, it HAS to have a much broader target demographic than us Intellivision fans. It's a necessary evil. Kids games. Family friendly content. No online play. I understand the need to be different, and I accept it, because it also means that if this system succeeds in these areas, I may just get more of what I want from it. That was long winded....am I still as excited about the system as I was? Hell no, because it's no longer focused on giving me what I'm looking for, at least not right away. But, I can accept that, and I still want it to succeed because it's still the best chance that we're ever going to have to expand upon the games that we all love, both by remastering them, and by hopefully opening up a world where it's easier to find other players for two player games. I'm still hoping, and I'm still excited for it....but no...not as much. Oh, but you can be DAMN sure that I'm still excited about the next homebrew game that CMadruga is going to put out, though! 👍
  5. As a follow up note, since my video came out, William has become even more confident that everything will be in place for the anticipated November release. 👍
  6. Here's the official announcement video for the upcoming Elektronite release of Carlos Madruga's "Infiltrator." Thanks, Guys! 👍
  7. PM Sent! Can't wait! ....just saw that link with the webpage. Going there now.
  8. Tommy, my two cents on licensing, since I'm an old timer....LOL..... Licensing costs can seriously hurt a company, their so exorbitant in many cases. I'd love to see you prioritize on getting the historic licenses for The Original 125's at this point, with any others being bonuses! I think that you know where I'm going here..... 😃
  9. Happy Intellivision Day, Everyone! I got my hour in early and all uploaded at noon, my local time! Have a great day!
  10. The darker is a better match to my 2609. The other one looks good, but more like the Atari VCS Woodgrain with a touch of red....
  11. I made this for dinner after finding your video. It turned out amazingly! Everyone loved it, and really, it's so simple! Thanks for sharing!
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