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  1. Pole Position - 60,660 Surprised to see I'm still in it after missing the last few weeks and my score not being added the week before that, but may as well try to finish off strong now that I have a little time!
  2. Hey @Vocelli, my Astroblast score has not been entered in the scoreboard...
  3. Much easier to submit a new post for every score update instead of editing I think!
  4. Astroblast - 27,025 Street Racer (Game 7 B/B) - 67 Don't think I'll be improving on these scores any this week! Not just because of the time factor lately, but also my opinion on all paddle games is that they are truly the John Denver and Village People of the Atari World lol!!....I have no desire to play them and they suck every ounce of fun out of it for me personally!
  5. Circus Atari (Game 6 A/B) - 916 Warlords (Game 14) - 5-1-0-0 = 8 (Hope I calculated the bonus right!) Almost forgot about this week again....not enough hours in a day lately!
  6. Ms. Galactopus (Updated ROM) - 19,020 Here's a new score without the glitch on the fixed ROM!
  7. Doggone It! - 34,204 Very fun cart, liking this one a lot so far as well!
  8. Ms. Galactopus - 24,905 Haven't tried the other 2 homebrews yet but absolutely LOVING this one so far!! Great job on the cart @KaeruYojimbo, will be most definitely looking to purchase this one in the near future I think!
  9. Spider-Man - 111,740 Small improvement on my PB, not sure if I'll have time for another run before the deadline!
  10. Spider-Man - 104,900 Finally got the 100K!!!
  11. Spider-Man - 80,780 Sorry @Rogerpoco, looks like I had a bit of extra time after all!! lol
  12. Spider-Man - 42,370 Really hoping to get some extra time this week to try this one again!
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