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  1. River Raid - 83,450 Another improvement on my PB!
  2. River Raid (B/B) - 63,180 I want to thank my friend and call him a d**k at the same time LOL!! Have never been great at this cart, but it's one that I've always wanted to seriously improve on! Now thanks to @ZilchSr, hopefully this will give me the push I need....step one, new PB!!
  3. Kool-Aid Man (B/B) - 57,400 A couple hours of cursing, swearing and other misc. profanity = another small improvement!
  4. Kool-Aid Man - 47,000 Small improvement!
  5. Frogs & Flies (A/A) - 40 Checkers (Game 1) - 6 If there was ever a game that made me doubt what little skill I have, Checkers would be the one!! Glad I finally beat it and glad I don't have to play it again!
  6. Cosmic Commuter - Max-Out!!! (1,000,000 points) Huge thanks again to @Nads for posting his video, very helpful!! 2nd pic is just before the max-out!
  7. Kool-Aid Man (B/B) - 42,200 Haven't played any of these carts before, hoping the rest are as fun as this one!
  8. Cosmic Commuter - 506,514 I just need a little more focus and a lot more time!
  9. Thanks Pete, I checked my video and it took just under an hour (give or take a few min. because I was texting Poco back LOL!).
  10. Cosmic Commuter - 126,802 More than doubled my PB after watching @nads' video!!
  11. Cosmic Commuter - 61,348 Small improvement, hoping to get a little more time into this one before the deadline!
  12. Any particular strategy you're using on this one? Why quit after such a big score when you have so many extra men left also?
  13. Cosmic Commuter - 33,182 First time ever trying this one, doesn't seem like a bad cart so far!
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