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  1. Hello everyone! I have an extra copy of handball, large and small overlays and instructions NO BOX AND NO CARD, but that is why I figured I’d post it here because everyone here will have access to a card 8 through the multicard! My offer for handball is $50, I also have a baseball overlay but that requires pieces if your up for it you could make your own pieces, selling that for $30, extra rifle overlays I have for $20 per both small and large overlays, And I have extra original game overlays for $15 per both small and large if anyone needs any because it’s pretty difficult to get missi mf overlays without buying a whole console. PM if you’re interested!
  2. Huh, interesting I’ll definitely look into it thank you!
  3. Well I’ve nailed it down to a loose card slot and I have no idea what to do for it, I’ve tightened up a littleeeee bit with Rubber bands but obviously isn’t the best, but with that I just need to lean it back a slight bit and it gets a good connection, I could possibly use thin but strong clamps, or try my luck bending the prongs out but if that breaks I’m screwed, it’s not a pop in pop out kinda thing, it’s directly soldered to the board because back in the 70s “easy” wasn’t invented yet...
  4. I have a sheet that tells me what each board does, so I was able to locate each board and it’s function, but I believe the issue arises from the game card and slot because I have to put the card in a certain way to show all objects, I’ve cleaned both thoroughly but I’m still having the same issue. Again thank you for all your help!
  5. Oh nice! My odyssey works perfect when I don’t put the card all the way in 😐 a little annoying but works fine, so that means it’s a contact issue then right? And with the board swap, wouldn’t that cause the same issue in another place? I feel like every board has a pretty uprfront necessary job, but I had a paper and removed and cleaned boards top left and second from left on the bottom row (player 1 video and wall video) I cleaned the card and I cleaned the slot and functionality has *improved* but it’s not great, any pointers?
  6. Awesome thank you for your feedback! But I’ve concluded it is not a problem with the tv anymore it’s my odyssey and she’s opened up right now! But your info did help a lot so thank you!
  7. My tv a working perfectly no snow! Thanks to the help from Stupus, BUT still no wall, this odyssey had a wall less than a month ago so I will need some help on repairs, I have a secon odyssey so hopefully that one will work!
  8. I’ve had my odyssey for a while now and it’s worked perfectly since purchase, I’ve been using it on a ‘94 or so CRT and just recently bought a Curtis Mathis ‘81 to better fit the era (believe me i looked for a 70s... impossible) but now that it’s hooks to this older tv, it’s grainier (not the main issue) but now the wall won’t show! I’ve heard this being an issue before but it was never one for me so I never knew how to fix it. Also there are so many dials on this tv that I have no clue what they do I’ll attack some images if anyone could help me out
  9. Not sure if this is the one you were speaking of but there’s this, you might be able to talk their price down https://www.ebay.com/itm/163638813471
  10. I also have interplanetary voyage with the card, i personally don’t think IPV is any rarer than the other 73 game’s, the card itself is by default more rare than the others due to the only occurrence being In these 73 games
  11. Let me know if you’re still interested in the rifle as I still have that as well
  12. I never received a dm but they are still here if you’re interested!
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