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  1. @Ross PK This console was huge for me in 1998 and 1999. It was my first home console and, just like the Saturn saved the youtuber Sega Lord X during a troublesome period in his life as a young adult, the Playstation was key for me when I was 17-18 years old and was having some troubles too. I needed to find myself as a teenager and video games were my main hobby, but I reached a point where my dad was clearly tired of my visiting him just to play MS-DOS games with his Pentium 133. I saved my parents' weekly allowance for 6 months to buy the console, which helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel of those insecure times. (By the way. my first actual console and the first system I bought with my own money was the original Game Boy, that I used to have something to play while I was saving for the PS1) Firstly, I would recommend that you find a way to play the American or Japanese version of the games. PAL games run 15% slower and often feature two horizontal stripes on the top and bottom on the screen. This is not necessary if the games are European, such as Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto and a few other cool British games from that era. I was lucky to play the big names and also a few hidden gems, so here are some suggestions: - Silent Hill, much better than Resident Evil - The first Tomb Raider (but you can only save at any time on the PC version, so perhaps play that one instead) - Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exodus. Everyone should play these two! - International Superstar Soccer 98 (I recommend the Japanese 1.5 version, called Winning Eleven 3: Final Version, faster and which includes 1-2 passes that you can choose when to return while the player keeps running) - Heart of Darkness, by the guy who made Another World. - Other fun games such as Spyro, Croc, Gex 3D, Twisted Metal 2, Destruction Derby 2, Crash Bash, Crash Team Racing, Disruptor, Ridge Racer Type 4, Ace Combat 3, Tekken 3... And check out the hidden gems Silent Bomber, One and Colony Wars. I won't recommend Gran Turismo because you're already playing it. I will just say that I used to go to bed late during the week and then go to the basement instead of the high school the next day to have the missing sleep time, and the reason was winning every race and medal in that game. I had the Japanese version, but I head they did a decent PAL port.
  2. Try Flashpoint, a compilation of 80K Flash games. There is no option to sort by genre, so you need to type "tag:adventure" or "tag:escape" in the search bar. I recommend the Escape the Room series "Crimson Room", "Neutral" and the ones made by "Mina" and published by "Kotorinosu.net".
  3. Hey Tommy, here's an interesting/difficult question: - Have you ever thought about ambidextrous fighting sticks on the Amico?-Just kidding! This is the real question: - Are you 100% sure the problems that made the April launch impossible will not happen again in September? If so, could you give more details as to why the prices of the components/shipping will not be a problem this time?
  4. I just found an awesome series of videos in Youtube: a guy who lists a top 10 Commodore 64 hidden gems... for each letter! He's already reached the S.
  5. In my case it's The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. It's a perfect example of an "if it works, don' touch it" situation that, of course, was touched. I rather play the monochrome or CGA versions and, of course, I prefer the EGA version (my favorite) to the Special Edition. I'll add some screenshots in a spoiler:
  6. I did some more research and my impressions are: - Some games look definitely bad (but maybe they can be fun in a so-bad-it's-good way in multiplayer): The soccer game, the racing game. - Some games are clones of famous games and look pretty decent (but controls in 3D games are probably terrible): A split screen FPS, A Smash Bros clone, a Propeller Arena clone (split screen air combat!), a Bomberman clone... - Some games seem quite unique: some kind of multiplayer Lemmings clone, some overhead 2D multiplayer shooter that happens inside train wagons... - There is also a cool looking golf game and several trivia and Pictionary games. In this review, they say it's a good experience, but the controls are bad in complex games. Since subscription is only $5 a month, I guess you can always subscribe for only one month and then cancel the service if you, like me, only want to use it a few times a year with your family.
  7. The AirConsole looks cool, but I don't really like the subscription model. Also, the Amico offers games such as Cornhole, Bomb Squad, Back Talk, Warlords, all the reimagined classics, all the board and card games... And the controller, the lights, the cool music and sounds, the educational games... Still, the Amico is 7 months away and most of us don't need the educational stuff, so maybe the best approach would be to subscribe for the AirConsole just to play those games with your friends and family on a rare occasion and then unsubscribe immediately until the next party. Some of the games look decent (I think they have 168 in total):
  8. After taking a look at Ghost & Goblins for the NES for the first time in Youtube, all I can say is that it may help with anxiety... compared to the Amstrad CPC port. Seriously, try the Amstrad CPC port. It's brutally difficult due to the sudden scrolling (a mixture of scrolling and flip screen, where the screen scrolls when you're close to the border) and the music is like a techno version of the main theme (which is cool)!
  9. I never touched a Saturn back in the day as none of my friends had it (the closer I was to the Saturn was one guy who said he won one in a Sega Rally contest). However, as someone who considers the original Playstation my favorite console, I'm starting to appreciate the console because it's definitely the most similar one to Sony's first console. They were released at the same time and had very similar graphics, and even similar games many times (with Namco and Sega doing the arcade ports). Sony killed the Saturn by offering a similar "mature" and pixelated approach, but with: - A cool name and a cool looking controller (Saturn's name and logo are terrible and the controller looks too similar to previous Sega controllers). - Much better "non arcade" games (Panzer Dragoon games are great, but Sonic R, Burning Rangers, Nights and others feel like failed experiments). - Konami, Namco, Electronic Arts, Square... I'm not sure exactly what happened, but Sega somehow did not a good job securing games from many major developers. - A console that was much more easy to program (even if some Saturn games look pretty cool when the 2nd processor is used well). - A clear focus on 3D games Vs. the 2D approach that seemed to prevail in the Saturn. - Sega couldn't win the price war against an entertainment industry giant. Looking back, I feel kind of bad for Sega. In a way, Sony won thanks to a few things that I don't really appreciate (I hate turn-based RPGs, Sony clearly used their ability to throw more money to gain exclusiveness with companies, Electronic Arts sports games sucked in the 90s or at least the soccer ones did...). It's crazy when you think about the first games for the original Playstation, that were not very interesting. I wonder if Sega thought that Sony's first console was going to be another 3DO.
  10. Here's another idea for a game: soccer with bumper cars. The Flash game Bumperball already did it, but it's only two players (offline with one keyboard!) and cannot be played online anymore (but you can find it in Bluemaxima's Flashpoint compilation). Space Strikers looks cool but maybe a bit too complex at first sight, so this kind of simple games can never hurt a catalog: Bumperball doesn't even have an action button, just the four directional keys. By the way, here's a list of cool Escape the Room Flash games included in Bluemaxima's Flashpoint, in case anyone is looking for inspiration. I've spent the last weeks finishing most of them and some of them are hidden gems: I especially recommend Don't Escape, White Chamber, Boat House, Escapers FINAL and Murder Escape.
  11. It's not only that. The double standard is clear and it always goes against the Amico: - The Amico should have pixel art. But when my favorite company does high res 2D remakes, it's okay. - The Amico delay means it's a scam. But when Playdate does the same, or Cyberpunk 2077 is released full of bugs, or even car manufacturers severely cut their production due to chip shortages, that's fine. - All the Amico games should have multiplayer and 95% is not enough, but when my favorite company only reaches 10% that's fine. - The Amico graphics "look pedestrian", but when Nintendo releases things like Miitopia, it's perfectly fine, they know what they're doing. This 2021 remaster of a 2016 game is perfectly acceptable for somebody who says Amico games look terrible Going after the underdog hoping they fail so you can have an ego boost is really sad. I wish video game fans were more like music fans. Do you imagine Aerosmith or Red Hot Chili Peppers fans attacking new bands because they offer something different while taking some inspiration from their favorite artists?
  12. I made some quick research and it looks like the flag represents the Japanese army since many centuries ago, but is considered offensive in China and South Korea. South Korea was under Japan's control and many people there consider the flag a symbol of Japan's imperialism.
  13. Remember @1001lives / @LordRayken, the maniac that was debating with himself (1001lives was the Amico fan and LordRayken was the Amico hater) and had to be banned by the mods? Remember how many of us were not 100% sure if his real personality was the hater or the fan? Well, he has a third name, "swimelodeon", and has pretty much gone full hater in the recent weeks, accusing Tommy of being "dishonest" for "hiding the controls" in the Breakout video, among other crazy stuff: So I guess that's another mystery solved! I have the feeling one of the few positive things about the delay is that many people will reveal their real face.
  14. Apart from Goldeneye, the 32/64 bit era has some good games based on movies (Alien Trilogy, 007: The World is Not Enough, Spiderman, Disney's Hercules, Star Wars Episode 1: Racer), a few more that are decent (Mission: Impossible, Die Hard Trilogy, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Chicken Run) and others that are absolutely terrible (Spawn, The Fifth Element, City of the Lost Children, The Crow: City of Angels, Batman & Robin, Independence Day, Congo). Maybe a Grim Fandango style would have fitted the movie fine.
  15. Big Trouble in Little China already has a game for some 8 bit computers (and it looks like it's not particularly good). It's not the only one: a few movies deserve better video games that the ones that were made based on them: The Running Man, Back to the Future, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (Mad Max for the NES is based on it)... Going back to the movies without even a bad game, I think Planet of the Apes and Dark city have potential for a point & click. For an action game, They Live would work pretty well. Of course, Escape from New York "almost" has a game, but maybe a game based on the actual movie could be cool.
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