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  1. Hey @Nintendo64, back to the PS1 I think you should try the game Klonoa, a pretty relaxing 2.5D platformer. The gameplay is excellent, with just the right difficulty, and I can't believe how good the music actually is.
  2. I think you can safely vote the negative option after your experience.
  3. To make it more interesting with a fight of "I like it" Vs. "I don't like it". I'm perfectly aware of what I did and how it's "not right", but hey.
  4. Hey Tommy, I just found your first hater in my country. I think this is good news! It means you're growing. 😆 It's interesting how the arguments are always the same and none of them makes sense: - Tommy is not professional - The project is a kickstarter - Fig.co is the main money collecting method of Intellivision Entertainment - Fig.co is for kickstarters - The virus has not affected Intellivision Entertainment in any way, it's only that they're not being honest with release dates - The $50 prize increase is a deal breaker - Wii Sports looks SO much better than these games. I mean, like SO much better. Like you can't compare. - You can't buy the console in the company's website and that's a terrible sign (with PS5 and XSX is the same but that's not a problem) - We haven't seen the menus or eShop and that's suspicious (again, same with PS5 and XSX, but only a problem for the Amico) Add a few "I used to like Tommy" and "this is not a way to manage a project" here and there and... voilà! First Tommy hater in this famous European country. I explained everything to the guy and he still didn't believe it was not kickstarter (he then brought up fig.co and said that the Amico "should not need that according to my version") But each hater has its own original trademark and in this case this guy was comparing this project with the Evercade, where, among other stuff, all games are already programmed. 🤓 I guess some people just have the need to tear down other's projects for no reason. It makes them feel powerful and special, somehow.
  5. Hey Tommy, what do you mean with government organizations that take care of this? Has your team contacted them and do you think they will take action?
  6. I wanted to say "receive the respect they deserve", by the way.
  7. I don't understand Conan here. The tanks game and Pitfall must have been incredible at the time and they look pretty fun today. Once more, video games don't receive the respect they receive as an interactive form or art. Something that important in human culture should not be treated like that by a professional journalist with millions of viewers.
  8. Yeah, same game but you can save anywhere instead of limited saves with just a few crystals. That definitely changes the pace of the game. The version I played 23 years ago had no videos and no music and that made the experience much better, more mysterious. It's interesting how I prefer games with no voices or dialogs such as Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Croc or the pirated version of Tomb Raider for PC with no voices or CGI scenes. I feel that story in video games is usually heavily overrated and I believe it's better to make the player interact with the environment in a way that they create their own story. Not sure how that affects anxiety, though.
  9. Hey @Nintendo64, perhaps I didn't understand your "requirements" when I recommended Shadow of the Colossus. I believe you said you didn't want to feel like the world is too big, right? I think you were looking for some quiet experiences with pseudo open worlds that are not super big and where things kind of "fit into place" as you explore. I still believe Shadow of the Colossus is a game everyone should play, but the world is definitely large and playing the game could have a melancholic or frustrating effect if you just need a more predictable experience. I like to discover things in the world of Shadow of the Colossus, but so much exploration can generate anxiety. I never thought about it. So if you already tried that game and it was bad for you, perhaps I can change that recommendation to give you some pseudo open worlds: - Tomb Raider (MS-DOS version preferably, as you can save anywhere): This game is a masterpiece and it has that kind of pseudo open world experience you are looking for. Yeah, there are some animals that appear ouf of nowhere, but after you kill them it's a relaxing experience where you explore some caverns or tombs that look bad but feel great. The shape of the levels is fantastic and you can find secrets and stuff. You can use several types of jumps to access to remote places, so you can spend a lot of time planning your next move in those mysterious places. It could work for you. The version I prefer is a CD rip without videos and music and I also played it in low res. The end result was pretty relaxing for me. - Ico (PS2): Similar feel of Shadow of the Colossus, but the graphics are more defined and the world is not so open. The good thing of SotC is that there are no enemies in the open world, but in this case there are very few enemies and exploring the castle feels good. It can be relaxing. This game doesn't have the drama of SotC, it all feels more spontaneous as you control the little kid.
  10. Here are my recommendations for the different systems I've owned: - Amstrad CPC (also available for C64 and others): Bruce Lee. - MS-DOS: Loom. - Playstation: Croc. - Playstation 2 (if it counts as retro!): Shadow of the Colossus.
  11. I don't think Calcio Storico Florentino is a video game. I think it's a traditional Italian sport that could work as a video game.
  12. @Intellivision Master A suggestion: Perhaps we would finish earlier if you just mentioned the retro/arcade games from the 80s you don't want on the Amico.
  13. Hey @Urlu Berlu, since we don't have much to talk about, can you tell us how did you get that video? Do you think a movie adaptation of your story would work?
  14. The other day I missed the deleted political messages, but today I was here to see the autodeleted Cloudy Mountain preview. It feels good! I feel like I've seen a shooting star.
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