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  1. The story is by far the most overrated element of a video game. Most of my favorite games don't have a story or have a vague one that you must "imagine" for yourself (i. e. Ico or Shadow of the Colossus). Retro games put you in a place where you have to escape and you don't know much (or anything at all) about the main character. And they work... really well! One player games are like a simulation of exploring forests or abandoned houses as a kid. I believe the "main story" of a video game should be something you create by playing. Of course, I also appreciate some "afterthought" and/or minimalistic stories in retro games (i. e. "I have created a game about a strange creature that jumps, let's see.... Oh well, you are an alien lost in another planet and..."). I'm not a fan of RPG games, especially turn based, but I believe they should be able to work fine with one of these ultra-minimalistic stories. To be honest, I find most modern movies, comic books and other media pretty boring, and modern videogame stories are often worse, so it's not such as great loss. As an example, Death Stranding would have flopped terribly if it was a movie.
  2. I'm watching the TV series The Prisoner (1967) and I think it's perfect material to create all kinds of games based on it. It's like a combination of Truman's Show and James Bond. The main character is a guy trapped in a small island where inhabitants are called "number 6", "number 12"... They are all trapped for the same reason: a powerful organization want them to confess something, but they refuse to collaborate. The island has its own currency ("Work Units"), it's own so-called "democraticly elected counsil" and some "advanced" technology (for the 60s) like doors opening automatically, wireless phones or punched cards. There are also some cute mini-taxis that travel through the tiny roads of the islands, but walking is often a better option. The leader of the place is called "number 2" and changes every episode. "Number 2" reports by phone to a mysterious "number 1" that is never shown on screen. Often the main character is drugged overnight and/or tricked to believed a new resident is actually his friend, when he/she is actually working for the bad guys. One time he's even tricked into believing he has escaped with a complicated set up complete with fake boats, fake London offices with fake Big Ben chimes sounding and fake Lithuanian spies helping him. When the residents try to escape, they can choose to run or even steal vehicles like an helicopter or a boat, but they are followed by hidden cameras, returned to the island by remote controlled helicopter controls or even chased by some weird, big, white bubbles controlled by the bad guys. When one of the bubbles gets an escaping resident, the bubble covers the person's head and leave them unconscious. I can see sucessful games based on this: - Your typical simple 2D platformer for Atari 2600 or Intellivision (where avoiding bubbles is key) - More complex cinematic 2D platformer - A text adventure - A point & click graphical adventure (1st or 3rd person) - A stealth game a la MGS - A GTA style game (overhead or 3D) where you can steal vehicles and try to escape In GTA San Andreas, I loved how you could try to escape to another zone before "legally" unblocking the bridge by swimming to the other side and then you had dozens of cops chasing you, unavoidably killing you in a few seconds. A similar mechanic could be implemented where you could try escaping and almost succeding, but where you need to take a strategic approach using objects or choosing a better time of the day to escape to get out. Of course, one of the problems of creating an action game based on The Prisoner is that you would not be drugged as a player, and you would know in advance that the bad guys are trying to trick you. Also, how can you confess something as a player that you don't even know? In any case, the setting has potential for action and adventure gaming, even if the option of confessing via dialog trees could not be implemented due to players being unaware of the "secret information" for plot reasons. (I honestly believe the French 1st person graphic adventures Fascination and Lost in Time are heavily inspired by this series, especially by S01E07, where the main character wakes up in an emtpy island and escapes in a wooden raft, later boarding a ship that looks suspiciously similar to the one in Lost in Time and creating a diversion in the kitchen that is suspiciously similar to a puzzle in Fascination).
  3. Last night I had my most nerdish dream ever: was in a book shop and saw NEW "ESCAPE FROM TENOPIA/FROME" BOOKS.

    1. nanochess


      Haha, as a kid I had a Frome book and a Tenopia one. As an adult managed to get two more Frome books, but I don't have saw Tenopia books anymore.

  4. Anyone remember a Star Wars/Trek parody movie where the crew of a starship were all a bunch of incredibly hairy hippies with extremely long beard and hair? Made in the 70s or 80s, very obscure, doesn't appear in any "list of parody movies" list. Could be European.

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    2. thanatos


      Maybe near the end of The Ice Pirates, when they all got old in a time warp?

    3. IntelliMission


      Thanks for the answers! It can't be BBC's HGttG because there was no guy with a bathrobe, but it's certainly similar to the ending of The Ice Pirates. I will have to check that one out!

      (I saw the hairy people in the TV as a kid and now that I'm watching the original Star Trek series and movies, I couldn't help but remember it when starting The Motion Picture [1979]).


      UPDATE: Okay, so it looks VERY SIMILAR to The Ice Pirates ending, but the movie I'm looking for looks like this all the time. The hairy people are the characters in their normal state somehow.

    4. thanatos


      Remembering stuff as a kid is sometimes weird.  I recalled a scene from what I thought was a movie my dad was watching, and it somehow stuck in my head.  Never saw it again, never could figure out the movie.


      And just this past year, because of all the old TV shows on the antenna channels, I randomly saw the actual scene again, and it was an episode of CHIPS.  My mind was blown!


      That's the main reason I thought it might have been the Ice Pirates - I thought it might have been a similar situation.



  5. Dude, you have been in this forum for over 10 years and none of your 24 messages are related in any way to the original Intellivision... What part of "Mattel Intellivision fans" didn't you understand?
  6. This guy is totally clueless. A few months ago he already said that "what the Amico needs is something new, like a first person shooter based on Cloudy Mountain", totally misunderstanding the main purpose of the console. And here he keeps repeating the same old conspiracy theory that the delays are because the games and the system are not complete when Tommy has repeated over and over that the "90% complete" data means they're taking the extra time to improve them. I'm sure the thread will create another "great" debate among Atari Age's "experts", so good job there. So much concern trolling can't be good for someone's mental health, though. 😉
  7. As someone who has never even played any game released after 2006 and who has mostly played 8-bit and 16-bit computer games for the last 10 years, it was very interesting to see how a guy is doing a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night remake for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (that sadly changes the gameplay to make it linear, so it's a new game, but that's another topic). I always say that PS2 era graphics are more than enough for me and even consider then necessary (some great games released between 1995 and 2005 would have not been possible wihout textured 3D graphics), but at the same time I feel that realism has damaged creativity in game designers and "mandatory" 3D has complicated controls and removed precision. I think it all started going downhill when Nintendo released 3D games that controlled and looked worse than their 2D versions, and when games that try to be movies, like Heavy Rain, were released a few years later. Since this is a retro subforum in a retro forum, I wonder in which generation would each of you set the "graphical limit" (if you could magically do that with the press of a button, Dr. Doom style)? I've always been a big fan of PS1/Saturn/N64, but maybe I would press the "16 bit" button*... *Imagine "16 bit" includes Doom for PC
  8. Some guy who already did a Genesis remake of the Game Gear's version of Shinobi is doing it for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. The sprites look almost identical complete with animations, the music has yet to be started but I hope will sound great, the backgrounds lose some detail... But the game will be linear, so it will not really be the same game.: I do prefer linear games, but I also disagree with the reason he gives for changing the gameplay ("it will be more interesting"). I would have tried a 1 to 1 copy. Still, it looks pretty cool!
  9. I wish I had an Everdrive with 5K games as a kid when the disk drive from my Amstrad CPC stopped working and my dad sold the whole machine... Damn.
  10. Hey Tommy (and anyone who can answer), do a video game MAIN designer (not a regular programmer) ever play their own game? They probably play it when it's multiplayer, but what about single player games? I'm curious about this. I guess with graphic or text adventures is almost impossible not to remember the puzzles you created, but what about action games?
  11. Would Atari have been more powerful had they conquered the whole world and add an Atari logo to each national flag?

    1. carlsson


      I'm not entirely sure, but here are a few previews.


      atari-usa.png.0bae50fe673fea4da1631b2ceb7d55d5.png atari-canada.png.a893bad772d65a0c0adb486c5bbafd0e.png atari-uganda.png.4c8e1decb6ec6bfbec6455bfc55cfe6c.png

      atari-wales.png.708d011f4bf5059ca549de90c403efb2.png atari-china.png.cf065eec57315c9487aa2764c64e8132.pngatari-pakistan.png.7caad069e45027028f361406627d09fc.png



    2. doctorclu


      Nah, Atari would have over stretched their resources into too many programs and ultimately gone bankrupt.

  12. How to kill suspension of disbelief in 5sec- "it's inhabited by humanoids" (3 white dudes appear speaking English)

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    2. IntelliMission


      The issue is the lack of imagination. It's a show made by white dudes who speak English where half of the alien races have evolved... to be white dudes who speak English. I don't know, at least paint their skins blue or something.

    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      the rant we expected... and didn't need... it's everywhere... I'd suspect if the show were made in a land full of purple people, we'd see purple things... this stuff is tiresome... if only people were logical...

      TOS had green people, black people, asian people... and on and on... it even had half of this color half of that... they had all sizes shapes and colors for people and alien... you are off base and off topic, take this crap away!

    4. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      nice job editing what you said after I responded to it... poor move

  13. Alpha Waves (1990) was the first 3D platformer. Even for 32 bit consoles, Jumping Flash was released in 1995. So sorry Mario, and sorry Croc (good game with good music that I recommend, a "Tomb Raider for kids").
  14. Welcome to this topic! It's a fortunate coincidence that you just joined us after one of our greatest contributors, Cranker, left... It's great to have a replacement so soon! (To be more precise, Cranker sent his last, 'good bye' message on Thursday at 10:39 PM and your first message was on Thursday at 10:49 PM). By the way, I'm curious about something... What do you think about the delay of the console? Do you think it's because of the semiconductor shortage... or maybe something else that they don't want to tell us? I think everyone would love to hear your opinion. Oh and don't be shy to post it multiple times if needed!
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