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  1. Thanks Tommy, I'm glad I asked because I knew something was not right. About his audience, the numbers are quite interesting because some of his earlier gameplay videos have tens of thousands of views, but the rest have less than 100 views... it's pretty extreme. Youtube is an unforgiving place, as Smash JT explains in one of his recent videos, and often youtubers fail to understand that, in order to get more views, they should offer something unique and sometimes they just keep talking boring stuff in front of the camera. I see a lot of people like this on the Internet, people that talk and talk and tweet and tweet and they get zero likes, and some of them literally spend the whole day there, they use Twitter like a chatroom. Not everyone can be a star... But, at the same time, the fact that you, Tommy, and some other famous artists are open to answer direct questions from regular people on the Internet also makes you think that we, normal people, are closer to you guys than we think. We all could be stars if we tried hard enough. I confess all these news about the Amico and the intense debate with youtubers have been entertainment to watch. As a fan of original music, I would choose the following soundtrack to these dramatic moments: > Pat and Ian's fake apology: Ween - The Going Gets Though from the Get Go (Pat and Ian said that you attacked them "from the get go"). > downphoenix's video about the Amico: 311 - Beautiful Disaster (he said that the console is going to be "a disaster") > The Amico's initial trailer: Ween - Friends (EP Dance Mix) > Tommy's description of downphoenix as "a negative an uninformed guy in a car": The Astronauts - Devil Driver > SmashJT's "conversion" video: Primal Scream - Movin on Up
  2. Hey Tommy, the youtuber downphoenix, author of the video "Why the Intellivision Amico will flop", has made the following comment on Smash JT's video: He seems to imply that he had an "experience" with the Amico, but what he speaks in his video and wrote in the comments section is totally different: Do you remember if this guy has tried the Amico?
  3. Please keep fast food out of this thread, thank you. Just kidding! My advice about burgers is: try organic ground beef! Eat lots of it and you will have the true power from Popeye (don' try what he did with spinach). I should say something about the Amico, so here it comes: since all the games will feature offline multiplayer modes, I hope every single genre is well represented in the system. This includes FPS where you "kill" robots and infiltration "Metal Gear" style games with split screen action.
  4. Here's a totally crazy sales prediction for the Amico: - The Amico will sell better than the Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One combined
  5. Hey Tommy, do you think being an American company can help the Amico sales in the USA? Perhaps this can be pointed out in the campaigns with some humor.
  6. Now that we know that shooting people will not be possible in the Amico games, and we will be using weapons against robots, I'm looking forward to see lots of robot violence in the system. 4 player split screen FPS with robots, smash bros style fighting games with robots, etc. Thanks to the focus in gameplay over graphics, the Amico will be able to implement very fluid 4p split screen modes, and who knows, maybe they can try 6p expanding to the sides thanks to the extra space wide screens provide.
  7. If you stay inside there is a lesser chance of being murdered by a cartel You don't need cartels for that 😉 Mexicans tend to spend more time with their families. It's in their culture. When they come to study to Spain, they feel a cultural shock, as they see us Spaniards as too "individualistic", too cold. Maybe this is the reason why Tommy said that. By the way, that must be the best Amico meme so far. Good job, my friend.
  8. Multiplayer versions of Abe's Oddysee or Bruce Lee (that already included a 2 player mode in 1984 where one of the players controls the sumo guy) would be awesome. I hope the new Earthworm Jim has some of that.
  9. The market is getting really interesting these days: Stadia will launch in a couple of months, the Playdate a few months later, Sony and Microsoft will reveal their new machines soon and the Amico will then jump into the fight. It looks like the Amico d-pad will be better than it looks... I'm not a fan of analog sticks except for driving of flight sims, and using this d-pad by default will be refreshing. MetalJesus said something interesting about the nostalgia: are we "condemned" to be permanently in love with the games, movies, comic books that we enjoyed when we were 6-14 years old? His interviewer said that he likes Ghostbusters 2 better than the first one because it was the one he watched as a kid. I personally believe that we should be able to escape this mindset. In my case, I didn't finish the first Monkey Island in the 90s, but I did it in 2012 and it is now my favorite game; and I recently realized that the Tomb Raider sequels, that I played from start to finish on my PS1, didn't have any of the "magic" of the 1996 original (exploration, better platforming sections, less enemies). About the kids, don't plan to have them, but please, if anyone who has kids is reading this, try to teach your kids to discover secrets instead of watching someone doing it, and teach them to play games that foster thinking and mastering actual skills, not cheap rewards for hundreds of hours of playing. Check out this article to know more about this topic: Addicted to fake achievement. (Yes, I know I mentioned this some pages before). I wish my parents had played with me, but sadly they didn't understand video games. I was lucky to play some great games from the start on my Amstrad (Contra, Commando, Matchday 2, Saboteur, Bruce Lee) and also some really bad games, and this was a great introduction to gaming that helped me identify good and bad games in the 16 bit and 32 bit eras. However, some of my frustration could have been avoided: too much rage when I lost all my lives when I was 10, too many hours lost in Football Managers when I was 16... You, retro gaming parents, have the chance to teach them how to play and why a video game is good. I wish I had a job that consisted in helping children understand these things... Nowadays, they are playing Fortnite and doing a lot of microtansactions buying skins and dances, and I'm not sure this is an ideal situation. By the way, Tommy, since you like the Bruce Lee game... Well, this style seems to fit the Amico well. Somebody should remake this too.
  10. Okay, okay... (yawn) UPDATED MEGA LIST OF AMICO FIRSTS (READ WITH CAUTION): - First console where all the games have offline multiplayer modes (confirmed and a game changer, at least for me) - First modern console to include more than one standard controller that you can use to play all games (unlike the Joycons! ^^) - First console where you can use smartphones to play all (or most) of the games - First 3D console that focuses on 2D gameplay - First console where "family friendly" is a requirement - First console sold in major retailers with a sub $189 launch cost (consoles launch costs & 2013 dollars) ("major retailers" because of some Chinese consoles) - First console where all digital software titles are less than $10 - First modern console where all games are curated for quality - First console which requires game balancing for weaker players as an option (to be confirmed) - First console with integrated game interactive LED lighting on the console & controllers - First modern console with no DLC, In-App Purchases, Loot Boxes or Ads EXTRAS, COURTESY OF TT®: - First console release where anyone can ask any question directly to the CEO of the company - First console release where you get to interview the CEO of the company for free by simply pretending to get the price wrong or some other excuse DISCLAIMER: This list is provided as is and in no way is intended to be definitive. You can correct the list, dude.
  11. I think we all understood that we were speaking about default configurations and not only features "for some games"... except for you, of course.
  12. What I meant is by default, features that all the games will be able to use.
  13. Here's hoping ID Software releases a Wolfenstein 3D port with Windows logos instead of swastikas and no blood with 4 player split screen action for the Amico. With nazis disappearing instead of dying, yes.
  14. The Amico will save us from becoming this girl: That's a new idea from the modern Nintendo, by the way. They are on fire this week!
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