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  1. Okay, folks... Who's the guy who voted that the console is uncrackable?
  2. Meanwhile... CBR: Tron Meets Blade Runner in Atari Hotel Design Images: Video game giant Atari unveiled the first concept art for its upcoming line of hotels, which will be built in eight cities across the United States.
  3. News from the poll: while the "I like it" option wins 80% to 20% in most questions, there are two exceptions: - 33% would have preferred a traditional cartridge approach for all games - 100% believe that the console will be cracked at some point
  4. Hey guys, I just created this 10 question poll in the Intellivision section of the forum:
  5. Here are some questions about the Amico to see what Atari Age thinks about the console.
  6. I have terrible news for the Amico today, folks... 5 hardcore retro gamers in AtariAge don't like the mobile game ports and cartoonish visual style of the games and will NOT buy the console. How will the Amico recover from this blow? Only time will tell.
  7. Tommy, what about Ladytron for the Amico? Just kidding... Just a wordplay with Tron. But still, you guys should check the first 5 albums of this band if you like good rock! (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  8. I will answer myself. This is a preliminary list of confirmed reimagined classics that never appeared on the original Intellivision and will come out for the Amico: - Breakout - Missile Command - Moon Patrol - Pong Feel free to add more games to it.
  9. As an European who's not a fan of baseball, one of the most interesting things from that game for me will be how the console handles realistic 3D models of the players on the field. I'm pretty sure Tommy said the Amico graphics will be slighly worse than the PS3/Xbox 360. Considering that the PS2 had some pretty amazing sports game that looked great with all the right animations, there shouldn't be any major technical problems that would cause those 3D players to look too bad compared too the other consoles. Programming a 3D game is much easier today than it was 20 years go, but still I wonder if the decision to use realistic players in that game (the only one I can think of for the Amico that goes this route) will prove to be correct.
  10. Can anyone make a list of all the Amico reimagined classics confirmed or semi-confirmed that were not available on the original Intellivision?
  11. Are all the games in the Oliver Twins collection NES versions?
  12. I just realized Tommy has managed to create hype for the reimagined version of... Pong. Now that's a pretty cool achievement in itself. Good job.
  13. Directly from the "Computers and the video game crash of the 80" topic in the Classic Computing section of Atari Age, heres an interesting story about shovelware in the Android and Apple stores: two guys created 1,500 randomly generated slot machines and earned money. This instantly reminded me of Tommy's decision to only publish really good games and give each game the visibility it deserves.
  14. As someone who's only 3 months older than Pat, I almost feel the need to say sorry in the name of my generation. Nobody wants this, nobody is going to buy that, nobody liked that other thing 40 years ago. How can you say that, man? I used to say things like that in like, 1998? When we were both 18? And this is coming from someone who's not particularly interested in the lights.
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