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  1. I hope the final rate of millions of units sold between the Amico and the Master System is the same as the difference of quality between the game covers of both consoles. Wouldn't that be some money printing thing?
  2. So I'm finishing Commander Keen, and it gets better as you progress as you get the handle of it and start expecting Romero to put a death trap just after each quiet section of a level. One stage left and the game has hinted that I can't kill the final boss "directly"... Whoa!
  3. Interestingly, some of the most important Playdate specs are simliar to the Dreamcast (both have 16MB of RAM, but the Dreamcast runs at 200MHz and the Playdate at 180MHz), even if the Dreamcast has a VRAM and other chips, in addition to colors and resolution. Panic's console should be able to make 3D pretty fluid with that resolution, but I don't know if we'll see it. Everything is in 2D for now. They probably believe that making 3D games is not worth it at such a low resolution.
  4. Nope! What I meant was consoles outside the big ones. The Ouya had nothing retro about it and I included it. Maybe I should have used another word. It would be great that consoles from smaller companies with their own catalogue of exclusive games are successful, and for that we need the Amico and Playdate to succeed (the Evercade may be helping, but all games are re-releases). The Ouya was discontinued 3 years later and the store closed 7 years later, but hopefully it will be different this time. But you're right about everything becoming retro at some point, and I believe we're lucky... Kids born in 2010 will have a hard time playing their old PS4 and PS5 if Sony closes its servers at some point. But we're in an Amico thread and we need to Amico more, so... Tommy, can you give us a hint about any of the E3 potential surprises?
  5. @Bill Loguidice This is why I specified "among hardcore gamers". As Tommy has pointed out, the Ouya and VCS made it more complicated to release new consoles for smaller companies, as every new console is now called the new Ouya by a portion of gamers on the Internet. Theoretically this shouldn't affect the Amico's main market. I personally don't see the need to spend that money on the Playdate, but I find it a cool concept and also interesting as an experiment, even if it's not their goal. And I'm convinced it will sell reasonably well in a small scale because I know millions of modern gamers are into buying things that look cool. And at least this thing looks cool and you can also play a lot of strange games on it (which I personally hope they improve, as one of the developers even said he didn't know what he was doing).
  6. The more than likely success (which doesn't mean selling millions of consoles, but hundreds of thousands) of the Playdate can help the improve the perception of the Amico from hardcore gamers. Some of them are still crying "Ouya" in the comments of the recent Playdate event. The Playdate will hopefully make obscure consoles cool again.
  7. There are a few potential concerns though. Imagine if certain other retro consoles to be released in 2021... - Used a crank as a controller just to be different, and then forced developers to create gimmicks for it. - Promoted a pen holder as one of their main features. - Promoted a music player with a "curated list of songs" as one of their main apps. - Showed an interview with a developer that shows some cool animations, but admits he "doesn't know what he's doing" with the game. It's clear that there's a hipster vibe to this system, and, while I wish them all the success in the world, it's also worth pointing out that, in some ways, the project seems more like a parody of a console, like an experimental project created on the basis of "create a new console that works different to the rest". As I said, I find it extremely cool, but I believe they need more focus on how the games play to go beyond cool to actually useful. On the opposite side, some people are already calling it a disaster and some guy even said this is the kind of ideas that leave a company to bankruptcy. These people obviously don't know that the Playdate will sell hundreds of thousands just because of the cool factor, and being cheap to manufacture it's a win-win for them.
  8. Ready in July, a cubic dock with bluetooth speakers and a pen holder will be available as an accessory (I assume sold separately). The games look extremely cute, but they mentioned only "season 1" as coming for free with the console. There's a cool Loco Roco style game about marbles and a graphic adventure about a detective. The surf game looks fun too, if perhaps a bit too simple. I'm looking forward to see some hands on review to see how the crank works in the different games.
  9. 24 hours for the event! In the meantime, here's an interesting portion of their FAQ that answers some of my (our) previous doubts:
  10. I wonder what's going on in the forums of something I dislike...



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    2. CPUWIZ


      Great idea, I am going to sign up for the official Amico forums and take a look. 👍:P

    3. CPUWIZ


      Wait.  Actually, I can't claim I dislike it, since I can't buy it in a store yet.

    4. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      Yeah, I hate the Amico so much I'm going to buy one.

  11. Last week he reviewed the 3DO version of Corpse Killer. More justified review this time, but maybe he could have done without saying "even cheating on the 3DO s***s b***s!" (it looks like the cheat cartridge codes didn't include invincibility). It looks like he will be concentrating on 3DO FMV games... Let's see what's his next target. I didn't play any of these games back in the day, but I can't help but think they had more potential than they finally developed.
  12. - Price goes up from $150 to $180 - Storage increases from 2GB to 4GB - Included games go from 12 to 24 - Live event to reveal release date and more details on June 8 at 9:00 a. m. EDT, link here
  13. Thanks, Tommy! You see, that's one of the advantages of having the CEO interacting with fans and replying to every single concern. The concept of Brain Duel looks fun and considering the people working on it (including Tommy), I'm hyped for it. As someone said in the last page, everything looks increasingly better. The machine looks ready, the games look ready... We only need those few missing components.
  14. Hey Tommy, I think I finally found my own "gotcha" moment. In the previous page, you said you decided to call the game Brain Duel because it's like a multiplayer Brain Training, but it looks like the game exists since 2014 with that name. OMG IT'S A SCAM! THESE CEOS ARE ALWAYS THE SAME!!!11ONEONE I really don't mind and it's just a stupid thing, but can you clarify that? 🕷️👉👈🕷️
  15. Whoa, I didn't know UFO Simulator even existed. The MS-DOS catalog is full of hidden gems and unique games. It looks like LGR made a video about it a year ago. I'm not into serious sims, but the game looks great!
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