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  1. (For anyone who is new on the thread that doesn't get it, check this and this)
  2. The reimagined Night Stalker gameplay video has over 10,000 views in less than 24 hours and the reaction is overwhelmingly positive both in the comments and the upvote/downvote ratio. By the way, I just learned that the Evercade will not only have old games, but also new games for old systems. One of the cartridges will feature many games from the indie developer Mega Cat Studios. The console is less than $100 and each cartridge, featuring 10-15 games from one particular company, only $20, so perhaps the console can be a success.
  3. How to pretend a console doesn't exist, step 1 - Don't add it to a survey with 22 options that includes the 3DS, the Playdate and "tabletop games": I guess Tommy has some work to do.
  4. Night Stalker looks great! The Evercade looks good too, but it only has 30 year old games... The Playdate is still my favorite portable console tobe released in 2020. Speaking of witch, last week a Spanish video games portal decided to write an article about the last update from Panic (from December 19) and I wasn't expecting the massively negative reaction from Spanish (and some Latin American) hardcore gamers to it (1, 2 ) "You must be shareholders of this shit", "you can get an Xbox One S for that price", "they should pay us the $150 instead of charging us", "how could somebody waste their money manufacturing this"... I don't think I will buy it, but it looks really cool and I'm looking forward to see what developers do with it, especially the Katamari Damacy guy. I can't see myself using the crank in public, though. I think we're lucky to have an open mind for new systems, even if they play retro style games. The way I see it, most hardcore gamers will miss a lot of fun experiences with their "hate first, think second" approach.
  5. I honestly may be interested if they played my favorite games, 20-30 year old games instead of that crap. The last Gran Turismo is probably the only good one they use to compete.
  6. It's really scary that someone in their 40s with children can obsess so much with something they dislike... even launching false accusations like that. As an example, SegaSnatcher/paprium_fiasco said on Reddit/Youtube that AtariAge mods were not allowing new Amico threads, but someone just created a new thread about the Amico and the mods are even helping him editing it... At this point I even wonder if these people actually believe their own lies. Tommy, thank you for your commitment and for your passion... Thanks to your project, thousands of gamers are going to have a good time with offline multiplayer games and that's a reality, as no less than 50 games will be released and the fun that you can have with those games is what will be remembered regardless of sales figures among non gamers. I think you are right when you said that your company "has succeeded where even Google failed", because Stadia never managed to create this hype among hardcore gamers or the positive reaction from non gamers as a potential market. The other day, some user in the Let's Obsess With Something We Hate With Pictures of Fast Food® official thread said that your console, just like the VCS, was "dead on arrival". I checked his history and, for the last 4 months, he had only posted in that thread. Here's an advice for these users and this is not a personal attack: Guys, try to find something you like. It can't be healthy to spend so much time commenting on a product you hate, especially when you define the positive attitude of the fans towards the console and its creator as "sickening" (sic). Some of us here may be a bit overhyped or even obsessed with this machine, but at least we do it for something we love.
  7. After learning about this: Esports Power 100 Thieves Unveils Splashy New Headquarters 100 Thieves Unveils New Facility We Built the BEST Gaming Facility in theWorld! (MILLION DOLLAR TOUR) I did a quick research to find out more about the emerging business of eSports, even if I would never pay any money to watch people play video games. Some say that eSports have a potential to continue to grow: The Incredible Growth of eSports [+ eSports Statistics] While others warn about the bubble: Shady Numbers And Bad Business: Inside The Esports Bubble What do you think? Could this be the next Bitcoin or is it destined to fail as interest declines over time?
  8. Haha, too late! I do however have taken the chance to let them know about the required 4 player offline multiplayer in all games. 😑 This line is my favorite: In totally unrelated news, 75% of job offers in Spain are never published and only appear "internally" (i. e. contact network i. e. the cousin of my friend).
  9. And speaking about predictions, here's a new article that just appeared in Spain: Predicciones para 2020 en la industria del videojuego (Google translation: Predictions for 2020 in the video game industry). Here's the interesting part: This article publication is curious and complex: - Meristation is the most important video game portal in Spain, being among the 100 most visited websites in our country. - However, the article is now the video game news article of choice featured in the sports news portal As, which is the 17th most visited website in Spain. It will remain there for a day or two. - For some reason, the author is anonymous: "Dedede", which apparently is the name of a Nintendo character. No Twitter account, no nothing. Only articles in that web. - These news articles are closed to comments, probably in an attempt to maintain a "clean" aspect to avoid haters and brand damaging. The article contains several major mistakes (the most important being Mattel as the company behind the Amico). I have already contacted them to let them know. 😑
  10. Hey Tommy, here's an idea for promotion and two ideas for soccer games: - Don't you think you should try to appear on other Youtube channels with more views? Closer to 100,000 or 10,000 instead of 1,000. There must be some bigger Youtube channels that see the Amico with an open mind (Gamesack?). - Will there be any soccer game where you control cars? Like Bumperball. - What do you think about Haxball? I think its simplicity could inspire a great soccer game for the Amico.
  11. The worst aspect of it is that sex is actually a healthy and natural activity... unlike chasing panties. Those games can unite people of very different creeds against them... good job.
  12. It's nice to see Tommy asking and the forum answering for a change. 🖖 The most positive thing out of the Atari VCS disaster is the entertainment, Atari's recent history has probably enough material for a movie, some kind of comedy-drama. The most negative aspect is that it can impact the perception of the Amico by the general public as "just another potentially failed retro console". But then again, Sony was also a newcomer in 1994 and they came just after the CDI, the Jaguar and the 3DO and I don't think the potential Amico buyers will ever know about the Hatari VCX.
  13. Thanks for the news, Tommy... I think I can speak in the name of everyone reading this topic when I say that our hype level is ultra high today. Let's see what you have to show. ⛷️🌛🔫🎲🚀 About Atari, well... Let's just say Stadia will look like a huge success compared to them. Both have made the same mistake, believing that "I can do this" means "there is a demand for this", but when you check Google's stock value you realize Stadia is just another experiment and they can even support it at a loss for 10 years while providing a few exclusive games and a good service, while Atari is basically offering something that looks cool and has a famous brand for 300 bucks. The new features on the classic Atari joystick are interesting, though... You can spin it and there is a cute light when you push it to one direction. I wonder where they got those ideas from? 🧐 Perhaps they can sell around 100,000 just for the brand recognition and the looks of the device, but that's it... They seem to be waiting for developers to call them to create games, it's weird. The guy even said that they hope developers will say "hey, I want to create something that people can play with a controller that looks this cool". Now that's what I call a real Red Flag®. 🚨🛑🚧
  14. Microsoft should buy Sega just to release the X-Box under the Sega brand in Japan.
  15. Here's my opinion of a few soccer games, both arcade and simulation ones: Let's start with the simulation ones, as the Amico will not be inspired by any of those: - Sensible soccer is too difficult for a soccer game that uses only one button. Dribbling is impossible, the pace is too fast, there's no way to make three consecutive passes... I believe it's a highly overrated game. - If you want to play really good simulation soccer games, try Jikkyō World Soccer 2: Fighting Eleven/International Superstar Soccer Deluxe for the SNES/Genesis, Winning Eleven 97/Goal Storm 97/International Superstar Soccer Pro or Winning Eleven 3/International Superstar Soccer Pro 98 for the Playstation (Winning Eleven 3: Final Version has better gameplay adding 1-2 passes but never left Japan) or Winning Eleven 5/Pro Evolution Soccer for the Playstation 2 (Winning Eleven 5: Final Evolution has improved gameplay and it manages to emulate the slow pace of a soccer game pretty well, making short passes more important). - Even an 8 bit game such as Matchday 2, the best soccer game of the 80s, can be considered a better simulation game than Sensible Soccer and other much more famous games. With only one action button, the scrolling bar changes the power of the shots and players have to protect the ball, push each other to gain the position or use short passes to try to find some space. You can even control the goalkeeper saves and the direction of the jump in headers. And now let's move to the arcade soccer games, the ones that could really inspire soccer games on the Amico: - The Neo Geo Super Sidekicks series is fun in a crazy way but perhaps is not a good example for the Amico, you don't even know where you are passing the ball most of the time and passes, unlike shots, always follow the direction you are looking at. Pushing other players is much more important than passing and that can be stressing, even for an arcade style sports game. - Goal! Goal! Goal! is a very addictive Neo Geo game with a nice shooting mechanic and an effective dribbling system: you run faster diagonally. - Nintendo World Cup is a great example of a fast arcade action soccer game that doesn't follow the rules. - Tecmo World Soccer 96 is a nice Neo Geo game with one of the best dribbling mechanics: the game pauses and the attacking and defending player play some kind of minigame where they can only advance a fixed amount of distance each step as if they were in a chess table. Soccer games for the Amico could have only 2 buttons, passing and shooting, to simplify the game for non gamers, but a third button to make long passes or a fourth one to sprint could be implemented. Passes should be directed automatically to the players in your team. I hope the team working on this can come up with something fun for 8 players. Let's look for a soccer emoticon... Okay, here it is: ⚽
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