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  1. They have a contact for Developers on their website. I would reach out to them. https://intellivision.com/contact
  2. Considering they didn't have to do anything, I think it's pretty cool. As a musician and music collector, I don't really have a lot of video game music, so this is a great way to start it. Even if you don't like it, it's a massive collection. (I have yet to download it myself). While I can see why many may be disappointed, but I always thought people complaining about free stuff to really be sad. Don't want or need it? Move on. I get that people don't like Tommy's ego, personality, etc. But you also can not ignore the fact he has been immensely successful against the grain basically his entire adult life. He is also incredibly self-aware, whether people want to admit or not. That combination usually indicates that they will surround themselves with the right people to ultimately be successful together.
  3. Burgertime Bump 'N Jump/Burnin' Rubber Masters of the Universe (He-Man) Horse Racing Bomb Squad B-17 Bomber Biplanes (never played the original) MLB Baseball (never played baseball on Intellivision) Night Stalker
  4. Right. Sports games (like American football, where you choose the play), puzzle games like Bomb Squad, in Shark! Shark! Tommy has stated that when boosters appear, the player that is in last place will be shown the location of the booster, in a fantasy/rpg, you can manage your inventory, etc. . .so it seems it could be used in the whole spectrum of games.
  5. The ability to play updated versions of classic Intellivision games. I've said it in other threads, I'll gladly pay $500 for new and fun versions of BurgerTime and Bump 'N Jump.
  6. Q3 is a huge part of building toward Q4, but since it's summer and back to school time, it's not a great time for families, but a huge potential target market is colleges where co-op games in dorms, apartments, and Greek houses could be huge.
  7. A couple things on missing Christmas: 1Q and the beginning of Q2 is always a very slow time for electronics and clearance season, so a great time to buy. Retailers are trying to get rid of what didn't sell during the previous year to make room for new and upcoming merch. While you want to cash in on Q4, if you miss it one year, you can still build toward the following Q4 with planning some big releases for that season. Not too disappointed in the delay, as I understand these things can happen. One silver lining is maybe we get more playable demos for the app in the short term.
  8. Good interview, and thanks for sharing. Lots to work through, and I'm really only just starting. But this is a mentality that gets lost with the hardcore gaming community: "'. . .games are too hard' seems wishy-washy." No it isn't, it really is true. I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I consider myself a gamer, although I only play my Xbox One maybe 2 times a month (if even that). When I played Red Dead Redemption II, it took me nearly 50 minutes to find the exact right spot to stand in to get to the next action in the game in one spot. That's not fun for people, and exactly what is meant with that statement. It might be second nature for many, but the majority of non-gamers and the audience Amico is targeting, it makes games completely unapproachable.
  9. As was mentioned in the Q&A thread, compared to other launches, this is decent library at least in name and on paper. Generally launch libraries are extremely limited and leave a lot to be desired.
  10. And people drive on a parkway and park on a driveway. Just because a word is in a word does not mean it literally applies. Words or phrases can take on new meaning. Yes, in 2008, an entire download of a game would have been considered DLC. But in 2021, that literal meaning hasn't applied in the industry for a number of years. In a sense, by continuing that line of argument, you're calling DLC the Baltimore Colts.
  11. A patch is not DLC, which is what you are implying, based on your previous post before this one. Yes, patches/updates can be annoying. But that doesn't make them DLC. DLC specifically refers to extra game content (which usually involves extra cost, but not necessarily). You're still getting a complete game out of the box or from the point of purchase. But you may get periodic improvements throughout the life of the game.
  12. I am generally pretty awful when it comes to flying/shooting games and shmups, so Flying Tigers is a game that wasn't even on my radar. But I'm pretty fired up about the footage of the game that I've seen.
  13. I was in Europe (specifically Belgium, Netherlands and Germany) during Euro 2000, so I am following those 3. I'm Irish and German, too. But no Ireland this time around.
  14. Without knowing the orientation of this game (a unique league license, for example), is it club or international, etc. any feature(s) that I would be interested in seeing would likely depend on that. That said, soccer has Panini stickers, which would be the equivalent.
  15. I've been to the actual Vietnam Memorial in DC, but the travelling Memorial Wall was in my hometown area over the weekend and felt it important to see it again. It includes a lot of information on other conflicts, including a wall for all those lost in the Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts, as well as those lost on 9/11.
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