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  1. The Baby Yoda Frog Bog thing gets me every time. Great stuff, as always, CurlyQ.
  2. It's mostly from the marketing nostalgia standpoint. . .this was the era before "diet" sodas (Coca-Cola produced it) were mainstream. In the late 1960's and early 1970's, people were just starting to become aware of the health dangers of high sugar intake, obesity and related health issues. So Tab was marketed as a healthier soft drink option, but not as a "diet" drink. By the early 1980's "dieting" hit fad status and Coca-Cola introduced Diet Coke. However, Tab still appeared in popular culture, appearing in WarGames, one of the Rambo movies, and was a running gag as an obsession of Brian Posehn's character in the TV sitcom Just Shoot Me, among other things. That was probably mostly to increase appeal among younger consumers who didn't see a need to consume Diet Coke at a younger age.
  3. Agreed. There are degrees of strategy games. I was playing Lemonade Stand, SimCity and Oregon Trail probably around grades 2-4 (8-10 years of age). There's a pretty wide range of acceptable titles that would fall into the strategy category, like a Zoo or amusement park building or restaurant-building game. City and world building games would work, too. Gazillionnaire is a fun, simple old DOS game where you have to build a business and go planet hopping to buy wares low and sell them high. Something like that would also work.
  4. I can relate to the first parent. (for the Genesis) "This is Tecmo Super Bowl. I think it was 1983 or 84." You know you're officially old when your estimates are off by an entire decade. There comes a time in everyone's life when they start doing the math in their head: "This was 2-3, 7, 10. . .16 years ago."
  5. Hilarious. I actually shop both, even though they're on opposite ends of town here. Sam's has more of the food I actually eat. I buy a lot of food at Costco that looks good, but I'm not sure if I'll eat. One thing I don't like about Costco, is I have limited freezer space, and things like their muffins (which I love!) they force you to buy 2 packages, which forces me to store or unload one on friends or family, so I usually don't even bother. Ultimately, they each do their thing well.
  6. This isn't Amico-related, but on this day in 1985, George Plimpton published a legendary April Fools article in Sports Illustrated. https://www.si.com/mlb/2014/10/15/curious-case-sidd-finch
  7. At 3:14 - guessing this is R-Type - is this the first time we've seen Amico gameplay?
  8. It's a news story, but it's doubtful it goes very far. A local radio guy put it best yesterday: Are there also a lot of boat-jackings going on that we're not hearing about? As an Illinois citizen, we have a fringe in our politics that exists because of the super-majority, and they are always pitching crazy ideas just for attention.
  9. Congrats! I have to ask if any retailers are planning Amico "Flash" sales? 🤣
  10. This is great. "My wife's iPhone 10 was like a grand." To send text messages, take some pictures, use Instagram and play "cell phone games" 🤣
  11. I get the sense that some games will utilize the lighting in such a way where you will likely want it exposed. Some games you may have to repeat patterns or pick up other clues from the lights.
  12. Nailed it with the siren! Chills. Can't wait to see all the different ways it will use the controller and how it plays multi-player.
  13. Right-I'm talking from a global perspective and footprint. AFL is an established league. But the sport is a footnote in the US. Professional baseball isn't an emerging sport in the US (MLB), but globally, outside of a few places, is still emerging.
  14. No. From the cornfields of Illinois. But I have an interest in and follow emerging and global sports leagues, like professional baseball in Italy and Australia, AFL, etc.
  15. That would be great-I am thinking we'll see a great selection of unique properties and sports titles. There was an Aussie Rules Football NES game, but it was mostly limited in release to Oz & NZ. . ., but it's pretty fun once you figure it out. It's a great way to grow emerging sports and properties. . . We already see ACL. We know we're getting bocce. We'll probably see things like curling and rugby, maybe even something like Aussie rules. And even for more standard leagues, unique licenses such as MLS (instead of FIFA, a call back to the NASL Intellivision title) or a USWNT playground-style game, XFL and your suggestion of CFL for football, etc.
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