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  1. WOW thanks for all the kind words and support guys! - I just got around to joining and recently am searching posts to make sure all is well and if anyone has any questions. I recently have been communicating in this thread for my Robotron controller: If there is anything I can please let me know. - if there is
  2. IMSTAR - I just tested my updated Robotron controller with the micros-witch on my C64C with Contra - I plugged in the left cable (Dpad) to port 2 and the right cable into port 1 - when the micros-witch is flipped to the right it enables both buttons to act like fire 1 on port 1 - when both buttons are pressed at the same time (but it seems you have to also push up on the controller - is that how Contra was designed?). Seems a bit kludge and it is not the most comfortable experience. A bit more tweaking on the design (which I would love to do one day) and it would be very versatile. Just thought I'd let you know.
  3. Hi IMSTAR - thank you, just let me know how I can help. At this time - I don't have much time for more R&D - as I need to focus on family and my kids education - damn priorities - lol. If my engineer friend and I have some time I will let you know. So the Amiga version of the controller I have - does have 3 buttons - action 1, action 2 and 1 mapped to push up to jump - similar to the C64 model I have - but the Amiga has an action 2 button. In regards to the c64 and space bar combo (which I think is different than the Amiga) - just another one of those things I'd like to try one day. <sigh> I noticed that the Action 2 button on the Amiga simulates the space bar - you can see that in the video here:
  4. Hello Everyone - 😀 - first a BIG thank you for all your kind words and support. I finally got some time to be a part of this awesome community. People who have bought from me have been contacting me / asking me / encouraging me to be a part of the forums - just so much has gone on this summer I have not had time (father and grandmother died recently within months of each other - to just name a few) - things have started to even out a bit and I'm getting back to this NEW NORMAL as they say - so hopefully I can spend some more time here, contribute and answer any questions you may have. I pride myself in customer service and quality first. I believe in happy customers over profit - just check my eBay feedback. I have sold over 1000 controllers in different configurations (Atari (2600 / 7800), Colecovision, Commodore 64, Commodore 64 GS, Omega Race, MSX, Amiga, Odyssey 2 and the Robotron) since March 2018. I attempted a digital Atari 5200 model and got as far as Starting the game, action button and directional and then "things" happened and never got back to it) I use all new parts. I created all new circuit boards, used with 10ft cords and a mix of factory injection molded pads, OEM parts and 3D Printed ones. I own all the original hardware and test all actions and make sure everything moves smoothly with little pressure. Basically, if I don't like it - I would not give it to you. It's like that Discover card commercial - I treat you the way I would wanted to be treated etc. I am open to all feedback, take suggestions, take custom requests and offer a 30 day free return guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason. I am working on new vinyl decals with a graphic artists as well. AND Yes I understand about the Atari Fuji Logo (originally I had no idea there was so much hate for that one -lol - that one came up as public domain so I assumed it was ok to use) - I will be changing that in the future as well. I am making more Robotron controllers but make them to order - these take some time to make - about 6 hours for the grip to print and 4 hours for the case. Then there is assembly as well. I currently have 1 available at the moment listed in eBay. Check out the reviews or watch the videos - the 3D printing has gotten so much better - they are sturdy / strong / attractive and functional. If you need to get in touch with me or want to save a few bucks by bypassing feeBay here is how I can be reached: http://retrogameboyz.com - just redirects to my eBay listings I am mostly on Twitter this is the best way to reach me: https://twitter.com/retrogameboyz (I share some fun stuff - I am a retrogaming collector) I have a YouTube channel (but I don't stream / monetize ) - it is just to host product demonstration videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGh4dLMALa5mQyb5NPj-oxw I do sell on Amazon, Etsy, FB Marketplace and eBay - just expanding different e-commerce sites - most sales are on eBay or through PayPal friends and family I don't solicit reviews - people have done this on their own or have invited me to their twitch streams just to chat - happy to do so There have been some 3rd party YouTubers that have reviewed my controllers and I am very thankful for that. Atari Creep - Robotron: Retro Games Fan: I am current offering a 3D Printed controller giveaway - with the drawing happening later this month. It is being sponsored by the Atari Creep and benefits Alzheimer's Association details here: Thanks for your support and time. Thanks for taking the time to read all this and if there is any way I can be of service, I will do my best to accommodate. Cheers! Regards, Mike
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