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  1. Well said, completely agree. Usually long periods of radio silence, and specially close to a critical date, means that they are trying to phrase another delay in a way it doesn't sound as utter incompetence.
  2. Indeed. It hasn't. Not by an "Asteroid". Save the endorsed supporters, Atari market stock investors and crypto tokens shills, most of backers were lured with a pitch that was completely removed after funds were locked.
  3. +1. Backerkit's page show no estimate shipping and the order's not locked yet.
  4. That's exactly what I thought when they replied to me
  5. David Halladay's refund requests. He also asks for contact info either from IGG or Atari to "send them a letter". I don't know for sure if he intends to take legal actions.
  6. @Lodmot Did you get one of the 500 devkit VCSs?
  7. "Mire, mi señor, que no son gigantes sino molinos, y lo que parecen brazos son las aspas” - Sancho
  8. Out team is working with new exciting pages coming soon. Stay tuned for announcements.
  9. Hahahaha. No, the pigeon/troll that made that comment on IGG XD
  10. Man, the amount of resentimiento de Karl is unbelievable
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