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  1. Where are they posting this? On the Cult/WernerLand?
  2. Man, the amount of resentimiento de Karl is unbelievable
  3. 77er here. Launch year of the real Atari VCS, if I'm not wrong.
  4. I tried Anstream Arcade for a couple of months. As you say is mostly C64, Amiga, an Spectrum, Some Arcade and Genesis/Megadrive. Good initiative but not mature. I find mobile experience a bit awkward because of the controls layout, and the network performance isn't that great too.
  5. Well, they've answered my email asking about the refund... Which is basically a copy&paste of the Indiegogo page...
  6. I've just dropped an email to hellovcs at atari.com requesting a refund. You guys think it went here?
  7. I think the second choice. Stefan Werner said it was HIS JOB(with caps, like that), to moderate de Cult page
  8. I guess I made the dumbest question of all, the greyed out reddits are the ones I've read. And yes, it's still there, just that I saw it in red on the screenshot
  9. Uberbooooooo to Uberintern from Uberstrategist. And well, true, I got my answer, and got rid of the anger of little Andy. Reddit newbie question: I can still see the post, but the title is grey compared to other titles, what does this mean? Gracias!
  10. They deleted my yes/no question? 😭😭😭 Well, guess that means no producción amigos, and that little Andy will have to throw his anger to someone else...
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