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  1. I think is not a guess anymore when they officially say that they didn't ship it with the bar at all. You're saying that all of us should disassemble the CJs to check for it?
  2. This recently came out. None of us backers have been directly informed about this(mail, discord, twitter, IGG). The usual way to "fix" things
  3. Hold it! Some might say it was evil PowerA that cut corners instead of them
  4. Speaking of videos... Here's the latest in the oven Mine feels fragile and cheap too, have to treat it like a delicate flower, for fear of breaking it
  5. In wikipedia entry for the VCS, every bit of information is linked to official sources, yet... Oh boy... These negaducknists
  6. Nope. He sounded more with Power, but I'm a bit dubious about it
  7. Nope. Haven't received "love" from the minions yet. Now Antstream offers Atari VCS users two options(https://www.antstream.com/atari), one free and ad based, and another with a reduced price yearly subscription. One of the mods said that this was Antstream "moving the fence" on them, and this fellow got irate because "How can they do this to the great Atari the greatest brand in history who's making a comeback!!!". And as he fell empowered because he is the almighty "Atari Token Telegram" admin, he went bananas an ranting there and on twitter to Antstream
  8. Someone at the discord channel is mad at others because they "moved their goal posts". Man do we know here about that issue here XD
  9. Here's the "reason" the abusive discord admin publicly tagged me and banned me from commenting. I replied to it as I considered it an abuse of power, but wanted to know from you guys if it's understandable since english is not my first language("se habla español"). Thank you!
  10. And erasing my messages are they never happened: If you, TrodgarRobusto/mod, are reading this, so you know, that what you're doing is precisely a violation of the forum rule(#9 Harassment, and bullying)
  11. And that ban came after another comment which was not even a reply to the moderator. Some other user notice the tag/lable/d-hat
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