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  1. Since this is a 286, you can run windows 3.1 in standard mode. That is the "newest" windows that will run on that processor. (windows 3.11 demands a 386 processor.)  It can make use of EMS memory boards, like the intel aboveboard or bocaram AT.  These tend to add anyplace from 4 to 8mb of EMS (paged) memory when fully populated. (They use discrete SRAM chips usually.)


    Remember that a 286 processor has 24bit addressing. The most memory it can see in a flat address space is 16mb. You can have more than that if it is hardware EMS.  While they are expensive, there are ISA memory boards that have 30 pin simm sockets on them.  If you manage to scare one up without losing one or more vital organs as part of the transaction (as they are hard to find, and expensive when you find them), it is probably the most robust offer for this system (since it lacks any onboard SIMM slots.)  EMS on 286 systems is going to need special memory managers, since most expect the presence of an MMU, which is hardware that is not found inside the 286, and is only found in 386 and newer processors. The hardware EMS boards have specific drivers that enable EMS on the card, and can work even in XT class systems. For use with the ISA based boards with simm sockets, you can find appropriate drivers on the simtel archive.


    One thing to consider:  When setting up DM, it is better to run it from a floppy.  DM is able to configure the disk type listed in the CMOS memory to one that is appropriate for the drive, even if run on a system that does not have the drive type defined yet.  This is useful if the setup diskette just cannot figure it out.  A bootable diskette with DM on it can boot the machine, configure, and format the hard disk in one go.


    Additionally, there were some aftermarket video cards that can work inside this system, and can even give you 16shade grayscale EGA on the built in monitor.

    One of them is the ATI EGA Wonder. It has the appropriate pin header along the top of the card, and the built-in monochrome monitor can plug right in.


    (note, that one is hella expensive. You might find it cheaper elsewhere. Just pointing out the existence here.)



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