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  1. I'm Diabetic. It's not fair! What did i do to deserve this!


    Pray for me, please

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    2. sixersfan105


      Oh wow, Type 1 as an adult isn't all that common. Then again, they changed the terminology a while back to Type 1 and Type 2 from the original Juvenile and Adult-Onset because more adults were suddenly getting Type 1, so I suppose you're part of a growing trend. If there's any silver lining, since you're Type 1, you know that it was likely hereditary and nothing you could have controlled like diet, etc. My mom is diabetic (Type 1), has been since she was 17 and she has managed it well all these years (knock on wood). You should seriously consider getting yourself a Dexcom OR a pump. She got the former a year or so ago and LOVES it - doesn't trust a pump. Best of luck to you; you got this!

    3. Blindseer42


      UTI was spiking my Blood Sugar. All i know is this:

      1.candy will kill me

      2.no hamburgers or other food,salads only

      3. I hate this, hate it hate it hate it. But screw it, it's with me for life

      there goes Christmas dinner. 

    4. sixersfan105


      Surprised to hear the above. So long as you are monitoring your blood sugar and taking the appropriate amount of insulin at the appropriate times, you should be allowed to eat whatever you want. I'm sure there's more to your specific situation, but hopefully you are able to figure things out in time.

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