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  1. Seems like a very much personal preference thing. I might just have to play with it and see how I feel about it. 😃 Thanks all, and more opinions certainly welcome!
  2. Hey all, Waiting on my original 3DO to get here. Planning to hook up via S-Video and an XRGB Framemeister, which has the options of CRT-style scanlines. I'll be mostly playing Super Wing Commander and Wing Commander III. Do most of you with original hardware and the option prefer scanlines, or do you prefer without? I know they can increase the perception of sharpness, but there might be a compromise to that.
  3. Just as an FYI, thanks to tips here, I *think* I've found everything I was looking for at this point! Thanks again for all the friendly help provided!
  4. Oh, also good to know re the scratches I don't have much to worry about. Does that go for both FZ-1 and FZ-10 units? Thanks again for the help!
  5. Hey all! Was away all day yesterday and just got a chance to check this! Wow, thanks for all the great replies! I'll check out that listing and also send a DM to those who replied here possibly interesting in selling! If I still don't have any luck I'll post on the marketplace. Thanks!
  6. Hey all, I'm new here so hello. I've recently become aware of two pretty unique games (in that they differ significantly from other versions of them) I really want to play, on original hardware if possible. I've tracked down the games (Super Wing Commander & Wing Commander III), so that's been the easy part. The most difficult part is, because of their nature, I *only* want to bite the bullet on the console if I can find a Flightstick Pro for it, and so far I haven't had any luck (searching on places like eBay). There are tons of PC Flightstick Pro's (I have two myself) but the 3DO version is a tough find. Assuming I can find the former, I'd also really like to get a 3DO, preferably a refurbished one that's guaranteed working and also has a fresh save battery. Either FZ-1 or FZ-10 should be fine. I've found plenty of old hardware, but few options that refurbish 'em. Is this a possibility? Finally, I'm acquiring legit copies of both games in good condition (possibly sealed - we'll see). Would most of you recommend going ahead and using the discs? Or do you suggest burning backups and using the backup? I've seen reports of scratched discs. (Yes, I know if I do get a sealed copy, breaking the seal immediately loses value, but part of me would get a kick out of using the original disc because I'm nuts. =oP). Thanks all for any advice/assistance!
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