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  1. bought one, thanks! Can you recommend a memory card to use with the retro HQ?
  2. So i gave it another go and this time it worked i have VGA out now, thanks for the help. BUT, in doing so a accidentally dislodged the capacitor and it went flying and now i can find it because its so small. Seems to be working fine do i need the capacitor?
  3. Thanks that helps a bunch! For some reason i get the dimmed screen option on lynx rather then vga out do i need to wire the mod different then what the mcwill directions show?
  4. Can you explain in layman terms or show a picture of what you did to get the VGA working i just did the mod and everything works great except cant get VGA to come on.
  5. I'd love to have one as well! Please add me to the list.
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