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  1. I got it to fire up how many are there out there ?
  2. anybody have a image of a end label ?
  3. i mean a combat cart just 2 decals top and bottom
  4. repo of what might have been swordquest airwold cart id like to have one as a conversation piece any ideas ? thx for any help
  5. thank you i was going by there serial numbers so that might be wrong over all
  6. was it guardian ? or wabbit ? thx for any help
  7. true i have all there games boxed and loose even a repo box sky patrol shme it never came out
  8. i finished it with my dad i rememebr there was the 3 box treasures and could not kill the dragon
  9. its a little rough but im sure its the best the 2600 could make 5200 version is alot better
  10. thank you albert and Atari age you guys do great work !
  11. does anybody have one they would like to sell ? box no box cart etc thx for any info
  12. hey are playable no rabit transit that was later on this is dated 83 maybe early
  13. seems that they just go up in value $$$ every year ?
  14. i got mine from a collector in england and it was not cheap
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