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  1. I just found more games with original packing!! Lucky me.....😁 Gustavo
  2. I really appreciate that Mark, I take my Atari Lynx everywhere, even the bathroom jajaja
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome!!
  4. Wow that screen looks amazing man!! I'm still undecided between Chinese or Japanese LCD from bennvenn, which one did you installed?? Gustavo
  5. Thanks for the recommendation, will try to get as many as I can, really love this little machine from Atari. Gustavo
  6. I really do like Chips Challenge, would like to get Blue Lightning, Xenophobe, Shadow of the Beast, Rampart, Paperboy...... I wish!! In Bogota theres a few or non consoles or games unfortunately so eBay i guess.... Gustavo
  7. Hi guys, I recently bough an Atari Lynx II, pretty happy now despite I just got two games jejeje, looking for more but they are very expensive in comparison the GG, even trying the get the SD HQ and more accessories, what a wonderful machine and no love..... Next in the line a Bennvenn LCD, recap, etc. Regards from Bogota-Colombia Gustavo
  8. HI, please add me to the list as well. I've got a Lynx II Zip 33195 Gustavo
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