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  1. Hello everyone. Some of you may have known me as Retrospect, well it's still me but I lost all my login details after one of the computers I was using crashed and died. So I decided on a namechange. I chose "Firefly" as a name due to the old Firefly games for the TI99 ... so I've named my account after that. I have a few games in mind to release during Xmas 2019 and into 2020 ... one of them I've started with is (yet another) plane bombing game, 'cept this is one with a few differences. Midnight Blitz will have the following; twinkling stars (similar to Parsec) tanks that fire at you, that can be destroyed by your bombs (50 percent done) bombs with decent explosion animations (as in the video) limited moves up and down to avoid the tank fire (to do) various amounts of levels with higher buildings (to do) innocent people who run across the screen, not to be hit! (to do) music and sound effects (to do) I plan on doing a game for Xmas, it might be "Return to Monsterland" but to be honest the older i'm getting the less concentration and focus I can apply to coding in general (anyone else getting that??) midnight blitz.mp4
  2. With full lives left as well? I must have made this game too easy! Fantastic score
  3. that is an insane score for that game! you must have left the witch standing on most screens
  4. Hi Karsten, I ought to let everyone know, this is me (retrospect, joe ) in my new profile. I've lost the login details and email details for me normal one so made this one. So I thought a change of name was a nice idea and have decided, since I was ignored by the original owners of "firefly" when I said I wanted to carry on the brand-name, that I'd do it myself. Yes my own Castle Conquer is a take on the original one by Firefly in 1983. Their game was 4 screens initially, but once you'd completed those you had to go back the way you came so you did 8 screens. The font I used there was copied from the C64 version of Ghosts N Goblins if I remember correctly! Sorry it took so long to get back to you
  5. Hi Tursi just a quick bug report ... menus for cartridge apps and games doesn't work properly, just shows a tiny box next to the cursor.
  6. I've played his text adventures, I think either adventuremania or mania was one of his, and I owned back in the day, Alpine Quest, that he wrote. The parser was a strange one; you couldn't just type EAT FOOD ... it wasn't even a two-word parser, you had to type EATFOO so three letters of first word, no spaces, and three letters of last word .... I now realize why i couldn't get off the first part of Alpine Quest because that would have been the same. I can't remember his handle on here, I think it's just his name? .... I remember me telling him about my difficulties with Alpine Quest and bless him he apologized ! Seems a really nice guy. I turned around and asked him if he'd like to write any more games for the TI now that he's discovered the hive of activity surrounding it ... it was the last time I ever heard anything from him. Perhaps after reading that article I see why he might not want to. I hope he keeps in touch on here anyhow. I think he learnt 6502 assembly in a certain space of time like a year, and then they dropped on with US Gold. I couldn't imagine the pressure!
  7. Intrigue produced games such as Quasimodo Help, Decathlon, Mania, AdventureMania, and a few others, for the TI99. Martin Webb has actually had some input on this forum, a couple of years ago. He also made games independently of Intrigue, he wrote a game or two for "Newday Computing", namely Alpine Quest. (A graphical text adventure). Intrigue were one of the strong-sellers in the UK in the 80's for the TI. Ciro has a few of their titles on his site and I know Vorticon has or two as well. Some of their games came in nice cassette boxes such as the one shown in the picture.
  8. An advert for Image Computer Products here, from December '79, in this TimeLineImages from WHTECH https://ftp.whtech.com/time_line/TimeLineImages-1979.pdf
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