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  1. Has anyone tried to compile the game "Quazimodo Help!" from Intrigue Software?
  2. I downloaded the Spectrum Parsec image and played it a good bit. Up to level 3 and 50,000 or so points, and I think it's fantastic. Things to note are; There's a timing issue on some of the sprites that don't fire, such as swoopers, one of them can drop through the bottom of the screen. Mostly to note, the player ship's overheating is a little on the touchy side, you can overheat on level three simply by tapping fire too many times. These are just minor things though 'cos overall it's fantastic to see it on the Spectrum! They did well with the scrolling background.
  3. If MAME's menu's become too complex/frustrating you can use Classic99 to save a FIAD image of your program SAVE DSK1.PROGRAM for example Load it back in with OLD DSK1.PROGRAM ... or ... if running under Extended Basic you can RUN DSK1.PROGRAM and that'll autorun upon loading JS99er can do this too but also save out a WAV file cassette image if you're saving Basic and XB. Don't forget to click save tape at the end and then rename the TAPE.WAV in your downloads folder Edit: Tapes are saved with no filename, so just SAVE CS1 .... and reload the tape with OLD CS1 or if under XB can be RUN "CS1"
  4. I've always thought "Venture" on the ColecoVision would be a nice game for the Texas .......
  5. Right. I've just seen your Superman game , going to give that a try now
  6. I usually ask one of my two kids to play-test
  7. Castle Conquer and Castle Conquer II are both Hunchback clones and are available to download from TIGameshelf.net I'm not sure what you mean test out a program, do you mean play-test?
  8. I found the Medieval type font I did for the Adventure game difficult because of the detail in the letters vs only an 8x8 grid per letter. That was also the case when I made Castle Conquer as it's virtually the same font.
  9. Magellan makes it a lot easier as you design the font in 8x8 pixel squares and press COPY ... then PASTE it into a text file , it will give you the Hex code to use in CALL CHAR statements then paste it into Classic99 or JS99er.
  10. I just remembered about the font for Haunted House - I actually copied Namco's font, the one they used in most of their arcade games in the 80s.
  11. I don't mind at all, post whatever you like here. It's fun to get to grips with, so long as you don't try to take all the steep hill in one go, small steps at a time but eventually you will get to, and exceed, my standard. I don't possess the knowledge and skills of some of the others round here, there's guys on here can program a TI like Hendrix can play the guitar
  12. I designed the fonts yes. The package I used to do this was the Magellan program, you can find this on the TI99/4a Development Resources thread, and that's where you'll find the Compiler package (actually it comes with new downloads of Classic99 from Tursi's Harmless Lion website, look in the Contributors folder you get with it and stick the files from Harry Wilhelm into your DSK1 folder, it will then autoboot the great compiler and xb256 package when you select extended basic!)
  13. I've a lot of time now, to work on a new project. However, unfortunately, I keep getting distracted/bothered/disturbed/poked/prodded/prompted by various members of this household and so no project can reasonably start at all. I don't know what it is but since this outbreak started everyone in this house got more annoying by about 25 percent. I am intending to do something though, sometime, if I can.
  14. Hi Mike. Retrospect here, I'm having to use a new account as I lost the login details for my old one. I used Harry Wilhelm's XB Compiler.
  15. This looks fantastic! Very well done
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