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  1. Hey all, I'm sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I'm a bit stumped: I'm using a simple inkey$ to jump out of DO LOOP which has the user press the <spacebar> when they are ready to move on and it works nicely, except for the fact I can't find a way to clear the keyboard buffer? If the user has stabbed away the keys earlier on then it whizzes through the stops quick-fast O_0. Back in BBC BASIC it was a *FX command to clear various buffers, including the keyboard, but I can't find a way in GFA? I've tried the CLEAR command, which didn't seem to do what I needed. Any ideas?
  2. thank you for sharing! I'm playing it now whilst listening to Erpland
  3. creating art n soundz for the public domain on an Atari STe and PC.

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