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  1. I built up the SD Card from v9.0 on. It was a pain in the ass. I'm no sound expert, and I never played the Atari 8-bit stuff as a kid. I did look at the examples Fred_M showed and heard the difference. I mostly play Overflow and Overflow 2021 lately and I do notice an improvement. It used to sound "wonky" and I'm not picking up on that anymore. I tested quite a few, but, there are so many damn games, I could never test them all.

    I tried Atari BASIC and ColecoVision games. They worked. While playing Pitfall on Coleco I did detect some scratchy sounds after a few screens, then it would go away awhile, and then come back later. I realize that's not A800 core related, just reporting it. I am going to order two of those Micro Center SD Cards you recommended this afternoon and see if that helps. However, the games DID show up and work.

    RRA is working on fixing the Atari 5200 and XEGS non-working ROMs. I added the missing side menu selector in the NES UI/theme. I'm going to work on getting some 1-button SNES games in as examples while RRA is finishing up Atari 5200. After that I will get out a FULL release.


    Until then, A/W/A Games - Ramses' Revenge 2021 B.C. was released today and I also included RRA's Atari XEGS ROM fixes.

    Atari Flashback Nexus V.0.9.11 (Update Only)

    RamsesRevenge2021BC.a52.png RamsesRevenge2021BC.car.png RamsesRevenge2021BC.xex.png



  2. Honestly, it's all basically a clusterfuck. 9.1 and 9.3 are hard to find because they are GoogleDive links. 9.2 is unnumbered and by Rocketfan. Around 9.4 and on it's all RocketFan updates that I never worked into a numbered update. I came back from the LFBU project and added the A/W/A games for 9.5 and here were are at 9.10.


    There is a lot of reading for the updates, I'm tempted to just copy my AFBX Flashdrive. But, I'm going to build it up and see. After this, I think its time for a FULL V.1.0.0 revision.

    @rocketfan, Since the LFB2 is 1008Mhz and the AFBX is 1.2 Ghz, is it better to use the AFBX to APL to the ALU to play these games?

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  3. 1 hour ago, rra said:

    I tested Dig Dug after this updated ini and it worked fine.  But the funny thing is that the Dig Dug music and sound effects worked absolutely fine on my AFB9 both with or without this updated retroplayer.ini file.  I even played to the second level of Dig Dug and sound and music continued to play just fine for me.   I loaded several games and also several music jukebox demos and everything worked fine.

    Okay, 1st. Good to hear sound is improved. That's great news.

    Bad news is I've heard people have similar sound problems as @save2600 is describing on the AFB9s even running just the official update with the /game folder sideloaded games. The game is fine, then a couple mins in, issues. I think they solved the issues with different SD Cards, HDMI cables and LCD TVs. I would try to change your setup and see what happens. Now, you have missing games. Luckily....


    I have a brand new AFB9. (its the one from post #301 that I got for $20 at the Flea Market.) It has had the CFW installed and put right back in the box. I'm going to build a new SD Card starting with FULL V.0.9.0 and add all the updates right now.


    Just an FYI... I'll be using a SanDisk 8GB micro SD Card HC I w/ a Kingston adapter.

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  4. 52 minutes ago, simonh said:

    The "box art" you created for ROTF is somewhat misleading...


    (1) The game does not fit in 32k -- it requires 48k

    (2) The game was not published by English Software, but by Meowster Retro



    I can take care of that. No problem.


    This was made for a request someone made. It wasn't easy to make. Do you happen to have a Meowster Retro logo? Or an example of their box art and I'll make a new one. Or better yet, is there an official "Box" image? Thank you for posting here, Simon.


    BTW, what do you think about that screen bezel up there? I'm still working on it.

  5. 1 hour ago, save2600 said:

    Tried reverting back to an older version, but no change. There's plenty of files currently (152 I think) in the rom_a800b folder, but the emulator doesn't seem to be recognizing any of them. Just stays stuck in this loop of blackness until I power cycle the machine. 

    is the /rom_a800b/all-games.ini file missing, blank or named wrong? I don't think that would give you a black screen tho.

    Work In Progress:


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  6. RocketFan has again updated the A800 core and he also alerted me to a new game in the Digger Dan Trilogy that was just released. Return of the Fungi. There were a couple more core settings added to the emulator settings in /data/retroplayer.ini. We also had to create some new "box art" for Return of the Fungi, since there is none.




    Diamonds.xex.png DanStrikesBack.xex.png ReturnOfTheFungi_ii.xex.png




    Atari Flashback Nexus V0.9.8 (Update Only)
    Digger Dan Trilogy, A800 Core Update:


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  7. On 10/9/2021 at 6:31 AM, sn8k said:

    When Atgames finally got it right..... it still sucked. No way that thing is more accurate than Sega's.

    The final model AtGames sega flashback is the accurate one. I didn't believe it either, but, AtGames sega flashback was suposedly more accurate than Sega's own mini. @KevinMos3 was the one that actually alerted me to this fact. I don't own one to check because I actually only have the sega mini. But, I understand. I didn't believe it either. Until I started looking into it.

    Not that Amazon prices mean much, but a NEW Sega mini is $115. A USED Sega flashback is like $180, NEW is $250.

    Amazon.com: Sega Genesis Mini - Genesis : Video Games

    Amazon.com: Sega Genesis Flashback Gold - Electronic Games : Video Games

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