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  1. 9 minutes ago, ls650 said:

    Because there are _SO_ many Garfield updates.

    I only see one.

    I get it, they suck. and arent funny. again, still not sure why everyone cares. its like its trendy to care, is what I actually meant.

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  2. 4 hours ago, digdugnate said:

    I think the status update feature is fine; sometimes it keeps the more random stuff out of the forum.  It'd be cool if there was a way to hide it for the folks that don't want to see it.


    What I don't think is cool are folks that feel the need to react 'Confused' to each and every status update that they may not think pertains to AA or is somehow off-topic.  It seems unnecessary to crap on folks just because they use the status update feature for non-video game-related stuff.

    i put random emojis on them all because I think it is all goofy. plus thats all I can do, If somehow I get status updates back I would probably quit. You realize I cant even comment on status updates, right?


    there is zero thought behind any of it. Youre going out on a limb thinking I actually read them and think about what to respond. I dont have a problem with any of them. Those "Anyone ever" and "tribute" photo threads can fuck right off though.


    I just try to use an emoji that hasnt been used or doesnt fit. Confused is usually the one not used. Im not "confused" by anything. Just my way of being annoying and wanting my updates back. Now, I hear you have status update space for rent... what are you charging?

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  3. On 12/23/2021 at 9:38 PM, 5200Fanatic said:

    The PS2 was the first DVD player for a lot of folks and that's something the DC didn't have. 

    Tekken Tag Tournament better than arcade perfect, with four players via a multitap at launch was something else PS2 had over dreamcast.


    PS2=Namco=Namco System 246

    DC=Sega/Capcom=Sega NAOMI

    Dreamcast was def awesome with two agetech arcade sticks and a bunch of capcom arcade games. Not to mention self booting backups. Normal people had sonic adventure and virtua tennis and those shitty dreamcast pads.


    I think the fact that it was an easily hackable windows machine with a killer library is why it was a hit with gamers, and also doomed to not sell software. At any rate, if you were a fighting game player at the time, you would need both of these systems.




  4. 2 hours ago, Keatah said:

    That's because it's easier to remember the good times instead of the bad times.

    bad times consisted of tv/game boxes with stripped connectors. you had to wrap the bear wire around screws on the back of the TV and tighten with a butter knife if you were a kid.

    Flimsy power adapters and ports also come instantly to mind.

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  5. the retrobit pads are fine.


    the dpad is different than the originals. not bad, just different.


    I also heard that the newer models have better dpads than the older models, but I can tell.

    10ft cord is pretty nice. and the price is right. $15


    Crimson red just came out.



  6. 10 hours ago, Rodney Hester said:

    Was I the only one that continued to (literally) play Atari *well* after "the crash"?

    You're not alone brother! Same thing at our house. Even after the NES came, we continued to play 2600 and 7800.

    We didn't get the NES as soon as it came out. Probably because we had so much for atari and still played it. Even when we did get the NES Action Set and Mike Tysons punch-out, it didnt stop atari play.

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  7. On the handheld side, Merlin, the Mattel Electronic Sports and especially the Tomy games were awesome. It was a long while before gameboy came around. Nintendo game and watch games went mostly over my head. Those tabletop coleco games were awesome as well. 


    This was my jam as a kid.



    Cloak & Dagger, Tron, Last Starfighter, etc. movies were really cool as a kid. Then it was crickets until The Wizard and Super Mario Bros. I would say the Movie Industry backed off video games as well. So, it appears there were other signs of the crash at the time that im not even noticing until now.

    You kind of cant notice stuff like that when its ALL brand new and youre a small kid.

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  8. 9 minutes ago, Flojomojo said:

    I'm finding that unless you follow the business side of things, it's easy to ignore signs of trouble in an "industry" -- for example, I knew Atari was in a weak position with the Jaguar, but I didn't know that they were in various stages of money trouble since the Warner days. I was only interested in the products, the games and consoles. 

    absolutely, and part of it is age, I think. For instance, when Midway Games was dying some of us watched it unfold. When the crash happened, I was too young to comprehend what it actually meant on the whole. I only noticed the sale bins was all.

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  9. While my father could care less about home computers, he needed that picture in a picture to watch multiple sports games. I figured out you could watch tv and play NES on the PIP. There was no sound for whatever was on the PIP so you had to play NES tiny and w/o sound. you could move the PIP window to any of the four corners of the screen. I used bottom right, becauase thats where I laid at on the floor and so not to cover any scoreboards or timers graphics for the big game. During commercials Dad would hit a button on a remote and swap the "pictures". So for a couple mins NES was the main and commercials played in the window. we had it down pat, lol.

    To this day I refuse to watch any traditional sports on TV. I hate it. Thank God Dad never liked boxing and wrestling (and there was no UFC.)

    What I meant about D&D and board games was, Dad could be on the TV, the rest of the family had the whole dining room table to play at (which was also where the stereo setup was located) and I could be in my room playing 2600 by myself.

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