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  1. SNES was not working in older versions. It eventually got sorted. I havent added any SNES games. yes, rename them to .fig I'm glad to hear you got it working, bud.
  2. Rocket, did you see the post from Sir Daniel that said he disabled rewind and was able to use select as a viable second button. No more conflicts?
  3. so.... What do you think about these? There are 2 shoulder buttons and Home (Mode?) and Select buttons are under Start? Amazon.com: Retro-Bit Sega Genesis 2.4 GHz Wireless Controller 8-Button Arcade Pad for Sega Genesis Original/Mini, Switch, PC, Mac – Includes 2 Receivers & Storage Case - Black : Video Games I haven't looked into it. Maybe the shoulders are repeats of C and Z and select is just Mode and Home turns out to be useless for the LFBs. I have no clue.
  4. Just so you all know, I probably won't be doing anymore FULL updates. This update is just the /emulator folder. That way we all have the same system files regardless of what ROMs are in our other /rom_alt folders. I'm going to call it Version 7, but, its an UPDATE ONLY patch for v6+. You will get ALL of the available LibRetro cores for this system, but they aren't all set up. Some may not work at all. But they are there to test. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.0 (Update Only) emulator.rar
  5. Here are two more GBA cores. VBAm and VBAnext. I tried them a bit and I feel like mGBA is still the best option, but, here they are. emulator.rar
  6. I resized the GBA artwork. Its not stretched anymore and they now have transparent tops and bottoms. I found the 4 missing boxes and added them too. I also did some work sorting the all-games.ini file. I changed the Genre=arcade to console. I add spaces to the display names. I fixed a lot of the Sort= issues in it so now the first game in a series shows up first instead of last. I also quickly picked 10 games for the featured games sections. I also noticed that the problem with the game descriptions not showing goes away when you add all the A=, B=, C= button mapping images to the game descriptions. So, anyways, I also added some placeholders for those in this gba update. gba_update.rar
  7. I'm not knocking them. They aren't SUPER high priced. And they have a lot of different pad options for different classic systems. There is a lot of customization going on by them. It also means something that you said you tried them and they work well. That's a good thing. I just wonder with knockoff pads being $5, what can I come up with myself. That's all. If a person needs to create a custom PCB to do it, then I too am out. I dont have the knowledge, time or $$$ for that. If I can use the pad's existing PCB and just re-wire it, I think I could pull that off. Maybe using a 3 button Genesis pad as a base would be easier? But I would prefer the NES style pads.
  8. Those pads are nice, but arent they a little pricey? They would come in handy for games that map Jump to Up like Bubble Bobble on the AFBX, though, because I'm pretty sure they have pads where the A button is a 2nd instance of Up. I mean its clearly a knock off NES pad with a custom PCB. But, a very nice custom PCB by the looks of it. I dont know, how hard is it to make one? I really do like them, but man, $40 seems high to me. Custom made controllers and joysticks for video game consoles – RetroGameBoyz I have a really nice, minty, OG NES pad. I wonder how hard it is to rewire it??? I also have seen many knockoffs online as low as $5 bucks. I have 2 for my AFB 1. I wonder if they could be used as a base as well? But, yeah, you're decal is pretty cool. I thought of adding something similar to my stick, but I already went over the budget I set. lol.
  9. I really dig that Joystick. Happ style stick and buttons rock! I see you have the old version of the pack running. V.0.9.0 is the newest. I went with the sanwa stuff because everything is a little more easily available. I see you have red AND orange buttons. I like both. I really like the orange dotted line circle around your stick in the bottom image. Sanwa has a Vermillion colored button (red-orange). Its nice. i used just one for my custom AFBX stick and the rest are orange. Vermillion is a pretty close match for the Atari Fire button. I dont think Happ or Ultimarc have anything that's Red-Orange. But, I could be wrong because Ultimarc has some Happ style in weird colors, but its hard to tell from photos and description what it what. Buttons :: Buttons :: Classic Pushbuttons (ultimarc.com)
  10. I have a couple @rocketfan questions. Sega 32X - Mortal Kombat II: I set the controller to 6 button pad in the in game options, but the controller still only functions as a 3 button pad. Sega Genesis - Super Street Fighter II. same thing. TurboGrafx-CD - Fighting Street (Street Fighter 1): The controller functions as a 2 button TG16 pad. Is there a way to set it to a 6 button pad? Are there some kind of [core] settings to tell these games to run using a 6 button pad? Im guessing its across the board and effecting more than just the 3 SF games I tested.
  11. These are the tools I use to crank out packs. Use FLEXXI to batch resize art. (I also stashed these tools in the Ultimate V.0.6.0. They are in /emulator/tools. 1st thing 1st. Make sure your rom filenames and box art filenames match each other. 1. ADD your art files in the top left corner. 2. If you need to convert the image file type, Use CONVERT on the right side of the menu. 3. Choose RESIZE in the top right corner. 4. After you select RESIZE set the settings for SIZE to a custom 183x255. 5. For resize mode choose FILL. Fit and Sprain will stretch your images. 6. Set the OPACITY to 0%. This will give you transparent areas instead of stretching the image. 7. Leave QUALITY at maximum 100%. 8. Leave PROPORTIONALITY to ORIGINAL. 9. UNCHECK the SWITCH SIZE AND PROPORTIONALITY FOR PORTRAIT IMAGES. 10. Hit START. It will resize your images and put them in a folder named /RESIZED inside the folder you are starting with. (You can also change where they SAVE to on the right hand of the menu.) After you get your set of 183x255 art, take your /RESIZED folder and rename it LARGE BOXES or something. take the new art and ADD them to Flexxi. Pick RESIZE, only this time set the custom size to 122x170 and pick FIT. Also uncheck the box SWITCH SIZE AND PROPORTIONALITY FOR PORTRAIT IMAGES, again. Then hit start. You will get a new /resized folder in side of LARGE BOXES. Name it SMALL BOXES or something so you dont get mixed up. You will then need to take the small boxes and use ADVANCED RENAMER to rename them. AREN.exe is the program. ADD the files and pick REPLACE from the bottom left ADD BATCH METHOD. Replace .png with .s.png. Apply to NAME AND EXTENSION. Then click START BATCH in the top right corner. You can also use Advanced Renamer to remove spaces, periods and brackets in filenames. Use REPLACE and replace the character you want with nothing, leave it blank. You can see on the right hand side what your changes will do. After all of that. Take your ROMS and put them in a folder all by themselves. No art files. Place the MAKE-INI file in the folder with the Roms only and run it. It will generate an all-games.ini file. You will need to go in an tweak the all-games.ini file. The file it creates doesnt have all the extra info, like Sort= and Description=. You will have to manually add those details. tools.rar
  12. no, this is just a B&W WS update, but if you look in the update, there are 2 wsc games. I had to shorten the names of One Piece Treasure wars 2.... and Kidou Senshi Gundam Girenno Yabou... So you will have doubles of those. Keep the sort named versions in the update. Check the all-games.ini to double check what roms are running if you get mixed up. Remove the 2 long named versions and their 2 art files if you want to. The long named versions in the last update were black screen crashing the WSC game list menu on like page 8 and 9.
  13. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.21 WonderSwan Update. This is for the monochrome WonderSwan. The extension is .ws for adding more games. I don't know how many people or how closely people are following these updates, but, there were two games in the last WonderSwan Color update that were crashing the WonderSwan game list because the file names were too long. I fixed that in this update. That said, I fix errors from time to time with these updates. You really need to have V.0.6.0 as your base and add each and every numbered update in order. Sometimes there are new or fixed entries in the runcommand. Sometimes libretro cores are added or retroplayer files are edited. Any number of things could have been fixed. Sorry, I should probably have mentioned this before update #20+. Probably time to mention you will need an 8GB SD Card at this point. But, its best to get a 32GB SD Card for when its all said and done. Also, these are mostly patches, just copy and paste them over your files on your SD Card. In rare cases when lots of things get moved or renamed i will have a ***Note telling you what /folders to delete from your SD Card first. To the 3 or 4 people following along, feedback would be nice. @rocketfan, any luck on some extra extension for Sega-CD .chd files? And, has anyone tested CD games much on here? I tried a lot of formats for Sega-CD in the past. Bin+Que, ISO and CHD. Chd worked best in my testing. Bin and Que had audio issues. Sometimes it was bad links and filenames causing no BG audio, but sometimes the audio didnt work at all. And IIRC it was lagged even worse than the CHD versions. I honestly forget why ISO sucked. Probably file size and lack of sources for roms in that format. I really can't remember. I had 5 or 6 SD Cards with Sega-CD stuff. Multi disc games are a no go because there is no way to switch discs. I only tried CHDs for TG-CD. They seem to run well so far. LUFv6.21.rar
  14. what is the model number on the bottom of the unit? does the green atgames logo pop up at all on screen when you turn it on?
  15. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.20 WonderSwan Color/Crystal Update. In the update is the Mednafen WS/WSC emulator core. The file extension is .wsc if you want to add more WSC games. LUFv6.20.rar
  16. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.19 Game & Watch Update. New box art and button mappings. All-Games.ini file was sorted. LUFv6.19.rar
  17. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.18 (Update Only) NeoGeo Pocket Color Update. Use .ngp for monochrome neogeo pocket games and .ngc for neogeo pocket color games. LUFv6.18.rar
  18. Unpopular opinion in 3, 2, 1.... shoulda, woulda, coulda... who gives a shit? Threads like these are a giant waste of time that I'll never read them.
  19. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.17 (Update Only) NeoGeo Pocket Update. I also noticed that the NeoGeo.zip arcade bios were missing so I threw it in as well. LUFv6.17.rar
  20. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.16 (Update Only) Atari Home Computers Update. The Atari 800 section and Atari BASIC section are gone. They were replaced by this new Atari HCs section. Also added were all the Atari 800 games and error fixes that were processed by Fred_M from the AFNexus Project v9. ***Before you copy and paste this update to your sd card, delete your old /abasic folder from your card. It was merged into this new /a800 folder in the update: LUFv6.16.rar
  21. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.15 (Update Only) Here is a Game Gear and SuperGrafx Update. Use the extension .gg to add more Game Gear games, use .sgx for SuperGrafx games. LUF_v6.15.rar
  22. Playstation core settings pcsx_rearmed_frameskip = 1 @[Core] (RW) pcsx_rearmed_region = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_multitap1 = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_multitap2 = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_negcon_deadzone = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_negcon_response = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_analog_axis_modifier = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_vibration = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_dithering = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_neon_interlace_enable = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_neon_enhancement_enable = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_neon_enhancement_no_main = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_duping_enable = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_display_internal_fps = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_drc = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_spu_reverb = disabled @[Core] (RW) pcsx_rearmed_spu_interpolation = off @[Core] (RW) pcsx_rearmed_pe2_fix = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_idiablofix = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_inuyasha_fix = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_async_cd = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_noxadecoding = enabled @[Core] (RW) pcsx_rearmed_nocdaudio = enabled @[Core] (RW) pcsx_rearmed_spuirq = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_gunconadjustx = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_gunconadjusty = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_gunconadjustratiox = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_gunconadjustratioy = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_nosmccheck = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_gteregsunneeded = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_nogteflags = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_psxclock = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_input_sensitivity = (NOT FOUND) pcsx_rearmed_show_other_input_settings = (NOT FOUND)
  23. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.6.14 (Update Only) This is a Pokemon Mini Update. You'll get the pokemon mini libretro core and some examples. The file extension is .min if you want to add more games. LUFB_v6.14.rar
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