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  1. I'm thinking sometime soon I wont have as much time to work on it. I'm trying to get all my ideas in before that happens. Ive got 5 more themes to go. TG16, Odyssey², LCD, NES, C64. All of the Atari and Virtual Flashback folders have a theme now. I work on it all the time. (I think I may have had a birthday too, IDK, too busy, lol)


    I have had no luck getting Vic-20 games to work, it seems like the vice-vicx core is breaking the "gotos". I'll try C64 games, hopefully they will work. If C64 is a no go, then we will remove the section. If I can find a few more Gameboy 1buttoners, I may split NES and GBA into two sections.

  2. looks like they changed the update info for the newer systems.


    Step 6 NOTE: if you are unable to update via the steps above, your firmware may not support Y-cables. Please note the current firmware version and contact [email protected] for additional help.

    The original instructions were here:


  3. Yeah, you have an old one. 


    AFZ - Registration && Download (atgames.net)

    V. 0.1.18 (released on Dec 2, 2019)


    You have to do the official update first. They have instructions there.
    You will need to open your system up, download the android tools and the drivers, connect to a PC, the whole bit.

    Youll want to make sure you use a micro usb to usb cable that has a data line in it to connect it to the PC.

    youll want to make sure that your computer isnt blocking the android tools drivers digital signature.
    (using an older pc with an older version of windows worked for me, other say they found newer updated drivers, different than what atgames gives you, elsewhere on the internet.)


  4. That was a typo earlier for the bezels sizes. Large one is 1280x720, small one is 160x90. (not 169x90)

    Here are a couple templates if someone wants to make their own themes.1.png2.png3.png

    these frames arent on a separate layer or anything in the system. They are all "baked" into each background image.

    These are transparent, so your background image will show through them. This way all the UI elements will

    line up with your background.

  5. 7 hours ago, wilfwilfus said:

    Love the Spectrum bezels, great work so far!

    Well it was kind of rushed and I know nothing about the Spectrum. I see people are really into the pixel art it can make so that seemed like a great thing to showcase. I tried to get some different game genres in there. Western, Space, Fantasy and Zombies. Its a little busy and the box art gets lost a bit, I think the BG images need to be a bit darker and muted, but I hate to change other people's artwork.

    The system bezels are just found with google. I search for RetroArch Overlays. Lots have been made already. it needs to be 1280x720 and 169x90 for the small ones. I use an existing atgames bezel to know exactly where the display area will be. Here is a template so you can make your own.


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  6. Yes you could. The ROMs are small, the box art adds up, though. You could have separate packs for the /game folder very easily if its for testing.


    In my opinion, the best approach is to set each game up so that it is optimal. For instance, paddle games need the X player. Also the L player doesnt have the select button. If you factor in the multiple clock speeds, you will have a bunch of combinations. Its not a bad idea. But I think its better for the /game folder without art. How would you think to implement it?

    I would use advanced renamer to add an x to the end of every file name and throw them in the game folder. if the x player plays better than the 9 player (which is what all non paddle a2600 games are currently set to) then go into your main setup with art and change that single game to the X player.

    Which reminds me, Rocket, is it possible to have River Raid using the X player run at 1.2Ghz and not 1008Mhz like the others? can just one games clock speed be tweaked? or is it by extension?

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